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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Politics your ass!

I cringe at the “sound” of politics. Though I can probably give you my 2 cents worth of opinion, or maybe not, since I don’t read the news anymore, and haven’t really been in front of the tube for the past few freaking uhhhm… can’t even remember, I’m contented already with my DVDs.

Probably because I had too much of it during college… over as a member of the student council, activist groups, socio-political organizations, and even those pa-sosyal organizations. You can’t really escape them, even when you start working.

Not that I don’t care… I really do. I just got tired of debating the unsolvable. Plus such a topic is like lullaby to my ears. I get Lethargic. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely apathetic. With government politics, I do get to do my obligations.

My piece of shit to those who complain much about the government? If they are already at the right age, I ask, “Did you vote at the last election?”

If you say no, I tell you, don’t complain in front of me. You’ve got no freaking right.

If you did vote, by all means, complain. Be my guest. You did your part. Now you may start blabbering!

Kinda like if you’re always complaining about how slow the road constructions are taking, I ask, “Are you paying your taxes?”

Stop whining if you don’t. You leech! And don’t even give me that crap about the government being corrupt. You still have to give Ceasar his salad if the salad is for Ceasar, give to Ceasar what is due to Ceasar kung baga (ano daw? Putek ang corny ko, pataying nyo nako!!!). Then let God’s wrath strike Ceasar when he doesn’t give to his people what is due for his people. That and the Ombudsman (if you deem them effective).


So now, to all those kids out there who are now eligible to vote, do register. Then let’s discuss freaking politics you assholes!

Visit www.comelec.com.ph or email ftv.project@gmail.com for more details.

*Disclaimer: To all my friends who are weirded out with my use of “shit”, “freaking” and other words that you don’t really hear me use, please forgive me. I’m still at the last phase of my topak (crazy) moments. I’ll get back to my old self soon. I’m just posting this one unedited. Lazy lazy fucking me. (sorry sorry!!!!!!!!!!, di kaya ako ma MTRCB nito, apologies to my sponsors, weh! As if meron! Putek bset! Adik nanaman!).

*Thank you to my blockmate Carmi for the above picture from her multiply account.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ghosts on a Hot Sunday Morning

I thought I forgot all about them. Then suddenly I heard a creak, the opening of an old wooden chest filled with memories. Dust subtly danced through the air slowly reaching where my feet have been before I instinctively stepped backwards.The room suddenly smelled of old books, of damp wood, of drawings that were once colorful, of paper that were once white as snow, of ink blots that once were bright, of plans that were once clear cut.

I received a call from mom yesterday, one of those “update calls.” I don’t know why, but whenever she would ask how I’ve been or what I’ve been up to lately, a few sentences would eventually result to deafening silence, as if telling me I had too little happening in my life. Then she told me that my brother was now flying to Washington DC to attend this orientation/short course/convention for those applying for med school scholarship (kinda like Intermed in UP).

Then suddenly all of my frustrations came rushing. I took BS Pharmacy in UP thinking it would be a good pre-med course. However, upon finishing the course, starting a new one seemed impractical already. My dad wouldn’t be able to get me through med school with our finances anyway, and I had to start working to help my dad with my half brothers.

I’m a firm believer that all things happen for a reason, God’s reasons, no matter how incomprehensible they may seem, have been my seeing cane in travelling life’s blind alleys. And in all situations, He has provided generously. I’ve trusted my family and work life to Him, and so far, He hasn’t failed me. When I needed to pay my brothers’ tuition fee, He gave me my first real job that paid me three times the minimum salary.

For two years now, most of my savings went to help out my fam'ly. Although the fact that I am given a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction, I sometimes can’t help but wish that things turned out differently. And each year, as my salary increased, transferring from one company to another, responsibilities increased almost proportionally, thus the never ending frustrations.

Then all the “what if’s” mischievously whispered to my almost deaf ears. What if my dad allowed me to go to the US when I was 7 years old? What if I pursued enrolling in some state-run or city-owned med school? What if I took risks in going for my dream? Would I have had the same opportunities that my brother is now having? Would I have been the same person as I am today?”

Seeing my best friend finish her PharmD course enabling her to get her license to practice in Florida, my barkadas starting their clerkships in PGH, my blockmates finishing their Pharm units in Toronto for their licensures… a picture of me became unattractive all of a sudden.

