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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new ear!

A friend asked me what my new year’s resolution is, since it seems like everyone has them.

It took me a (long) while to realise that I really had none. Each day I have a goal to achieve, so I guess more than a year’s resolution, I have a bunch of new day’s resolution.

Then I remembered last new year’s sermon. Then I got it - my new year’s resolution.

I vow to have a happy new ear!

And it’s no typo error. I really had to drop the “Y.”

At times we need to drop some things to get new ones.

This year I vow to get new thoughts, new things to think about, and new ways to think.

Renewal of self starts from the renewal of the mind, after all.

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing
of your mind… Rom 12:2

And since thoughts start to burn from within, though actually gets ignited from outside, I would need to watch vigilantly what things I let inside.

I’ve realised that my growth, be it intellectual, physical, and spiritual, comes from what I see, hear and feel. For me the biggest challenge is filtering what I hear. Voices do come convincingly in all treble and notes.

Do not pay attention to every word people say… Ecc 7:21

Most people guard their hearts from hurt, others guard their wallets from theft, and since my heart is already taken and my wallet really has nothing in it, the only thing I’d have to guard is what I hear. Influence starts from what one hears. Politicians make use of this feat fully.

And as such that I choose who I listen to, I’d have to choose what I let others hear from me too.

And as I need all the inspiration I need next year for work and all that life decides to throw my way, I try to be wary with pessimists. We need them to give us a reality check, but we do not need them to put all our hopes down. They can be such energy vampires.

I’m starting the new year with a positive attitude and thus try to listen to the tiniest needle drop of positivity even in the most negative of situations.

…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure,
whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or
praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Thus, when people say, “lend me your ears,” make sure you lend them to those who speak of good things.

Happy new EAR everyone!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Define "merry" ang pasko

Kanina pako umiiyak. At hindi namn talaga ako iyakin.

Bakit ako umiiyak? dahil sa trabaho. Sa limang taon ko sa medical research, alam ng lahat na kulang nalang sa opisina ako tumira. Though minsan talaga nag home based ako at para lang akong helpdesk na naka 24/7 online lalo na pag may telecons ng madaling araw kasama ang foreign counterparts.

Sa ilang taon ko sa industriyang ito, ngayon lang ako napaiyak ng ganito. Ayaw ko kasi na may masasabi sa trabaho ko. Ayaw kong mapupulaan. Kahit may mga pagkakataong tinatamad talaga ako at petiks lang, babawi naman ako ng todo todo sa kalaunan. Pero gaya ng pagkakataon ngayon, may pasyente na kelngan ko ialis sa study. Wala naman ako magawa kasi un ung sabio ng kano kong mga boss. Syempre nagalit si doc. Naintindihan ko naman pero ang kinaiyak ko lang talaga nung sabihing hindi daw ako makontak at parang napa inutil ko namang mag manage ng study. Syempre hindi nman nya un sinabi verbatim, pero un lang naipahiwatig nya.

Naiyak ako dahil wala akong kalaban laban o kontrol naman sa sitwasyon. Ayaw ko ng ganong feeling.

Ay basta, ang dami kong naka line up na post at hindi ko talaga gustong gawing online journal tong blog ko. Kung mapapansin nyo, konti lang about personal life maliban sa family ko ang laman ng blog na to. Pero hindi ko mapigilan. Siguro maliban sa mga random thoughts ko, mas makakakita kayo ng mga personal updates nadin sa buhay ko next year.

Ano mababago sa susunod na taon? Madami.

Syempre dadating na si Mik, mukhang madaming parties nanamn na gagawin, at mukhang mas magtatantrums ako ng mas madalas, sana lang may kabinet sa kung saan ako abutan ng tantrums ko. Kung hindi nyo alam ang storya ng kabinet, maswerte kayo. haha.

Yun lang. Ang saya ng pasko na ito. Wala pa din akong nabibiling regalo sa kahit kanino. Pero sa mga kaibigan ko, alam nyo naman na sobrang mahal ko kayo. Pwede namn ako magbigay ng regalo kahit hindi pasko. Actually mas madalas ko namang iparamdam na spesyal kayo pag walang okasyon (me ganon? drama lang amf! haha).

O sya, o sya. Maligayang pasko ulit.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Shitfull Holidays ya'h farts!

Toilet's been clogged these days. But before I forget to greet ya'll...

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!

(brainless post I know haha)

(image here)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


"If you believe, clap your hands."

You're all prolly familiar with the story. Fairies will die if you don't believe in them.

Same thing goes with our lives. When you stop believing in something, it slowly fades away, till it cease to exist. Like love and friendship.

(un lang, balik out of order na ulit ang toilet lol)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Toilet out of order

As always, I've got a crazy schedule this month. Year end toilet clean ups usually do the trick.

This toilet will be on blog holiday till the 3rd week of December but would like to thank new found blog friends who were able to pee or poop here and there.

If you don't find updates here, you know my facebook, see you at U-blog, or an sms or an email would usually reach me fastest.

Lastly, I would like to promote some good cause organized by friends:


Please do check out their link for details on how to support. For those who volunteered for JGC's, see you there!

*Toilet thoughts, flushing out*

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Fighting cock

Every weekend pag umuuwi ako sa Paranaque, nadadaanan ko ito. Pero wala naman akong nakikitang manok sa paligid. Everytime makikita ko sya feeling ko me mali.

Kaya hindi ko natiis piniktyuran ko. Iba talga eh? Gusto ko tuloy magtanong minsan sa mga nakatira dun, "sino po si Mr. Lamas, este, Llamas?"

(Note: toxic sa work, saka nako magsusulat ng matino).

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Have you ever #1

Have you ever ran through jets of shooting water from a mall's floor and drove home after, wet and laughing with friends?
It was childish, but it was fun.

(actual location and floor fountain, photo borrowed from here)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pa speaks up for controversial Mai

(source) From Mai's dad:

PLEASE ALLOW me to respond to the many criticisms directed at Mai Mislang.

Yes, I do not deny she made a huge blooper regarding the wine served, Vietnamese gentlemen and the traffic situation in Vietnam. It was a private comment with some members of the delegation. It was not the intention to have the comment blown all over, as what happened. The mistake was she posted her comments via Twitter. She should have known better.

As a parent, I am concerned more with the negative comments it generated, both from media personalities and private bloggers. What pained me was the comment that she was raised wrongly by us, her parents. Before saying this, they should have checked first. Isn’t that the practice in media?

We have three children, a son and two daughters, and are staying in a middle-class village in Quezon City. They grew up properly in a quiet neighborhood, studied in Catholic schools for their primary and secondary education, and college at UP. Mai and her sister are members of the local parish choir that sings during Mass. In UP, she was a member of ICTUS, a religious organization in the campus parish church. She finished her course in tourism with honors.

