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Friday, July 30, 2010

Parang lang naman...

Parang tinatamad nako mag blog.

I still write, pero sa notebook kong maliit nalang.

Wala lang. Toxic lang kasi as usual. pasensya na.


Update: This blog will be on temporary hiatus till I feel better. Toxic lang sa work. :P

I think I need to fill in some forgotten spaces in my life, prioritize some other parts that were somehow neglected. I've got new studies to work into. I'll be travelling again (twice as much as I am now, which is already alot). This month I'll be going back and forth to Iloilo and Cebu, same as next month then I go back to Sg. Sa December na ulit ako magpaparty bwahahaha! So I guess this would mean more food post muna to fill in gaps. Un lang naman bisyo ko, kumain. haha!


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