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Monday, June 30, 2008

A tag from a friend

I'm supposed to be in a semi/ pseudo hiatus. Work does that to most. But since malakas si pareng Normand, sige eto tag ulet. hehehe. Eto bro, keep the flame of friendship burning... (yak emo!)
The Flame of Friendship.
A symbol of spirit of unity.
The burning icon of love.
Undying picture of hope.
The hot symbol of oneness.
The Flame of Friendship.
And now it's your turn to flame yourself!
Meet new friends.
Discover friendship.
Make bonds.

Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end and
add your blog on the list below.
Let's start FLAMING!
People Who Accepted The Flame of Friendship
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--- end here ----
I'm tagging:
Most if not all form my contacts, hehehe at lesat those who will accept (sige kayo ang di mag accept ibig sabihin di friend, hehe, hehe) :)
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Monday, June 23, 2008

"6 Weird Things About Me" - The Mugen Tag

2:13am. Toilet still has a lot of work lined up. But secure network wouldn't cooperate. Connection would be cut off every now and then. Thus, with all the frustrations of the world (and OA, pasan ang buong mundo kung baga), Toilet decided to get therapy... log on to blogspot. And blog he did. And as list of things to blog pile up, Toilet has to first prioritize The Mugen Tag.

1. This game starts with 6 weird things about you.
2. People who got tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things.
3. They should state this rule clearly as well.
4. At the end of the list, tag 6 people.
5. Don't forget to inform each newly-tagged person by posting a comment on his own blog.

6 weird things about me. hmmmmm. This was really hard. 'tis because Toilet can think of a hundred and would have to filter the few safe ones to blog about (the third degree gross-icky-yucky weird things would have to be voted out to maintain society's respect). here comes the boring set:

1. Food tripper:
Laing is one of toilet's fave Filipino dish. If he finds one left cold in the ref, he'd grab a block of cheddar cheese, slice it up in a couple of thick square ones, place 'em between a couple of bread slices, whip it up with a generous amount of laing, and voila! You've got a Toilet-Ala-Greenish-Cheesy-Laing Burger. YYYUUUM YUM YUMMMM!

And if the Laing burger would find itself lucky, as all other species of bread (cheese bread, strawberry bread, etc.), Toilet would find the right coffee or milo-coffee to dip in the Laing burger. Double yummy!

2. The path to enlightenment:
During moments of enlightenment, when the spirit of the Toilet goes into trance, whenever he;d find a portal of squared tiles, you'd find him either following the lines making the square, or completely avoiding them, making sure to stay in the blank spaces 9depends really if Toilet would have a line moment or a space moment). Or f he's lucky, he;d get colored tiles and get to step on only one color or else would be bound to eternal damnation in another dimension.

3. The Messed up Geographical Map:
You can tell all of your secrets to the Toilet, even the direction to your house and would not be able to tell it to anyone. 'Coz aside from being a trustworthy person, he'd probably not have remembered how to get back to your place unless it would be at least the third time (unless of course if your house is just right next to the mall).

Photographic memory is such a mess, or at least is misused. So while driving, if you hear him say "Oh i remember where that place is. I'd just have tot urn right to this tree or this poster." So, if the tree happens to get cut off, or the poster gets to be changed, chances are, he'll have to ask for directions again and again.

4. The Spiced up head:
Toilet loves everything spicy. But Toilet cannot eat them in public - on dates, on meetings, on conferences. Reason? his head (yeap just the head part sp. the face) would fire up in gigantic drops of sweat. It never fails. So if you find him eating spicy food in front of you, you're probably a trusted friend... trusted not to make fun of him... or you probably just have a hanky that he saw and would be borrowing in a short while.

5. Semi Exhibitionism:
The title says it all. Toilet has some tendencies to not care at all. If you happen to stay in one room with him, or bunk in with him, he'll probably not care if he'd dress up in front of you. He'd leave you to close your eyes or not while deciding what to wear. After running naked around the campus once (or twice hehe), the hype of being naked in front of someone doesn't come with thunders and butterflies anymore.
Check out his external hard drive, look for a folder named "censored". 'nuf said.

And last... but definitely not the least...

6. Daddy's boy:
After 24 years of tough times, wisened up mind, seemingly calloused heart, the Toilet would still have moments of carebears countdown. The masungit facade would sometimes be replaced with a pacute smirk. In front of relatives, you may still find him on his father's lap (begging him to pack up and go home after a long boring day with relatives). He's one sungit bloke at times, but you'd find the rare sweet side of him whenever he kisses his dad bidding him hello or goodbye.

