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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bochok Goes to Cebu

Shhhhh. Bochok is still asleep. hehe. la lang. lakas trip.

From Nueva Ecija, Crime Partner brought Bochok to Cebu so that I could see him again, then we'll go back home to Manila together this Friday. I do envy Bochok, he gets to go on a vacation and gets to ride in the cargo part of the plane. hehe.

I can't wait to go back home. A lot of stuff happened during the past few days. Decisions that will hurt other people and change my life, hopefully for the best. And I'm grateful that

Bochok is back. hehe. Yeah I know, I'm just a bit weird. Shoot me. Prolly got it from drinking too much sikwate (native chocolate). hehe.

In any case, I'd just like to say sorry to some whom I've hurt deeply. I've removed baggages (though made me happy at some time or another) just for me to achieve some goals. I do hope my endeavor is fully understood and supported. Thanks for all.

*hugs bochok*

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Logan, the cowboy angel

Wisdom comes in different packages। Just like this kid. Please do listen. Maybe you'll learn something.

I'll update ya'll of who the kid is tonight।

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Post Birthday Greeting

It seems that my recent posts are... uhhm... technically are "post" event... finished... past... done with... too late...

But as the saying goes... "Huli man daw at magaling... nakakabati parin ng Happy Birthday" hehe.

Recently, I wasn't able to read my birthday alerts, and I missed out on one good friend. A blockmate, a fellow blogger. And I'm sorry dear me-an. I apologize for the late birthday greeting, thus I'm giving you a special spot on my blog (as if its enough, ung gift ko saka nalang, pulubi eh).

To you Me-ann, happy birthday! God bless!

To ya'll please do help me in making up for my forgetfullness and do greet Me-an through giving out a comment in her blog with the following format:
"From Jepoy's blogger friends:
Happy Birthday to you Me-an (or just insert your personnal greeting)
---- (your name/ blog link)"

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post Mother's Day Entry

Laiya Batangas
Mother's day. Quite a rare occassion for me. Usually I'd just greet aunts and friends who hold the title. Nothing really special as my mom lives far away. Last time I saw my mom was around 17 years ago. I was 7, I think. My parents got separated when I was young and my mom had to fly to the US when I was 3 months old. Communication ended when I was 7. It resumed when I got the guts to gome back to Bauan and give relatives from my mom's side a calling card.
That's just a quick history. Recently, my grandmother went back here to the Philippines and I was the one who picked her up from the airport. And when mother's day came, my lola filled in my mom's shoes. It was at the same time, my tita Liza's birthday (pic on left). We went to La Luz, Laiya Batangas. A really good place to relax. Another recommendation.

Laiya. Its a place in San Juan Batangas, newly developed for tourists. It houses a series of beach resorts. But not all would have a nice beach front. My top five recommendations are (1) La Luz, (2) Aquatico (Site is still not working so I'm borrowing from kayinspired's site), (3) White Cove, (4) Blue Coral and (5) Kabayan beach resorts (Sabangan I think is quite nice though).
And as usual, a beach would have its own henna corner. I got a small dragon, just a tad conservative from my previous a couple of months back. But I can't post my previous henna as it is quite on the PG13 criteria. Click Sinulog Henna at your own risk. hehe. take care!

Friday, May 9, 2008

British Got Talent - Charlie Green

Filipino talent conquering the world. Half Pinoy Charlie Green joined "British Got Talent" and sang "Summer Wind". And based from reports and well, his choice of song, he likes Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble (and Leona Lewis). hehe. Nuf said. Just watch.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Toilet goes black... for the meantime

Lunch time! Therefore, Toilet is on work break. Therefore, Toilet will blog. haha.

And yes, the toilet is now in black (insert Piolo Pascual's Clear Black commercial). Toilet's tile colors can be attributed to a mixture of feelings brought about by career realizations, getting old, new opprtunities, solitude, toxic-dom, and an endless tirade of wanting more in life.

Nope, don't worry, Toilet is in no emo mode. Just needed some time of reflection. Currently, Crime Partner followed suit in Senior's resignation from office. So that leaves Toilet alone in the mercy of Foreigner boss. And it doesn't help that Bochok is on leave and is currently on vacation in Nueva Ecija from previous consoling duty (he was borrowed by crime partner to console her aching butt). Next time Toilet needs to remind himself of professional fees for Bochok. No more free service. You may want to rent Bochok for 500 per night. hehe.

In any case, what do you think? Does black suit the Toilet? Or should blue be returned? Or red?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Blogger Self Pity

The Toilet is currently down. Cannot flush. Got lots of fecal matter (or floating submarines for conservative ones) floating. Yellowish, greenish. A couple of flies mating on top of it (and it has nothing to do with Toilet's LBM).

The Toilet is currently on Blogger Self Pity.

It seems that the Toilet has been alone for quite sometime now and has questions lurking in its plumbing system.

Why is it that most bloggers know each other and the Toilet doesn't (except for a blockmate blogger)? How come site meter increases without Toilet even getting to know those visiting? Toilet got excited when Toilet got his first 1000 hits. But who are they?

Doesn't anyone want to befriend the Toilet? Is the Toilet ugly? Does the Toilet smell? Reeking with eeky stuffs? Ok, ok so the Toilet is having some weird bowel practice lately. But the Toilet flushes often, I tell you। The Toilet flushes। Come, all is welcome to relax with the Toilet. Talk to the Toilet. I beseach ya'll.

Oh darn। Ignore me। Just ate somehting bad.


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