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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It doesn't really matter whether

your glass is half full

or is half empty.

What you can do is empty its contents

For you to fill it with something new.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Guide

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Sometimes in life, we chance upon people who bring you back to the path you were originally supposed to take.

Exactly at the same time when you forget.

People who, unknowingly, bring you back to reality and give you small life lessons. Small encounters that give big life-changing realizations.

I met two such person recently.

Two who unknowingly led by example.

Two who gave truth to the saying that angels do reside on earth.

And people pass by for a reason.

I call them my short course teachers.

My unknowing guides.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Canis Canem Edit

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A topic on the radio got my attention some months back. Chico and Del on RX were talking about bullies and related 'em to dogs (Chico being a known pet lover and all).

They once heard of a woman who consulted a pet trainer about her new dog that's frequently being barked at and attacked by two other older dogs. She wanted to know how to solve her problem with those bullying dogs. The pet trainer told her that the problem lies NOT with the bullies but with the one being bullied.

The new dog needed to assert itself in the pack for it to "belong" or be accepted. The dog was clearly weak, and weakness had no place in the pack. Expect to be attacked if you show signs of weakness. The dog clearly lacked the instinct to survive. And the other dogs were just acting on instinct.

I've noticed that it's the same thing with the world we live in. It's a dog eats dog culture. Only the fit will survive.

In the human world, it’s been clearly identified and established that bullies are THE problems. We've tried solving them one way or another. But looking at it from a different perspective, shouldn’t we also be equipping the weak with the right defenses?

Schools are of a special case, I guess. We try to protect the young ones from being attacked and hope that somewhere along the way, they develop a backbone and start to at least give out a confident stance and cease becoming a magnet for trouble.

However, the corporate world presents a different environment altogether. If you find dissatisfaction at the bottom, you'll find yourself fighting for your place on top. In each of us, there's a hungry politician waiting for the right time to lunge for power. It doesn't have to mean that all would have to play dirty, but fact still remains that all needed to play.

I've looked into Facebook and wondered what happened to the "weak" during high school. The lives of most of them took a turn for the better and are already in better, if not the best, careers; with a new "do" and a new beau. However, there are still some who are still asking to be talked about and, well… ridiculed. I was itching the other day to send a message to one high school classmate and tell him “dude, not those kind of profile pictures, please! That's social suicide.” But of course we were not really close. I don't want to be a villain in all this, as that would be too superficial of me.

I ask myself, have I somehow been a bully to some of those who came and went in my life? Perhaps… I'm thinking that despite my uber friendly personality and unicorn-rainbow filled outlook in life, I'd say yes. Yes, I may have caused someone pain one way or another.

Let me get things straight - I detest bullying, but I wouldn't want to pamper and overprotect. Life sometimes teaches in the harshest way. People need to fall and scrape their knees sometimes to be able to learn how to get up and heal. Some lessons are not learned by taking a cue from other people’s experience.

My little brother got bullied during his first year in high school. Same with his older brother, he came from a public school, then transferred to a private nun-ran school. They probably stood out like a sore thumb, they lacked the confidence to stand ground and fight back.

Jay got picked on by the bigger guys, hit and even peed on. But good thing he had Jethro to back him up. Together they were stronger.

One time Jay got picked on two blocks from our house. A kid ran to the house and called on Jethro, who rushed with fists raring to connect with the bullies’ face. They got a heck of a scolding when they got back home, but I was sure, my dad was proud. I sure was. They were finally learning to fight back.

In time, the two of them learned to walk with a swag, got into music and became basketball varsity players. Soon girls swarmed at our our gate. Two or three girls would go to fetch my brothers for whatever practice they needed to do.

What have I learned with this experience? There’s strength in numbers. Having someone to back you up makes the difference. You may not fight the same battle, but you get to draw strength from another.

Dogs come in a pack for a reason.

As no man is an island.

We all need someone.

We all are needed by someone.

Thus, if you think you are needed, be there for that person.

For we all fight our battles. But battles don't have to be fought alone.

Lest you wanted to be eaten by dogs.

It's a dog eat dog kinda world after all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

LAPS (Lab at Pers Sayt)

Alam nyo yung feeling na nakita nyo ung isang tao tapos malulungkot kayo kasi di naman sya mapapasaiyo?

Yung tipong too near yet so far? Tipong loving at a distance lang? Ung alam mong match made in heaven kayo, pero rivers, mountains, valley and dragons ang kelangan nyong tawirin para makuha lamang sya?

Ganun naramdaman ko nung nakita ko si Choco.

Feeling ko sya na talaga ang para sa akin. Pero sino ba naman akong ponsyo Pilato na makakakuha sa kanya. Isang hamak na bipolar na may ADHD pa.