Mai worked with a five-star hotel in Makati in its communications department. Then she moved over to government at DSWD, with Secretary Corazon Soliman and Secretary Esperanza Cabral for bosses. From there, she joined Sen. Benigno Aquino’s staff in the Senate, and then Malacañang when P-Noy won the presidency. She was a hardworking assistant coming home late nights such that even on weekends, she was out there and had to forsake our weekly family dinners. She also does philanthropy, helping an elementary school in Marikina one way or another. One time, I helped her put in the car some computers to be given away to a school. She also has a band where some evenings the members sing in a bar for the sheer joy of it, not for the money. I would say, despite her busy schedule, Mai appears to enjoy life.

It’s just too bad some members of media, broadcast and print, were too harsh on her. They made it appear that she was a spoiled brat, snooty, lacking in manners, and pointed to us parents as responsible for her lack of breeding. I vehemently deny it. We raised our children the right way. This can be checked with our neighbors; otherwise, they are not what they are today, all professionals!

Who among the media persons can say they never committed a mistake in their line of work, and if they indeed did, were never given a second chance to make up for the wrong? The same can be applied to Mai, can’t it be? Mai committed a mistake and it was all over the place, and everybody comes asking for her head!

Mai has apologized for her faux pas. And the Vietnam government was not affected, saying it was a small matter. So who are we to continue condemning her? Even in law, first offenses are normally forgiven and a second chance is given the offender.

Mai and her siblings are our heroes, no doubt about it. And our trust and love for her never waned a bit.

—ED MISLANG,edmislang2001@yahoo.com

Monday, November 15, 2010

Top dish

I was not a fan of Korean food, but there’s something about top dish that makes me come back often. Maybe because I never really enjoyed Korean dishes served in posh restaurants. I liked it better in a cozy place that seemed only like a family ran carinderia.
Top dish is situated in somewhat Makati’s version of a red light district. It’s weirdly placed next to a massage parlor, almost inconspicuous if not for the continuous inflow and outflow of Koreans and locals in its shop.

One thing I’ve noticed is the free appetizer set served at start, which by most of us Filipinos would already consider as main course, ang dami kasi. I think most Korean restaurants would have the same set of free flowing appetizers, a selection of sweet spicy dilis, kimchi, etc.

For the entrée, each dish is a must try, and if you’re a bit adventurous, you may want to try their silk worm preserved in a tin can (de latang silk worm kung baga, though I think appetizer sya haha ang ironic lang).

Top dish is located at:

4890 Durban Corner P. Burgos Street
Makati Metro Manila Philippines
Tel no: +63(2)7581122

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mga turo ng Math titser ko sa lablyp

Iwasang mag bilang ng magbilang. Oo na, math wiz ka na pero kung gusto mong gawin, gawin mo, wag gumawa ng tally ng nagawa mo against sa nagawa nya. Hindi yan calculus na kelangan ng proof. Kumbaga sa calculator, add lang ng add, di mo kelangang pindutin ang equal sign, makikita pa din naman sa kada add mo kung gano na kadami nagawa mo.

At pakiusap lang. Wag gumamit ng MR, o Memory Recall. Tawag dun, sumbatan.

Sa subtraction me tinatawag na “cannot be, carry one” na kung saan mas maliit ang numero ng kanang dulo ng subtrahend sa minuend kaya kelangang kumuha ng isa.

Madalas sa pag bigay ng oras sa minamahal me masasacrifice. Madaming beses na kelangang himindi sa barkada kasi nagtatampurorot ng date ang iyong mahal. Kukunin mo oras mo sa sarili para ibigay sa minamahal. Keri one.

Pero me pagkakataon din namang sa mahal mo ikaw kukuha ng oras kasi importanteng mabigyan mo ng oras ang trabaho, o isang kaibigang matagal mo nang di nakikita. Kung pano lang nya iintindihin, un ang problem solving.

Kung ayaw naman ni pangga ng “carry one,” pwede din namang "plus one."

Isama si pangga, un ang “plus one.” Madalas gugustuhin ng iyong katuwang na kabuntot sya sa mga lakad. Minsan nakakatuwa, minsan hindi. Lalo na kung por da boys ang lakad. Hindi naman sa me gagawin kayong himala, pero me mga bagay na talagang sa harap lang ng mga kaibigan nyo napapagusapan.

Tamang division lang ang kelangan. Pero di pwedeng equal division. Me magagalit. Minsan pag demanding, kelngan mas malaki ang sa kanya, meron din namang di demanding at naiintindihang me iba kading mundong ginagalawan.

Pero sa totoo lang, aminin mo man sa sarili mo, minsan gusto monalang i-divide ang sarili mo. Ingat lang sa pag divide. Sa huli di na whole number ang resulta, me infinite decimal points pa. Haggard.

Sabi sa Bible, “go forth and multiply.” Ingat lang sa pagmultiply. Baka me batang mabuo, o di kaya baka bacteria o virus ang magmultiply sa kapabayaan mo. Oo, inaadvocate ko ang condom. Kung hindi mo kayang magpigil. Kung protektado ka, parang multiplication of integers lang yan. Negative times positive ay negative padin. Basta me proteksyon ka.

Oo na daig ng malandi ang maganda. Pero sa mga nagmamadaling maghanap ng kabiyak, tandaan, mahirap mag add ng fractions, hahanap ka pa ng common denominator.

Madalas, sa mga pilit makahanap ng common denominator, ang laki nang numero napuntahan ng wallet mo, basted din pala ang kahahantungan mo.

Parang graph ng hyperbola, mag gear towards the axis pero ang hirap mag meet.

Pero kung sakaling swertehin ka, wag magtaka kung mapansin mong mas mahal mo sya kesa mas mahal ka nya. Minsan may less than at may greater than, pero bumabaligtad din yan sa kalaunan, ikaw naman ang less than sya naman ang greater than. Bihira ang “is equal to”.

Pero parang graph ulit. May x-axis, may y-axis. Pero meron din naming Origin. Un ung gitna. Matuto lang kayong magpunta sa gitna, magiging ok naman kayo. Madalas ang nakakarinding payo ng nakakatanda, “compromise.”

Sa Math din siguro nakuha ang konsepto ng open relationships. Me variable kasi. Parang algebra, substitute y with a number, kung ayaw mo ng y pwede din naming isubstitute sa x, moving on naman tawag dun.

Kitams, ang daming application ng Math sa love life.

Parehas silang sinusumpa.

Parehas silang pinag pupuyatan.

At minsan, kahit anong pagsusumpa at puyat mo, bagsak padin. Ilan ba ang kilala kong nag ulit ng Math 11? Madami dami na.

Kaya naiintindihan ko kung bakit allergic sa pag ibig ang ibang tao (gaya ni ewik), parang kung pano ko kamuhi-an ang Math. Komplikado kasi masyado.

Pero di gaya ng Math, mahirap makuha ang saktong formula sa pag ibig. Iba’t ibang tao, iba’t ibang equation ang pwedeng i-apply. Hindi lahat sakto sa banga.

Pero at least kung me problem ka sa Math o sa love life, me solusyon.

At sa huli, me result ka ding makukuha.