Well... those were the safe ones... Toilet can have the list running like toilet paper, but would just have to give you a quick run down: (no more explanations) bouger under the table (though he's under tissue training now... location, location, location), Denis the menace with Madrasta, body scent lover (note: body scent, the clean version not the bacterial sticken one), etc. etc. etc. too many to mention...

Toilet is tagging the following:
1. Nurse Rey (The newly grad cum laude nurse)
2. Me-an (Daily Mishaps muy blokemento)
3. Dylan Dyosa (ang kagandahang dyosa)
4. Nash (the wonderboy :)
5. kelangan ba talaga 6? ay naku... basta saka nalang muna nahihiya ako mag tag eh...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bono, Crime Partner's Gift

(From Left: Bono and Zoe)
I apologize for the lack of updates. Been really really busy lately - with social life and with work (panira talaga yang trabaho na yan o!). But i'd like to take this opportunity to thank Crime partner. When she saw that post I made regarding Casper's death (my emo mode and all), she immediately told me to get our asses to Cartimar. She was going to buy me a new dog. And she actually did and even bought one for herself.

The white one is Bono (he looks almost the same as Casper, a mix Labrador and Golden Retriever), the brown one is Zoe (Mix Labrador and Japanese Spitz?).

To you Crime Partner, thanks sooooo much. This is one of those times, amidst our toxic days at work, when I feel really really loved. Thanks dude!

(Bono and Zoe sleeping)

I'll get my update soon. Promise.
@Kuya Joms: I'll post that tag soon within the week, I'm off to Cebu tomorrow again. Lakas ng ulan... brrrrr.
@Carl: hehe. Yellow Cab.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Five Things I Learned From My Dad

1. A smile costs nothing but gives much. When I was young, my dad was the effigy of smile-dom, kinda in between clowning around and flirting about. Every time we’d drive from Manila to Batangas, he makes it a point to at least give a ten second chat with the toll fee lady. He’d usually smile and give out a short but effective compliment (“ganda mo naman, ngiti ka naman dyan,” he’d sometime say). It never fails even a stern looking lady would in the end give out a shy happy smile. (But at times, my dad's killer smile would give himself women problems hehe).

2. Sex is good but that’s not all there is in a relationship. I remember too well how we had our first talk about the birds and the bees. Often when I was young, my dad would stay out late at night on business deals while I am left alone in the house. It was in 4th grade when I first discovered how to put my hands into good use from a classmate. One time, I fell asleep in my naked glory with some evidence of the crime committed. He arrived and saw the scene, which started “the talk.” I won’t elaborate more as ya’ll know already about that. I learned much not just from that talk, but from all of my dad’s experiences, his failed relationships, to those that stayed, and those that he wished never happened.

3. It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. My dad never competed with any of his siblings for the limelight. You'd probably find him just behind the scenes. He never wanted to be the center of attention, getting satisfaction while silently helping. He never expected anything in return even in times of need. Thus, whatever good deed he made, I was the recipient of the return... good Karma to the fruit of the tree. What the father sowed, the son reaped. Importance comes with mere awe and reverence. Being nice comes with all the blessings.

4. One must learn how to use things and love people, and not how to love things and use people. My dad used to buy all things beautiful when he was still a young businessman. I had Nintendo when it first came out, the first Pacman game, roller blades at its hype, matchbox toys, an airbed... the works, though surprisingly, I was never a brat (except only when he tags me along his dates). Then business went down. From a proud businessman he worked oddjobs just to keep me in private school up until I made my way to a Science highschool then again to UP. That's when he told me that nothing's permanent. All things come and go, specially riches... all things worldly. But people whom you loved dearly, and loves you back, would always be there by your side. Richness or rags. Through those times, he was never alone (though his pride would usually make him feel like one). He then got closer to his family and to God (the one who never really left). He learned that all things are replaceable (same line he uses whenever I break my lolo's china, yeah right dad, try replacing 'em atiques hehe), but those that God strategically placed in your life will be there to do God's purpose. To let you see the more important things in life.

And Lastly... I learned that...

5. My dad loves me soooo much. Tested through time. All through my childhood he was all together a father, a mother, a yaya and a driver. The cook, the laudry man, the iron man, but of course the dishes were mine. A friend, at times a foe, a basketball buddy (though I think I never really learned the sport), my roller blade/ ice skate watcher. My comic relief, my dramatic actor, my entertainer, my singer, my dancer. My carpinter, my plumber, my architech, my teacher.

When I got into trouble, he was my defender. When he learned I joined a fraternity, he was my silent advisor, but never a nagger. He respected my decisions, and had let me make my mistakes, though you'd see him eternally worried.

And with all these roles he religiously portrayed... I simply call him... DAD.

They say you can never choose your parent, but if given a chance, I'd still decide to choose him in a heart beat.