Walang pag asa.

Kung baga sa kanta, they’re Xbox’s and I’m just an Atari.

At kung ikaw ung tipo nung college na may Org tapos may pa-cake raffle tickets na kelangan mong ibenta, tapos bibilhin mo lahat at ibebenta ang ISA, hindi ka pa din mananalo at ung piso ung binili un pa nanalo. Malas mo lang talaga.

Kaya never ako umasa. Ayaw ko na madisappoint. Sa bagay, nakisali naman talaga ako sa karera bilang suporta, hindi bilang manalo. Pero un nga lang, na LAPS ako kay Choco.

Dagdagan mo pa nung nilait lait nung tatay ni Choco ung handog ko. Kesyo pangit daw, overedited, sabi ko naman, aba! aba! aba! pasensya, na ”Ohhh Shiny Moment” lang ako nung nakakaita ako ng online editor, nasobrahan ata. LOL

Kaya imaginin nyo nalang ang tuwa ko nung sa kaka-click ng refresh (AMP patagal patagal pa talaga ang kups), tapos dahan dahan sa pag scroll...

Kabog. Kabog. Kabog. Lubdub. Lubdub. Lubdub.

Tapos makikita ko ung pangit kong pic.

Napaisip ako, panaginip nga lang ba ung sinuhulan ko lahat ng Judge? Minsan ko kasi plinano imessage silang lahat at sabihing, ”magkano ka?” Eh ang kaso, wala akong kilala sa kanila. Iisa lang. Di mo pa magogoyo ung isa. Kaya sabi ko sa mga goons ko, wag na lang. Baka makasuhan pa tayo ng graft and corruption at cheating sa elections. Di pa tayo makaalis ng bansa gaya ni GMA. Pwede ko din namn pala silang ipa papatay lahat, tapos magpapaka Ramona Revilla lang ako. Ganun. Pero lalo naman akong di makakakuha ng mana nun.

Kaya ayun.

Napatumbling, isang cartwheel, isang chinese garter jump, isang tumbang preso throw, isang planking at isang owling ang aking nagawa nung nalaman kong akin na sya.

OA na alam ko kaya ititigil ko na.

Kaya sa mga hurado, salamat salamat. Pasensya na kung wala sa kalingkingan ng pagka propesyunal potograper ung entry ko lol.

At sa nagpakontes, IKAW NA! 81 contestants? Ikaw na sikat. Lol.

Un lang po.

Lesson learned? Sa mga na LAPS sa buhay. Wag magpapaepekto sa pangit nyong itsura. Itigil ang pag tingin sa salamin at tingnan ang kaibuturan ng inyong puso. Makakakita naman kayo ng mga panget na may kaholding hands na maganda't sexing bebot sa daan at masasabing there’s TRUE LOVE.

Kaya wag mawalan ng pag asa. Time is Gold kung baga.

Aytenchu bow.


Dahil tinuturing kitang sibling in crime (di namn kasi tayo nalalyo sa height), papahiram ko sayo Roro (Ro anne) si Choco pag uwi mo. Photocs ulit tayo ng mga cute nating mukha. Nasakin nga pala coin purse mo. Ipangbibili ko ng film, sana makaabot hahaha! Lol. Jowk lang isosoli ko sayo. :P

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ber Months Update

So I've been really busy lately. These ber months have been flooding my schedule (mostly about work) so much that my planner looks like a mess.

From my last post on my plans for the ber months, I think I've been pretty successful so far.

September was indeed a month of rekindling friendships and making new ones. With how strong these friendships are, maybe only the new year will know.

October has been a month of booze. I've been drunk twice or thrice to the point of vomiting my guts out. Spell BLOOD. Now that was fun.

November entered with me jammin with my bros and visiting relatives during the holidays.

But it seems like this month won't only be about family. It promises travel with good friends.

So here goes my fun schedule this November. This thursday I'll be going to Hongkong for a meeting. I've extended my stay till the weekend and sent shout outs to have friends join me to make travellin more fun.

The first few days of the month had me all too emo and my mood swings were just too crazy, luckily, kups had been brave enough to try to pacify me despite the distance, thanks to whatsapp lol. So now I'm just excited that he had the guts to come and fly to HK from wherever his OFW ass is.

It'll be my first out of country trip with a friend (who will bring his dSLR - ehem Macau camwhore time!).

Then there's Baguio at the end of the month, but that's for another story. I'll let my other friends blog about that. :P

So cheers to these ber month memories.

Cheers to ending this year working hard, and partying harder.

Just a few more days till Christmas!


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