Kahit zero pa man yan.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


We’ve asked “how” so many times
It’s almost second to the why’s
As often as each clink of chimes
As abrupt as all life’s surprise

But this time I ask myself,


How to make you hear my heartbeat
As each lubdub whispers your name
How to make the bitter air sweet
As I hope that things will remain the same


How to make up for all my faults
Of not giving you much time and soul
How to put this raging torrent to a halt
And find you in my arms and give you my all

But I’m an asshole, I know
As I still can’t find the answer
But I’m learning, though slow
To realise things and end this banter

I love you.
From that let’s work things out.
I love you.
With that is another chance.

I love you.
Like jumping on a pile of cotton candy
Like swimming in a pool of brandy
Like how my heart misses your whispering to my ear
Like how my arms feel empty without you near
Take me back to where half of me is
to your smile, to your laugh, to each and every kiss.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Declaration of Romantic Intent

(click picture to enlarge)
Ikaw? Sino gusto mo isulat dito?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dating down

I’ve heard the term before and encountered it again while watching United States of Tara when Tara’s sister just got a boob job and started dating again.

Dating down is when you date someone “below” standard of the last date. Like if you dated a hot chick or a hunky dude, you shouldn’t settle for less than that on your next prospect.

I remember one “hobby” I had with my best bud. While passing time, we’d rate people passing by, 1-10, 10 being highest. Below 5 would be charity case already. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not exactly superficial or anything, we just know how to appreciate beauty. Though I had to hand it down to my best bud, he wouldn’t date anyone below 7, “I’ve got standards,” he says.

Though at times, I find myself curiously looking at “weirdly” paired couples.

I’ve got college blockmates and cousins who dated “cream of the crop” faces (a term my best bud coined), some of whom have even became models. But reunions would obviously tell me that they ended up, even married uhhmmm… well, to so so faces.

I’d usually be puzzled while looking at 4’s walking with 8’s and we’d rationalize ‘em thinking that they just know how to court so well, or maybe are freakingly filthy rich. After all, it wouldn’t hurt to snag a trophy date. And if it’s true love, what argument do you have with that? Nada! You don’t mess with effin true love. It’s like stealing some metro’s claydoh from his drawer. Disastrous.

And of course, dating down isn’t all about faces. You’d consider wallet capabilities, tear duct storm frequencies, brain damaging conversations, orgasmic silences, and well, sexual geyser prowess.

I remember though, one psych doctor friend from bataan who married a driver. Their love story was just filled with much family drama. Everyone opposed to the union. She held an MD degree with specializations, he held a trishaw with flags. Still, they weathered difficulties and insecurities that came their way. They say love isn’t enough to live, but for them it was.

My guess is, parents are the ultimate author of dating down rules. They wouldn’t want anyone less for their babies, would they? And most of us imbibed that rule and made it a goal whenever we switch to whore mode – that, and the pressure to introduce someone who could make your friends jaw drop envious, not to mention your ex.

As for me, I’d admit I’m fairly superficial. At least you’d want someone presentable. But my top on standards would be intellect. I’m not exactly Jimmy Neutron, just some smart ass Dennis the menace. But still, I wouldn’t want to date down on intelligence. I’d want to grow much on that aspect, and you wouldn’t get that from a hollow barbie doll. Intelligence for me is sexy. Mind fucking is simply orgasmic. Just don’t let ‘em talk about genetic mutations and pathogenesis of STDs during the act, and you’ll be ok. I guess that's why I have so many blogosphere crushes, I get so turned on with good writing. But that's another story.

I guess at start, the idea of dating is that you wouldn’t want to settle for someone less than yourself. And from there you build up a standard for the next. And for those who haven’t gotten over an ex, comparison is the usual culprit.

But at the end of the day, your heart still would end up with whomever it wants, even if it means breaking some standards.

And as for Tara’s sister, I have just finished season one, but I bet she’d end up with the fat ugly one on the next season.

Because in reality…

Love is not blind, it sees, but it doesn’t mind.

picture source here: http://www.clipartguide.com/_named_clipart_images/0511-0908-1916-5428_Computer_Dating_clipart_image.jpg

Monday, September 13, 2010

The age of calm

I heard it somewhere that 28 is the age when one is at his/ her peak.

Do not date or be in a relationship with anyone who’s 28 or turning 28. You’ll just be asking for heartache.

Another friend quips that it doesn’t have to be 28. It could be any age wherein your hormones are at its craziest, when your pheromones are at its strongest. Or simply put, you are seemingly at your most beautiful, and you find yourself with more girls or guys at your mercy.

But after that age, things suddenly calms down. Things start to come steadily in your life, like one lego over the other, slowly building a more stable structure. And you find yourself unconsciously gearing towards a more permanent goal.

Me? 24 was possibly my 28. Not that I did anything outrageous during that age, but lemme just leave all those gory details to your guessing.

And now, a year before my 28, I find myself trying to build my own permanent structure. That everything I have are lego blocks that I’d wish to have permanently in my life.

That I find myself in a more designed path where I tend to prioritize all those that I deem important, and I suddenly find myself seriously seeking the advice of those beyond my years.

That I find myself wanting more out of what life can give me. Both material and not. A car, a new business venture, my own dream house (a cycle that goes back again to the car, but upgrading itself to a pick up truck LOL).

And though I admit, I am still quite far from finishing my own permanent structure, each day I find myself trying to get that unwavering focus on my goals. One day at a time.

It might’ve taken me too long to reach this, but at least for now I can say, “no more games, this is now the real deal.”


And yes geek, you’re right, it’s time to be “secure.” Hehe.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do Not Trust Profile Pictures

All I could do was nod to this Samsung ad. It made me laugh in a weird kinda way, we are all somewhat guilty of actually using the "make yourself look good in your profile pic" tactic. I admit, I'm not exactly photogenic. I can't seem to make myself look great whichever angle I choose.

1. Hi angle - look cute:
a considerably larger head, with your eyes almost popping out like how puss in boots does his pleading stare... ok GUILTY as charged. I think I have a couple of pics like this.
this is a favorite of the patweetums.

2. Low angle - look street
this I can't pull off, i just don't feel like street. my hip hop days didn't even do me good in my social life, so i'm scrapping this out in my list.
though this angle could make you look taller. hmmmmm...
parang sam milby beach pose lang. walang mag re-react!

3. Light best side
haha! have you ever noticed that people have this one angle shoot? like if you get them for a picture, they'd always show their left side or maybe their right? for some the front would look great than showing either side.
kung me mga kaliwete magsulat, me mga kaliwete din mag pa piktyur. wahahaha.

4. Suggest nudity
I've noticed a lot have been using the summer season as an excuse to pose half nude beach photos to flaunt whatever abs they have. And even after during the rainy season, they'd still use their summer pics.
wala na bang tag ulan pics? ung tipong basang basa at hubad? try nyo? kayo na kasi ang may abs!