And as I struggle to get myself enrolled in Pharmacology or in Clinical Research Management, I always say to myself, “Am I in the right direction? Should I change roads?” I’ve planned that by the time I turn 28 I would have gotten my Masters degree, my PhD or my PharmD by 33. For now I have to settle for what I am able to do out of those freaking old plans.

Freaking memories. Freaking dreams. Freaking circumstances. That freaking old chest.

I’ll sit on top of that chest for now to keep it closed, with that monster struggling for air, shaking the chest almost vigorously. From where it got its strength, I really do not know.

And as I stare into this dusty hot Sunday, it whispers, “Soon you’ll have to let me out.”

… Soon you’ll have to let me out.

… Soon you’ll have to let me out.

Tonight, that sinister voice shall visit me in my dreamless sleep. I hope I’ll be ready.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The taciturn shindig

Imagine a party, a swimming party at that. Lots of food. A videoke machine. 25++ people in one nice homey private place with a pool.

Riot? Maybe. Noisy? Lots of Laughing? Well… sort of.

Imagine all those with mostly deaf people. Riot? Yes. Niosy? In a hand gesture kinda way.
Lots of laughter? Yes, silent though. But it was fun.

Sunday, the 5th of April, the Deaf Ministry held their meeting/ outing in los banos, Laguna. It was by far the quietest outing I’ve been to.

But it was the most refreshing. Sometimes, it is in silence that we hear more.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Greet greet lang...

Happy Birthday kiddo! To Anne, sorry I wasn't there at your birthday. I'm currently in Cebu. Bawi ako promise.
This next one, I'd like to greet a "Putek! Gradweyt na pala ang adik! Manlibre ka naman!" hehe. Seriously, happy graduation Ms. Poisoning the Well.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Going Greek in Tagaytay

With the full moon and the humble white stone tavern, I was subtly reminded of a scene in Mama Mia with all those simple white houses almost stair-stacked on a mountain.

Manos Greek Taverna had this cosy atmosphere with its simple greek design, white with windows and tables arranged as if you’ve got a greek mother designing your house. I then listed Greece as one vacation spot I have to go to. I’m giving the place an 8.5 for ambiance, and at a cold night in tagaytay, it was a perfect place to drink and chat with friends.

The place at that time was filled with greek patrons drinking outside the Hellenic Tavern, with Manos and his wife attending to guests.

I first sampled their red wine to go along with my lamb for the main course. I think wine drinkers will find delight the strength of this greek red wine with a tinge of sweetness. Non alcoholics will find themselves a bit tipsy after half a wineglass, or maybe I was just overly dramatic.

With most Greek dishes, you’ll find Greek Virgin Olive oil a common ingredient.

Appetizers are priced from 90 to 230 Php. I tried the pita bread with tzatziki, made from home made yogurt, garlic and olive oil. But I’d recommend the saganaki which is a combination of baked shrimps, fta cheese, fresh tomato sauce, olive oil and bread cubes.

Main course ranges from 130 to 450 Php. I tried the Mousaka which had olive oil, eggplant, potato, zucchini, onions, minced meat, white wine, b├ęchamel sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. Mousaka resembles your usual lasagna with a twist. This by far is my favorite in Manos. Remember the movie Ratatouille where the best food served was a home evoking dish? That was how I felt with Mousaka. The eggplant taste blended well with the minced meat, almost like spaghetti but better.

We also sampled the Grilled Lamb Shoulder which I liked because it was perfectly cooked, tender with the right amount of salt seasoned with herbs and spices. It’s however one of the most expensive in the main selections, but not necessarily the best in the list, but still worth tasting.

I haven’t really tried all of their special dishes, so for now, I'm giving them 7 out of 10 for taste. Definitely not bad, but still haven’t reached heaven. I still reserve being blown away on my next visit. Hopefully I get to try more.

Manos Greek Taverna
Authentic Greek Cuisine
Manos Sapountzakis
Calamba road, Olivarez, San Jose, Tagaytay City
Contact nos: 09164298358, 09173484935

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family duties and a day with bespren

Family duties are sometimes more urgent than being always “on call” at work. They suck at times (specially reunions). I never liked the “Kamusta trabaho,” they have this subtle way of calculating your earnings or the “Kamusta, mag aasawa ka na? (How are you, getting married?),” they usually start with a litany of how hard it is to get married and what religion we should get married having two priests for uncles, we are but a conservative bunch. But someone has to do it, face them all, and more often, that someone is me. My dad’s representative, they often say.

