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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hands of Time (Pause muna from blogging)

I apologize for the lack of new post. I've been extremely busy lately. Last 14 of Feb, I watched Dulaang Sibol's Sinta in Ateneo, worked the whole day of Friday, then on the 16th, watched Hamlet then went out till the wee hours of the morning, just for coffee. Today, just went from Batangas to visit some relatives.
So, for now, I leave you first one of my highschool compositions (naalala ko kasi nung nanuod ako ng Hamlet). Be kind people, remember highschool pako nito. hahaha

Hands of Time
For my own pillar, tie I gave my tongue
Did I not utter things, I'd like to say?
A word, with letters - four, when I was young
Shall I regret just acts in everyday?
In thee a lecher, granted did I took
for my rebellion, purport so uncouth
Yet solaced ardor, havened in my nook
But still no words came out for me to soothe
And now thou's bed, a purfling pallid white
The love I'll lose in time, and fears to face
Relive and cherish, things I've done so trite
Have hands not stopped, I'll do the mass of ways
And so if time consents the chance on me
And so must say the love i have for thee
Hands of Time by Jeff Gonzales
Submitted to sir Dids

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Heart's Day!

Happy Heart's Day!

from your ever toxic next door blogger Poy

Week 7

I'm afraid of death, coz I don't want to lose my life.
I'm afraid of love, because it involves things that go beyond our comprehension;
the light it sheds is immense, but the shadow it casts frightens me.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Heart's Day... Arrrgggg!

A day or two ago, I was playing Marie Digby's Stupid for you... now its Almost Lover by a Fine Frenzy... *sighs*

Basta. Putek. Taena. Magbebeach ako next week end after my meeting in Cebu. Island hopping ako. walang kokontra.

Stupid for You by (Marie Digby)

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Almost Lover (A Fइन Frenzy)
Your fingertips across my skin
The palm trees swaying in the wind, Images
You sang me Spanish lullabies, The sweetest sadness in your eyes, Clever trick
Well, I never want to see you unhappy, I thought you'd want the same for me
[Chorus]Goodbye, my almost lover; Goodbye, my hopeless dream; I'm trying not to think about you; Can't you just let me be?; So long, my luckless romance; My back is turned on you; Should've known you'd bring me heartache; Almost lovers always do
We walked along a crowded street; You took my hand and danced with meImages
And when you left, you kissed my lips;
You told me you would never, never forget These images, No
Well, I'd never want to see you unhappy; I thought you'd want the same for me
[Chorus]Goodbye, my almost loverGoodbye, my hopeless dreamI'm trying not to think about youCan't you just let me be?So long, my luckless romanceMy back is turned on youShould've known you'd bring me heartacheAlmost lovers always do
I cannot go to the oceanI cannot drive the streets at nightI cannot wake up in the morningWithout you on my mindSo you're gone and I'm hauntedAnd I bet you are just fine
Did I make it thatEasy to walk right in and outOf my life?
[Chorus]Goodbye, my almost loverGoodbye, my hopeless dreamI'm trying not to think about youCan't you just let me be?So long, my luckless romanceMy back is turned on youShould have known you'd bring me heartacheAlmost lovers always do

Monday, February 11, 2008

Where's That Music

I've always wondered about what happened to that feature in multiply where you can download the music. Here's apost from Makulayangbuhaysasinabawanggulay telling us what's the deal with multiply's music download.

But that's not what this post is all about. Thanks to Vin, I was able to download a lot of songs that I was looking for. When he said it contains a large pool of mp3s, I wasn't expecting to find a lot that I coudn't find elsewhere. Thanks Vin!
Here's his new find... Where's That Music. And I say, two thumbs up!!!!

Feeling Stupid for You

Amare et sapere vix deo conceditur - Even a god finds it hard to love and be wise at the same time

I'm no god nor do I consider myself superior to anyone. But I've always been in control of things, highly independent, unfeeling, indifferent, doing things nonchalantly... my way. But all this love in the air is really getting overated... and darn contagious. And its stripping me off of all my logic and restraint.

I first heard this song over at Jam 88.3 as part of their top hits, and it hit me. Yeah I've fallen stupid for someone. Sometimes I hope and feel that its just the season... tomorrow it'll be gone. just a fleeting feeling. I'll wake up tomorrow, wiser and in control again. hopefully.

nuf said. Here's
Stupid for You by Marie Digby: (oh yeah please do apply transposistion of gender)

It's not everyday
that i find a person quite like you
perfect every way
i finally found the nerve to confess that it's you - that i want
i don't care if i act a fool
i would damn near beg for you !
put aside, all my pride so don't keep me hanging here
cause this girl is falling stupid for you..
stupid for you..
the proper thing to do
is for me to act like a lady and wait
for you to make the first move
but i don't think you're getting the point
that it's you - that i want
i don't care if i act a fool
i would damn near beg for you put aside, all my pride
so don't keep me waiting here
cause this girl is falling stupid for you!
oh, oh stupid for you
why's it always feel like i am
chasing love when nothing's there
and here i go just making the same mistake...
i've fallen stupid for you..

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moon Cafe, Cebu

Ok, let's talk about food again. My posts have rather been revolving around work, and on how depressing it is. So let us go back to some restaurants I've found in Cebu.