5. Hide bad bits
This I noticed with my li'l bro. he has this mole on his nose which he hides for his profile pics. We all got something to be insecure about which we would want to hide. I think I'll have my bro surgically remove the mole. calling my derma friends.... ehem ehem.
Pero me kilala ako crop ng crop ng bilbil shots. lahat ng beach shots hanggang boobs lang. hahaha! ang guilty mag cocomment. wahahaha.

6. Show good bits
beautiful eyes. nice pecs. nice boobs. biceps. lips. sometimes you find conversing to a talking tummy with six pack abs.
madalas daw tong gamiting nga mga hipon para i-hide ang face, mga lollipop para i-hide ang body, mga chinito, para wala lang, ilahad ang pagka chinito nila.

7. Get together
social life much? Ok I get it, you party a lot. and you love your friends a lot. either your friends make you look good because next to you their not, or they make you look tall, because next to you their shorter. ehem ehem. iilag ako. lol

8. Big shades - hide face
bumble bee shades. this got into fashion for i dunno what reason. a lot of guys have been wearing this new fad. some would even use those shades that look like your eyes were brought to the prison (shutter shades i think?).
my friend once told me, never date someone whose profile pic is all dark glasses. might as well date the dark glasses. they're cool.

9. Pop collar
I haven't exactly seen anyone use this, but frankenstein did look great after popping his collar out. haha!

10. Cover blemishes
cover it with lighting. cover it with with your hair. or maybe a book.
ang daming profile pic, emo kung emo, me nakasalampak na kamay sa mukha. ewan ko ba. hehe.

Then crop.


you do not even need to photoshop.

Sabi nila ang pambansang sigaw ng mga pangit pag may pictorial...



Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Singkong Duling at kung ano ano pang halinghing

Ano ba halaga ngayon ng singko sentimo? Singkwenta sentimo? Beyte Singko sentimos? Halos wala na diba? Pero ang piso, di magiging piso kung walang apat na beyte singko, o sampung dyis, o beynteng singko. At ang isa ko pang gustong sabihin ay mahirap mag Math, lalo na kung tagalog.

Alam nyo namang mataas ang respeto ko at pagpapahalaga sa mga magngagawa, lalo na sa mga sector ng serbisyo. Maliit man ang tingin ng iba, pero alam kong mahirap ang trabaho nila. Hindi ko kayang makipag plastikan sa mga tao walong oras mahigit sa isang araw.

Pero minsan talaga di ko maiwasang mapa iling pag nakikita kong mismong silang naghahatid ng serbisyo hindi alam kung pano magpahalaga sa kostumer. Mga simpleng etiketa sa pakikipagtransaksyon sa pang araw araw na trabaho nila.

Minsan nasa supermarket ako upang maggroseri. Normal na minsan pag buong pera ang ibibigay mo, tatanungin ka kung me mas maliit kang halaga. Oo nga naman, mauubusan sila ng panukli. Kahit problema nila un, para maiwasang makagambala sa iba pang mamimili, manghihingi sila ng mas maliit.

Sa pagdating naman sa pagsusukli, nakakatuwa pag bibigyan ka nila ng dyis o singko. Kasi nadidisplay lamang nmn ito sa bahay at di nagagastos. Minsan kendi nalang naibibigay nila.

Pero itong isang kahera, ewan ko ba kung absent o may sadyang saltik sa kukote at mahilig mag asyum. Asampshunista ang loka. P10.25 ang aking sukli. Dyis pesos at beyte singko sentabos.

Ano ba’t maitanong nya na “Ser, Ok lang ba na kulang ako ng beyte singko?”

Magsasabi namn agad ako ng “Oo, walang problema,” madali lang nmn ako kausap, me kasama pang matamis na ngiti at isang kindat sa singkit kong mga mata.

Pero ano ba ang beyte singko? Kakapiranggot nmn talaga un. Pero kahit ganon man, kagandahang asal ang mano bang magtanong ka man lang kung ok lang na kulang.

Eh ang lintik na hitad, basta abot ng dyis sabay baling na ang tingin sa susunod na customer.

Nakakapang init ng bayag! Ang sarap lang pandilatan at magsisigaw para lang sa beyte singkong galinggit.

Un lang. Gusto ko lang i-share. Na minsan sa pangaraw araw nating pakikihalubilo sa mga tao, madami na tayong nakakalimutan na gawin. Hindi din naman kasi pinapansin.

Me mga babaeng pagbubksan mo ng pinto at pauunahin, mano bang mag teykyu.

Me mga taong gogud morningan ka, mano bang maki good morneng ka din.

Me mga taong kakain sa fastfood. Mano ba man lang na kumain na parang tao, oo at may nagliligpit, pero di nmn ikamamatay kung pagaanin mo ang pagliligpit ng crew ng fastfood diba?

Me mga taong kung makapag pawis sa gym kala mo’y paktori ng mantika sa pagka grasa ng pawis, maanta pa. Mano ba man lang punasan ung bench na pinag higaan.

Ang mga Pilipino, ang daming reklamo, pag dating sa Singapura, kung maka puri, ”Ang linis linis! Di gaya sa Pinas!”

Eh pag dating naman sa Pinas, sila pa nangunguna magtapon ng balat ng kendi sa kalsada. Ang sakit nyo sa pilik mata! Mygas abelgas!

Ay nako, madami pa akong rants sa sa mga taong ganyan. Nauubos ang pasitib energy ko sa mga taong ayaw ayusin ang maikli nilang pamumuhay sa mundong ito.

At ngayon ko lang nalaman na ang halinghing pala ay ungol ng kasarapan. Wala lang, gusto ko lang ilagay sa titulo ng post na ito. Me reklamo? Di nmn bastos ah. Swak padin sa imahe kong ubod ng linis, walang kokontra. Ang di ko lang maintindihan, bakit beyte singkong duling? Nakakduling ang beyte singko? Leche! Asan ang dksyunaryo kong tagalog!


Kapayapaan. Pagmamahal. TnT (Tawa ng Tawa)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am

Music break muna. :P

If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cuz I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cuz I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Socrates Triple Filter Test

In ancient Greece , Socrates was reputed to hold knowledge in high esteem.One day an acquaintance met the great philosopher and said, "Do you know what I just heard about your friend?"

"Hold on a minute," Socrates replied. "Before telling me anything, I'd like you to pass a little test. It's called the "Triple Filter Test".

"Triple Filter?""That's right," Socrates continued. "Before you talk to me about my friend, it might be a good idea to take a moment and filter what you're going to say. That's why I call it the triple filter test."

"The first filter is TRUTH. Have you made absolutely sure that what you are about to tell me is true?" "No," the man said, "actually I just heard about it and..."'All right," said Socrates. "So you don't really know if it's true or not.Now let's try the second filter, the filter of GOODNESS. Is what you are about to tell me about my friend something good?"

"No, on the contrary......"

"So," Socrates continued, "you want to tell me something bad about him, but you're not certain it's true. You may still pass the test though, because there's one filter left, the filter of USEFULNESS. Is what you want to tell me about my friend goint to be useful to me?"

"No, not really."

"Well," concluded Socrates, "if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor even useful, why tell it to me at all?"