Though at times, family parties are like fresh air to my toxic routine at work, but as sleep has slowly become a luxury, I’d really rather sleep. Sleep. On my saliva smelling bed with my huggable sometimes sweat-soaked pillow.

But last Sunday, I had to go to a party in Batangas, a two hour drive from Manila, to act as one of the “Seven Toys.” I thought those happen only in debut parties, apparently not. I was not just tasked to give a gift, but find an explanation to it as well.

Seeing that I still lack sleep, I had to drag with me my likewise sleep deprived best bud. His task, to keep me awake during the drive.

Driving through Star Toll Way to Bauan, Batangas, with my speed dial pointing to 120, my best bud dozing off right beside me, my eyes slowly closed owing to the smooth ride and the relaxing music.

I’m not sure how long I was driving with my eyes closed but good thing, my best bud woke up and violently tapped my shoulder (more like hitting me like he was killing a fly) bidding me to wake up.

Knowing my best bud’s propensity to a dramatic panic, I just told him that the sun’s glare has hurt my eyes, and I was just resting it. He bought the reason for a short while but resorted to a litany of how we could've died a few minutes after.

Oh, well, that, I told him was why I brought him with me. To keep me (or at that time, both of us) alive *evil snicker hehe*.

Thanks bset. O diba, buhay pa tayong dalawa. Next time, he said, we’ll have to bring along one emo kid and one Baguio comedian along. Hehe Game?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* Beyonce singing: Remember those walls I built, well, baby, they’re tumbling down, and they didn’t even put up a fight. They didn’t even put up a fight…

Me: We’ve probably heard “Hero” ten times already.

Bespren: “Hero” what?

* Beyonce singing: You’re everything I need and more, It’s written al over your face, Baby I can feel your halo, pray it won’t fade away…

Me: You know, this song…

* Beyonce: I can feel your halo… I can feel your halo… I can feel your halo…halo, halo, halo

Bespren: Putek bset, anong Hero! HALO bset, HALO! Repeat after me, H-A-L-O.

Me: Sorry naman, puyat eh. Lol.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Incoherencies

Excuses excuses. Sorry for not updating. April, technically, is my last month in the company to finish pending tasks. May, will be filled with handovers. Next is still quite a blur. Either I’ll be stupid enough to make unwise decisions and find myself in a hell of work that I don’t like, or be more stupid as to be unemployed. Hopefully, another choice can be made available.

Toxic days. Toxic days. They can be such bummers. Everyone can easily be irked and you’d find friends disliking each other for the other’s incapacities, more often mine. But I do hope friendships can still withstand one month of hell as against 23 months of crimes.

Toys toys toys. Watching Aliens vs. Monsters with a couple of monsters bid me to collect them. El Vilma guru gave me insectezoid already, and am now asking all those good souls to buy a Happy meal and send me new toys. I already have B.O.B. I’m left with the rest. This is just my weird therapy from all the craziness. Please bear with my momentary childishness. Oh, and Shell Ferrari cars are acceptable too. Weeee! Donations donations. Joy. Sadness. Melancholy. Excitement. Joy. Don’t worry I’m ok. Thanks for caring. Thanks. I’m no longer sad. Not that much. Coping. Caring. Loving. Thinking. Walking. Mooning. Reminiscing. Hoping. Accepting. Smiling. Thanking… Contentment.

End results. My brothers' report cards came already, and yes, I'm a proud kuya. They originally came from a public school and when I was finally able to bring them to private school, they had a hard time coping. But with the last quarter closing, I find my brothers' grades rising up from the range of 75-85 last year and now to purely 90's. Now, I'm afraid I'd have to really work hard for that PC/ laptop I promised last year... if they were able to get straight nine's. Note to self: be careful of your promises, you don't know what your bros are capable of. hehe. But I am proud. I am proud.
I’ve placed some posts on “autopost mode” for the next few days. Don’t worry, I still be able to read your blogs. "Nilalangaw na blog mo," a blogger friend quips. So eto, onti onti. Konting suporta lang hehe.


Tara. Food trip ulet! :P

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