To you my dad, Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Casper's Death

My dog just died this morning. And I was in bohol. Stricken with Parvo Virus. And I think it was my fault. He was supposed to have his booster shot last May but I was too busy with work. He was confined at the Vet's a couple of days ago due to gastrointestinal bleeding and vomiting. Darn, I should've seen it coming.

Now I don't know if I should tell the one who gave me Casper. He specifically told me to take care of Casper. Darn, I guess I'm not yet ready to have a dog, but I still do want one. Haaaaay. Sadness is an understatement.

I would just like to thank a good friend of mine for taking care of Casper, for bringing him to the Vet, and getting his body back to be buried in the backyard. Thanks man! You're a good friend.

On Sunday, when I get back to Manila, I'd see my room... with Casper's leftover dog food, his red plastic plate, his stupid smell, and and some strands of his hair (fur?). *sigh* I need a hug badly.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My New Toys and Master Oogway

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery,
and today is a gift... that's why they call it the present, " said master oogway.

Last sunday I watched Kung Fu Panda and I daresay, it contains as much comic antics as its lessons and wise lines. I almost forgot how much these kinds of cartoons taught me GMRC in the tube's way when I was a kid.

In anycase, that's not why I posted, I would just like to say that I have new toys! Well, thanks happy meal. hehe. 3 characters 5/6 more to go. Darn, Po Panda got sold out. yikes!

Oh, Sam Concepcion did the end credits song (Kung Fu Hustle), but I think that's only for Asia or the Phils.

Just a side comment: Putek! and panget panget ko na. Ang taba taba ko pa. yikes! kelangan na magseryoso sa gym! Pag ako naging gwapo, lagot kayong mga mapanglait na tao kayo! hahaha. bwahaha. *insert thunders*

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Surfing Frustrations

We were supposed to go out surfing in La Union, but a friend cancelled at the last minute (Grrrr). Sadly, I'm a schedule freak, and if itenerary doesn't match the original plan, I'd get all my hopes down for an enjoyable trip. Plus I have this notion that the more the merrier. I'd like going out in a group rather than in a small company of two (unless its a date hehe).

In any case, even if I wasn't able to go (though I promised myself, that this plan will still materialise), I'd just share for now some info I got from a friend's niece. The email was really informative (in a funny way, hehe). So insert email:

Sorry ngayon lang. Toxic kasi sa work hehe. Anyways, here are details for the surfing trip:

Resort: San Juan Surf Resort (In Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union. It's along MacArthur Highway lang, right after San Fernando)Tel # 072-7200340Contact Person: Ate Jovy (or anyone who answers the phone hehe)

Website: http://www.sanjuansurfresort.com/ although hindi to masyado updated.

There's a surf cam that shows the waves sa beach kaso naka-off yata ngayon, last update was Feb. 4 pa.*

Transportation:If may car, madali lang naman puntahan. Along MacArthur Highway lang siya, pagkatapos ng San Fernando.If walang car, pwede sumakay ng Partas Bus (there's a station in Cubao and in Pasay). Buy a ticket to Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union and tell them to drop you off at Sebay (pronounced as Sea-Bay). Malapit na dun yung San Juan Surf Resort.*

Accommodations:Luma na rin yung room rates sa website. As of last February, eto yung rates:

Fan room (Good for 2) - PhP 650/night

Aircon room (Good for 2) - PhP 1200/night

There are also aircon rooms that are good for 3, 4, 6, etc.. I think yung for 4 is about PhP 1650/night. Pwede naman inquire sa surfcamp. Pwede rin mag-tent kung nagtitipid talaga hehehe. Kung hindi naman, meron ding "Condo Units" (5 people max.) na mga PhP 2500/night yata. Pero super ganda hehe. *

Surfing lessonsRate is PhP 400/hour. This includes board rental and surf instructor na. For newbies, okay na ang 1 or 2 or 3 hours max. of surfing per day.


* Bring water (although may tinda naman water sa resort) coz nakakauhaw magsurf especially when you drink a lot of sea water pag na-wipeout haha!

* For the women, make sure na you wear a rashguard or any tight top when surfing to prevent indecent exposure! :P Pwede rin one-piece bathing suit nalang para mas safe. Pag malakas kasi ang waves or pag na-wipeout, natatanggal minsan ang bikini top! Hehehe.

Walang waves usually pag summertime, or if meron baby waves lang, just right for beginners. Surfing season starts ng mga August/September until mga February.

According to a friend who went to La Union last weekend, may waves naman daw pero 2 feet lang. :P

There are also surfing spots in Baler, Zambales, Daet pero wala rin alon ngayon huhu.

Ayun, yan na muna for now. Let me know nalang pag may questions pa.

Surf's up,

Maxine :)


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