Thus, dear YOU, if y'll be coming to me just to tell something bad about a friend of mine, DO NOT EVEN BOTHER. If it's something important, don't you think I'd know that already? And if that something bad is about ME, I DON'T GIVE A FREAKING SH**. I hate it when someone whom I haven't even met, though possibly had some online short exchange of "hi's and hello's," would tell people of some "fact" about me or a friend of mine. Really, don't you have other things to do, or maybe your OWN friends to talk about? Bihira ako magalit, so wag moko susubukan. Brat ako sa totoong buhay. Un lang BOW.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A letter from a teenage Filipino to the WHOLE WORLD

I was in the office at that time when the hostage taking was happening. I read updates in twitter, and was saddened by the outcome. My first thought was, "kawawa nman ung mga namatay, at ung mga naulila." I searched the net to know more about hte event. What I found was people blaming other people, pointing fingers, cursing eachother. I'm no political analyst, nor do I have knowledge in the art of war, or at least in hostage negotiations. Thus I leave the scrutiny of this event to others.

I can only offer prayers, and hope that one man's action will not pose much of a problem on how we Filipinos are perceived.

Amidst the noise all these has caused, I found one letter from a young teenager. I found it simple, yet humbling in a way. I wish most of us could be like this youngster. Still full of pride of his heritage, apologetic, yet still proud, defensive, yet not condoning, a young Filipino, yet understands the World.

I urge you to read his letter:
August 23, 2010

"A letter from a teenage Filipino to the WHOLE WORLD”

As you are reading this letter, I bet that you have seen/heard about what happened earlier in our country.

Tourists were hostages of a policeman here, Rolando Mendoza. After a few hours of the horrible crime, some of the victims were dead including the hostage-taker.

I wrote this letter not just to apologize but also to let everyone know that we Filipinos are not all like Mendoza. We are loving and good-hearted people.

For so many years, our country has been standing tall and surpassing every dilemma; be it small or big. Years ago (back when I wasn’t born yet), you have watched us fight for what we think is right. We fought for the democracy of our nation.. The EDSA revolution. But that’s just one out of many.

Second. We Filipinos have been serving other countries for our families and we treat you as our own as well. With all due respect, I thank you all for giving us the trust through the years. For helping us to become what we are now.

The Philippines is more than just a group of islands. We are a nation of strong and remarkable people. A country of beauty and love known to be hospitable and well-valued. I humbly apologize for what happened tonight. No one in this world would want something like that to happen for life should be valued.

I politely ask the attention of the world. Please do not judge and mistreat us just because of what happened tonight. I have been searching the net and found terrible things. Hong Kong advices to avoid travels here, China and HK bans Filipinos and that Philippines is the worst place to go.
I can’t blame you for what you have decided but I hope that you could understand. Our country is now in a sea of problems. And I know for sure that we helped you in a way or another. Let peace and understanding reign this time.

I know that this letter will just be trash but I wish that you would understand. On behalf of the Philippine population.. WE ARE SORRY.

As a song puts it…
And I believe that in my life I will see an end to hopelessness, giving-up and suffering. And we all stand together this one time then no one will get left behind. Stand up for life. STAND UP FOR LOVE

Sincerely yours,

Reigno Jose DilaoCatbalogan City, Samar
(End of Letter)

source here:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hurt, pain, sadness...

... they say they last only for a few minutes to an hour...
... anything beyond that is self inflicted.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why do we love?

Because we were made out of love...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Yummy Big Roberto's

I know you want ‘em big. And Roberto’s can give you “big”. Queen big.

That didn’t sound all too right. Haha! But heck, that’s what came to mind when dear ol’ Geek brought me siopao at work.

I’m a big fan of siopao, but experience taught me never to expect too much with siopao’s. Even Siopao factory doesn’t measure up to what siopao should be.

All bread and nothing inside.

So you’ll have to forgive me if I rave too much about this local siopao. The Queen siopao had half a boiled egg inside – half, not thin slices of, it’s freaking HALF. And the meat, they could have been one small plate serving of your meat (pork/ chicken) viand. And it doesn’t need sauce to make it all too yummy. The size of the queen siopao covered more than half of my laptop. That big.

So despite my unending battle and resolve to get that much attained Orosman abs, I just can’t say no to one Queen Roberto’s siopao. And eating Ministop siopao would never be the same again.

And that’s why I half hate and love going to Iloilo.

Cheap delicious food.

Friends and colleagues who feed you like pig.

Iloilo = fat me. This is now the start of my Iloilo food posts. I just can't help but eat whenever

#61 J.M. Basa Street, Iloilo City
Telephone No. 3350484, 3371595

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sugar Rush

I’ve encountered so many different people in my life. Most of them are like aspartame. Almost 200 times sweeter than sugar, artificial, and breaks down at higher temperature, leaving a bitter after taste. A lot of people are like aspartame.

But you…

You are a different kind.

You’re like sucralose. 600 times sweeter than sugar, no calories, stable at higher temperature, good for cooking yummy cakes.

Of course both types would have their supposed bad effect.

But no one’s perfect. All you have to do is find that one perfectly imperfect for you. And when you do, you finally experience your sugar rush.

And I experienced it with you.

My sweet sugar rush.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Happy to Serve"

The sharing of happiness was translated into different languages, different words, and different gestures. Some hide in simple words such as Hi and Hello. And at times they become a valuable tool for motivation.

For those who know me personally, would notice that I’d sometimes engage in short 15-second conversation with toll gate tellers. I got that from my dad, who’s technically my older tweetums version. I started noticing it with the traffic aid assigned to our school when I was still in 4th grade. From then on, I noticed he’d do the same with cashiers, toll gate tellers and the like. He’d utter a simple greeting (and maybe throw in some pambobola here and there).

Last Saturday morning while seated at the passenger’s side, and me on the wheel…

[SLEX toll gate]
Dad: Good morning! (while leaning over my side to grin at the unsuspecting teller.
Female teller [FT]: *looks at dad and gives out the most nonchalant poker face she could possibly muster*
Dad: *repeats loudly* Good Morning!
FT: *looks at me and gives me my change and went to stare at the next car*
Me: (thinking) she must be
going through something, tough times.
Dad: Ngudngod agad! Kaw naman, ok na ung sa atin naggaling ung mabuting asal, di namn kelangan mag expect ng kapalit.
Stepmom: Kahit na GMRC un!
Dad: Oo nga, at least ginawa mo na ung part mo, move on (naks si daddy munu-move on).

Indeed, one needs not expect something in return for simple good naturedness and small courtesy/ies.

If it is reciprocated, then it becomes a beautiful exchange of goodness. But the purpose should always try to become a blessing to another. Receiving/ reciprocation only becomes a bonus feat, not a requirement.

Last weekend, my dad once again reminded me to reciprocate, if not be the first source of goodness, starting with the usual “good mornings” that I’ve ignored. How many of you have greeted back or at least reacted to everyday greetings?