Name: Moon Cafe
Where: 42 E. Osmeña cor. J. Diaz Street, Guadalupe Cebu City , Cebu
Phone: (032)253-3635
Cuisine: Mexican
Food: 8 out of 10
Ambiance: 9 out of 10 (I like how the walls are painted though all are just merely cement, plus they have other areas wherein you can have your own thing with your friends)
Service: 7.5 out of 10 (hmmm I haven't had that "wow, you're nice" moment" pretty much order and serve, but good thing is they are always just around the corner when you need them)
Costs: A dish would range from 100 to 300. Reasonable and sulit!

Some Recommendations:
Ok so I'm really bad with names, when I get back I'll update this entry to get what dish it was but here's a pathetic description.
dish 1: Choice of chicken, pork or fish baked with sumtuous sauce and rice topped with melted mozzarella cheese served in a round clay plate with handle.
Drink: Tropical pitcher, a mixture of tropical fruits in one pitcher

Over all Assessment: A must try restaurant in Cebu

When your foreigner boss calls...

"Nandito na si Chito si Chito Miranda, Nandito na si Kiko, si Francis Magalona, Nandito na si Gloc9 *uhm hello hello*, wala syang apelyidoooohh..."

I used to like this song, up until I made it my ring-tone/ song for my corporate phone for almost a month. Everytime I'd hear it, I'll get palpitations stronger than what caffeine could give me. Don't get me wrong, calls from bosses are highly welcome but there are just some who gives you the urgency to grab all of your notes just in case a pop quiz occurs.

I've changed ring tones at least 5 times already for the past month. I've now settled for Michael Buble's You and I. The slow intro would set my mood to "relax", the start of the lyrics to "get ready", and when Michael reaches "on earth together..." a very mispalced cheerful "hi! Good morning!" to start the very exhausting call.

Then they'd always start with...

"Hi Jeff, can you talk?" Hmmmm. I did say "hello" didn't I?

"Yes sure!" As if I have a choice.

"Can you... is this... what happened to... what will you do... what are your plans... this shouldn't be... change this... this is unacceptable!" Hmmmm classic!

And usually, the whole conversation would be limited to you solely saying "yes", "sure thing", "no problem", "ok", "give me thirty minutes", and a cherry on top "Thank you, bye!."

And suddenly, you'd space out for 30 seconds. Blank stare. Then snap! you stand and start your day with a manic depressive mixed smile, smug, frown and laughter plastered on your face.

That's pretty much how my everyday life is. boring stuff really...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Head bangerz on the wall

No matter how I ignore these bouts of depression, I just can't. I've always thought that everyone goes through this phase about work. When one would, at one point, want to run out of the office and let out a long incoherent yell... Or shout at a mountain top ala tarzan.

Just a quick background, when I got this post at work, the person I replaced was once found hitting her head on a bathroom wall. Emotional breakdown. I strongly feel that its not all work but a pile of unfortunate events that eventually led her to a breakdown. She's ok now btw, but eversince, the office would be watchful of us (three researchers) like vultures awaiting for death to arrive at their prospected food.

In any case, just to prove my point, here's one of my officemate's conversation trough YM when she was out on field and I was in the office alone and we were both feeling depressed:

Ann: jepoy kamusta diyan sa office????
jm go: tahimik
jm go: parang me nagbabadyang unos
jm go: sa karimlan
jm go: masamang pangitain ang aking nakikita
jm go: isang malagim na kinabukasan
jm go: isang ulong dadapo s pader... dug. dug. dug. dug.
jm go: aray. aray. aray. aray.
Ann: hehe...anung ulong????
jm go: ulo (head)
Ann: translate ang lalaim naman ng tagalog mo???

jm go: in english...
jm go: silence...
jm go: as if there's havoc coming in...
jm go: in the dark horizon,...
jm go: a very bleak future...
jm go: someone's head touching a wall... dug.. dug.dug.dug.
jm go: ouch. ouch. ouch. ouch.
Ann: ah ok much clear now!....
jm go: coño!
jm go: sige eto...
Ann: i think i really gonna like you!
Ann: haha
jm go: oh gosh.. tahimik!!!
jm go: as if kinda like stormy coming shocks!
jm go: sa very very dark future of me...
jm go: oh fudge! my bangs on the wall... blogash. blog. blog.. blog.
jm go: arawch. arawch. arawch.
Ann: you really make me laugh in my worst time...
jm go: Or gusto mo badingerzie na terms...
jm go: silencioness.... in fairness...
Ann: cge cge.
jm go: silencioness.... in fairness...
jm go: machurvang demonico na dumatech sa itech!
jm go: kalurkey! parang swarm of holocaust na tetenga sa shockingeng putek!
jm go: Ay puke!! my headbangerz lalapats sa wallzzz... shunga. shunga. shunga.
jm go: saketch. saketch. saketch.
Ann: anu ba yan jepoy mas hindi ko naintindihan.
jm go: hahaha
Anne: kulit grabe..bkit ka hyper...oist baka naguuntog ka na ha...
jm go: oo nangayari na ang kinatatakutan natin
jm go: blogash. blog. blog. blog!!!!
Ann: hehe..totoo nga...????

Ann: wawa ka naman..ako next in line na...
jm go: sige pila ka lang... madami pang pader... more for everyone
Ann: haha...

But no worries no wall was harmed during these exercise. Hopefully not in the near future.

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