“Good morning! See you at the next flight!” - flight attendant 9i noticed foreigners are the only one acknowledging back)
“Thank you for coming!” – McDo crew
“Thank you for coming mam-ser!” – SM sekyu guard
“Windshield ser?... thank you ser! Balik po kayo!” – Petron attendant
“Good morning sir!” – building security guard… with a stick

I scored 3 out of 5. How about you?

Sometimes such greetings become automatic and have lost their meaning. Some establishments have tried going out of the box and making some greetings more fun.

Have you tried mimicking SM supermarket crew members whenever the signal bell gets played?

ding ding ding!

*clap* *clap* *clap* “Happy to serve!” *thumbs up sign*

Customer service is more fun when you have fun customers. Try being those fun ones.

*clap* *clap* *clap* “Happy to serve!” *thumbs up sign*

*wink* *wink*

Friday, July 30, 2010

Parang lang naman...

Parang tinatamad nako mag blog.

I still write, pero sa notebook kong maliit nalang.

Wala lang. Toxic lang kasi as usual. pasensya na.


Update: This blog will be on temporary hiatus till I feel better. Toxic lang sa work. :P

I think I need to fill in some forgotten spaces in my life, prioritize some other parts that were somehow neglected. I've got new studies to work into. I'll be travelling again (twice as much as I am now, which is already alot). This month I'll be going back and forth to Iloilo and Cebu, same as next month then I go back to Sg. Sa December na ulit ako magpaparty bwahahaha! So I guess this would mean more food post muna to fill in gaps. Un lang naman bisyo ko, kumain. haha!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Milo's Run

I think imma be joining this run... :P

Since its first run in 1974, the National MILO® Marathon has now become the biggest running event in the country. Its immense popularity has attracted runners from all age groups to participate, including children. However, a lot of these driven young runners don’t have shoes. Imagine seeing a little boy run kilometer after kilometer of rough cement barefooted. This moving scene inspired us to make this year’s run more meaningful, by giving out running shoes to thousands of underprivileged school children.

This year, in line with its commitment to build champions, the National MILO® Marathon will provide underprivileged children with running shoes. Every time a runner joins, a portion of the registration fee will be allotted to the advocacy. The money collected from all the participants will be used to produce running shoes that will be donated to different public schools selected by the Department of Education in the areas where the 2010 MILO® Marathon will be heldThe root of this advocacy lies in our belief that we’re not just giving these children running shoes. We’re giving them something that they can wear to school, for sports and other activities. It’s definitely a step to help them reach their true potential and be the best that they can be.


MILO® Philippines

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Gabay (Callalily)

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay Sayo
Laging nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip

Lumipas ang taon
Ako'y nawalay saiyo
Nilamon na ng oras
Ang ating samahan

Ngayon wala ka na
Saan pa pupunta
Doon ba o dito?
Gusto ko nang sumuko
Ngunit sinabi mo

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip
Hindi Pababayaan
Ikaw ay Iingatan
Asahan mong nandito lang ako

Ginawa na ang lahat
Upang ika'y mahanap
Suntok sa buwan ako

Ngayon wala ka na
Saan pa pupunta
Doon ba o dito?
Gusto ko nang sumuko
Ngunit sinabi mo

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip
Hindi Pababayaan
Ikaw ay Iingatan
Asahan mong nandito lang ako
Asahan mong Nandito lang ako

Ngunit Sinabi mo....
Ngunit Sinabi mo........

Andito lang ako
Gumagabay sa'yo
Laging Nakatitig
Kahit sa panaginip
Hindi Pababayaan
Ikaw ay Iingatan
Asahan mong nandito lang ako
Asahan mong nandito lang ako

Asahan mong andito lang ako...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

daddy day care plans

Father's day na pala sa Saturday. At dahil toxic ako, wala akong maisip na gawin sa sabado for him. At kelangan ko din siguro ng ibang pagkakaabalahan na worth it naman maliban sa trabaho dahil natuturete nako. (naks, nagpapaka random post, haha).

Kaya this time, I really need your help in brainstorming. Should I buy a gift? Eh ano? Should I just bring them out for dinner? Eh saan?

Sabaw sabaw.

Any suggestion/s?

Friday, June 11, 2010

You think you cannot dance

Life is like a graceful dance
You glide, you jump, you twirl, you prance
to the beat of your choice
to a song of your own voice

You fall, you trip, once or twice
but on your own you shall rise
Your pride is yours, for you are still you
unbroken, and still quite new

But along the way you loose an arm,
along the way you loose your charm
Along the way you loose your foot
And the music starts to mute

But a voice tells you to rise
One foot He says shall suffice
For He will be there, dancing with you
lifting an arm, to makes yours two

For at the start, you were never truly alone
You had a dance partner, one you call your own.

*post dedicated to those who think they could not dance life away anymore. Life is good. God is good. He sends out little angels (you may call friends) to let you know that you are cared for. Who will dance life's dance with you. Hand in hand. Song per song. Beat per beat. Cheer up.

*please do watch the video as well.

P.S. I'm really in a bad need of a bad ass template. And a toilet banner. Imma make pilit my best bud to do a toy photoshoot for my toilet banner. hmmmm paging bset... pwease! or... any volunteer? hehe. I'm so not techie kasi. lol

Friday, June 4, 2010


There’s this one feisty woman making sure that our house is almost liveable. With four messy cavemen, this task is no walk in the park. She is currently THE woman of the house.

But she’s not my mom to call. I simply refer to her as “the mother of my brothers”, I call her “ate” (big sister), as that was how she was first introduced. She is, after all, just a few years older.

‘Twas just around five years ago, that I’ve somehow accepted the fact that she is indeed already part of the family. I was finally done with college, ready to become slave to the work force jungle, and most importantly, out of the roof that she claimed to be queen of.

But before those 5 years, we were simply arch enemies. She was that bitch who made my life a living hell. And I was the brat who made her wish my dad didn’t come with a spoiled brat in tow. I made it a point for her to realise that my dad and I were a package deal made in hell. And at one point my goal was to get rid of her.

She was just too different from all those women my dad dated. Aside from my dad being more than 20 years her senior, I just couldn’t help but compare her with the “others.” They were mostly as meek as Maria Clara, as sophisticated as Princes D. But she was simply Annabelle Rama and Nanay Dionisia on amplifiers. The first time I saw her I already smelled trouble.

All hell broke when she got pregnant and we started playing house. She could’ve been the evil step mother, but too bad for her I was no Cinderella. I was Denis the menace times ten.

Though we never really engaged on a verbal spat cum wrestle mania 3 (except for one time), the silent treatment was enough to make the house be filled with tension. If looks could kill, each of us would’ve been a dead corpse by now.

We were only able to “publicly” fight when I accidentally sent my rant-SMS to her instead of my dad. And she was the sole topic of the SMS. I was playing son-in-distress, and she, the villain. But as she was part Annabelle Rama, she just craved for a confrontation, and I, on the other hand, feared going back home. And heck, that was one confrontation I’d like to have forgotten. As I am the quiet type, I seemingly lost in the fight.

But should I really go through all those that happened in the past? The Maala-Ala Mo Kaya Moments, the telenovella life we led. How I was Rubi – ang bidang kontrabida, and she was Amor Powers (How jologs of me to have all these comparison, forgive my analogy). But I’d refuse to live in the bitter past and even tell the tale in full detail. This isn’t the point really of this post.

I realize that as we were giving each other a hard time, we were both hurting.
As we were competing for my dad’s attention, we were both crying.
As we were at each other’s throats, we wished for peace.
As we were ignoring each other, we were both craving for the tiniest of acknowledgements.
And as we were trying to fulfil our roles in the family, we were both but human.
Capable of getting hurt. Wanting to belong. Wanting to be loved.

And though she fell short of the standards my relatives had set for my dad (yes they were pretty much involved), she never fell short in loving him. Through the hardships and hurt, she remained. At least now I know that my dad will grow old with someone by his side. Not exactly the one I’ve envisioned, but at least someone who’d love him just because. Because surely, others may have had my dad at his best, she simply had him at his worst, but loved him, nonetheless.

And thus now, I struggle to give her my hug of approval. I’ve planned this long before, but have not had the chance to execute. And though we are now in smiling (partial speaking) terms, we have not really raised white flags and signed a treaty of peace, officially. This usually is sealed with a hug. A simple hug that I am actually scared of, but would need to do… someday.

Because somehow, I know that she deserves it.

Because she is, after all, my madrasta.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just because

“Why do you love me?”

This question must’ve been asked to you by a lover once or twice during your relationship.

More often than not, you find yourself rummaging through your deep consciousness just to find the right words to say.

You’d probably go for, “I love you because you are kind,” or “I love you because we make good conversations, “ or “I love you because of your smile,” or “I love your Greek god like body.”

Tough question when caught off guard, ayt? You find out that no words are enough to describe all the reasons for loving.

We’d usually sum up with one sentence.

“I love you just because. “

For the reason for loving really is almost unfathomable, digging deeper than what our eyes can see. After all, they wouldn’t be able to describe love as “blind” for nothing.

That when we put definitive reasons, like a smile, a laugh, a talent, one’s beauty, we ask, what happens when all of these are gone?

If love rests with such reasons, then it must’ve been a superficial one. That when all these reason fade out, so shall our love.

But for those who cannot find the right reason, when reasons cannot fully quantify nor qualify, then consider yourself blessed amidst the roller coaster ride that love brings. For your love goes beyond what your eyes can see.

Such when teeth shall fall, smile starts to fade, when wrinkles start to show, and muscles start to sag, when memory starts to waver and conversations start to be less NatGeo, and when bodies start to become like Buddha…

You’d still be able to find the same love even with the silence of all the reasons that you thought ignited the love you had.

For all these shall fade out…

But your love shall stay…

So if you’ll ask me why I love you…

I’ll prolly just look into your eyes, coyly smile and say,

“Just because…”

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An open letter to Noynoy by F. Sionil José

(Reposted from Chuvaness.com, I just thought to repost to share, I think it's rather important, thanks ate cecile.)

Dear Noynoy,

You are now swamped with suggestions and advice, but just the same, I hope you’ll have time to read what this octogenarian has to say.

You were not my choice in the last election but since our people have spoken, we must now support you and pray that you prevail. But first, I must remind you of the stern reality that your drumbeaters ignore: you have no noble legacy from your forbears. It is now your arduous job to create one yourself in the six years that you will be the single most powerful Filipino. Six years is too short a time — the experience in our part of the world is that it takes at least one generation — 25 years — for a sick nation to recover and prosper. But you can begin that happy process of healing.

Bear in mind that the past weighs heavily on all of us because of the many contradictions in it that we have not resolved, whose resolutions would strengthen us as a nation. This past is now your burden, too. Let us start with the fact that your grandfather collaborated with the Japanese. Your father was deeply aware of this, its stigma, its possibilities. He did not leave any legacy because he did not become president. He was a brilliant and courageous politician. He was an enterprising journalist; he had friends in journalism who can attest to his effulgent vision, who did not profit from his friendship, among them Nestor Mata, Gregorio Brillantes — you may consult them. I cannot say I did not profit — he bought many books from my shop and when he was in Marcos’s prison, your mother brought books from my shop to him.

Forgive me for giving you this unsolicited advice. First, beware of hubris; you are surrounded by panderers who will tell you what is nice to hear. You need to be humble always and heed your conscience. When Caesar was paraded in ancient Rome before the cheering multitudes, there was always a man chanting behind him: “Remember, you are mortal.”

I say to you, remember, the poor — some of them in your own hacienda — will be your ultimate judge.

From your comfortable and privileged cocoon, you know so little of our country and people. Seek the help of the best — and the best do not normally want to work in government and neither will they approach you. You have to seek them.

Be the revolutionary your father wanted to be and don’t be scared or wary of the word “revolution.” It need not be always bloody. EDSA I was not. Your father wanted to destroy the most formidable obstacle to our progress — the Oligarchy to which you and your family belong. To succeed, you have to betray your class. If you cannot smash the oligarchy, at least strive to have their wealth develop this country, that they bring back the billions they stashed abroad. You cannot do this in six years, but you can begin.

Prosecute the crooks. It is difficult, thankless and even dangerous to do this. Your mother did not do it — she did not jail Imelda who was the partner in that conjugal dictatorship that plundered this nation. Watch her children — they were much too young to have participated in that looting but they are heirs to the billions which their parents stashed abroad. Now the Marcoses are on the high road to power, gloating, snickering at our credulity and despicable amnesia.

You know the biggest crooks in and out of government, those powerful smugglers, thieves, tax cheats — all you really need is guts to clobber them. Your father had lots of it — I hope he passed on to you most of it.

And most of all, now that you have the muscle to do it, go after your father’s killers. Blood and duty compel you to do so. Cory was only his wife — you are the anointed and only son. Your regime will be measured by how you resolve this most blatant crime that robbed us of a true leader.

And, finally, your mother. We loved her — she united us in ousting an abominable dictator. But she, too, did not leave a shining legacy for her presidency was a disaster. She announced a revolutionary government but did nothing revolutionary. She promised land reform but did not do it. And most grievous of all — she transformed the EDSA I revolution into a restoration of the oligarchy.

She became president only because her husband was murdered and you became president elect only because your mother died. Still, you are your father’s son and may you now — for the good of this country and people — scale the heights he and your mother never reached.

I am 85 and how I despair over how three generations of our leaders failed! Before I go, please let me see this unhappy country begin to be a much better place than the garbage dump our leaders and people have made it. You can be this long awaited messiah but only if you are brave enough and wise enough to redeem your father’s aborted promise.

Hopefully yours,

F. Sionil Jose

Philippine Star

Friday, May 21, 2010

A cross...

Click picture to enlarge

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random updates and Ne-Yo

I was freaking out the other day already because of my uber toxic schedule. I really thought my it will clear up a bit after April. But after that same month, I was given a new perspective on the word "disappointment". Apparently, April was just the red carpet towards a bigger hall of paper works, meetings, deadlines and a Shrek-like face.

Tomorrow I'll be off to another city for a meeting, I'm hoping to get some RnR after on saturday night though. If I get to meet up with my best bud, we're prolly be in it for a lot of dangerous uhhhmmm adventure LOL. But i doubt since we're with different groups. Oh freedom!!! (kidding)

Now I'm back to blogging randon life stuff, which I think is a sign of stress. Oh well papel, here's a song from Ne-Yo. There's something about the lyrics that makes me remember someone. uyyy issue. :P Side note lang, diba kamukha ni Marie si uhhmmm Maria Ozawa? naisip ko lang. :P

Part of the List

Style of your hair,
shape of your eyes and your nose,
the way you stare
As if you see, right through to my soul,

It's your left hand and the way
that it's not quite as big as your right,
the way you stand in the mirror
before we go out at night,

Our quiet time,
your beautiful mind,

They're a part of the list.
Things that I miss.
Things like your funny little laugh,
the way you smile or the way we kiss.

What I noticed is this:
I come up with
something new, every single time
that I sit and reminisce.

The way you sweet smell
lingers when you leave a room,
(you leave a room)
Stories you tell as we lay
in bed all afternoon.
(all afternoon)

I dreamed you now every night
in my mind is where we meet.
(my mind is where we meet)
and when I'm awake
staring at pictures of you asleep.

Touching your face,
invading you space.

They're a part of the list.
Things that I miss.
Things like your funny little laugh,
the way you smile or the way we kiss.

What I noticed is this:
I come up with
something new, every single time
that I sit and reminisce.

Oooh, and you'll live in my memories forever more I swear.
And you'll live in my memories forever more I swear.

They're a part of the list.
Things that I miss.
Things like your funny little laugh,
the way you smile, or the way we kiss.

What I noticed is this:
I come up with
something new, every single time
that I sit and reminisce.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road rage to principles

I’ve always told myself that one can never turn a wrong thing right by doing another wrong.

But I never really got around to perfecting this principle.

Just like a couple of times when I got caught (unknowingly) disobeying traffic rules while driving with Ewik (I think I see a pattern here, there’s a B.I. in culprit).

In all those times, I could’ve just let the officer confiscate my license and gone through all those seminars and all those shenanigans just to get my license back. I could’ve wasted a lot of my time, but saved myself from the guilt.

Sometimes I ask, why do I even find myself in such situations? Do I run from them “buwayas” or do I pay them? Or do I just owe up to my mistake and endure all the trouble. I just hope this does not mark me as someone without values (baka mahusgahan na buong pagkatao ko, lol).

Oh shoot.

It sucks to be me.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

BOBOto ako!

Boboto ako!
How ironic that the first four letters would mean "stupid" in the local vernacular. Though I really wouldn't be able to go into my country's defense if such a term be branded to us. History can be such a jeering evidence to our misguided decision making... as to whom to give captainship to our sinking boat.
But I'll reserve that topic to my pol-sci/ anthro/ journ blogger friends. Discussing politics is such a tedious task for me.
But now, I would just like put focus on my own town... down south Manila, the city of Paranaque.
Almost a couple of decades back when I transferred from a private school to the local science high school, our campus was situated along with the local municipal school. Books then were on a 1:5 ratio for the usual students, 1:1 for the DOST and the ParSci ones. That was when the actor-turned politician was still Mayor. Walis tingting scandals and some corruption rumors after, my town was then ran by a seemingly nice politician. You'll see much "city beautification" and unecessary stop lights (that a month after ceased working) in the city. During college, I was getting a 10K sem-scholarship that stopped when I got a 2.0 grade in UP. Years later I was told my name was still in the roster, but whoever gets my 10K stipend... was definitely not me.
Almost two decades after HS, I went back to inquire for my brother's enrollment.
Nothing changed. Or morelikely, things must've gotten worse.
So please... Paranaque, no more of the actor turned politician. No more of those excessive spending ones. magisip na tayo pls.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Vote for Aurie and Bset!!!!!

Dear friends,

Minsan lang ako humingi ng favor... I'm asking... no... telling... uhhmm... COMMANDING ya'll to vote aurie and bset in the Happy Soles will Travel To Brazil Contest by Havianas. Click on this link to see the video and vote:

Or watch below:

Kindly share in your blog... THANKS!!!! THANKS!!!!

Also... click on www.imagipod.blogspot.com ... basta.

Aryt? Aryt!!!!!

P.H. (pahabol kwento): hindi po ako kasama sa Brazil kung sakali, so wag nyong isipin na may hidden agenda ako dito. Back story lang, the video was made with a theme of how to make someone happy if anything is possible. The concept given by Aurie was reliving your childhood memories. You'd find the video simple, yet it hits home. Watch the video to see.

Thanks a bunch!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

When that someone comes...

Someday, someone will walk into your life
and make you realize why it never
worked out with anyone else.
Only to realize that that someone
came in too late


*disclaimer: post dedicated to friend, wag gumawa ng issue, lalo ka na pads.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Qoola is Cool

I have a new hiding place. And since I'm really really busy, I'll just let the pictures do the talking.

"Authentic, all natural, fresh frozen yogurt packed with beneficial cultures.
Lowers cholesterol and improves metabolism.
High in calcium, protien and potassium.
Estimated 100 to 500 millon probiotic cultures per gram, compared to only 1 million for a powdered alternative.
Helps overcome lactose intolerance".
Step 1: Pick your favorite yogurt flavor (Classic, vanilla, wild berry, strawberry)
Step 2: Choose your desired toppings (all sorts of fruits, candy chips, chocolate, gummy bears, nuts, etc.)
You may opt to look into the suggested "theme flavors" displayed.
Step 3: weigh your master piece at the counter and pay the nice lady (price ranges from 100-500, based from cup-bulk experience).
Step 4: Enjoy your yogurt upstairs where green is heaven. I actually like hanging around the second floor area. I personnaly like the color of the place. Minty and cool. A good relax place after a tiring day at work.
Qoola is located at Greenbelt 1 near National Bookstores and the restaurants in Greenbelt 3 (?)

Qoola is love.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Size doesn’t matter

You think a grain of rice is too small? Tell that to an ant.
You think your pillow is too big? Say that to an elephant.

There is no definite big or small. They become only as such, relative to your OWN perception. Just like a story told in the Bible, where an old woman dropped coins as an offering, where others dropped pieces of gold. For most the ones given by the old woman was all too cheap, but it could have been all the treasure she had.

Thus, if a friend comes to you crying over a lost pen, do not brush it all off as something petty. For all you know, the pen could’ve meant the world to him.

Nothing is too small or too big to matter in this world.

Nothing is too important or too trivial as to be ignored.

Look closely.

Big things may come in small packages.


This is my POInt of view on sizes. New template to come soon… Toilet thoughts up for another upgrade! Weeeeee!

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