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Friday, June 26, 2009


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Nowadays, we refer to them as emails, text messages, text chats, video chats, facebook (and even the ancient Friendster), multiply, twitter, and if you’re still quite old fashioned, snail mail is still an option.

Long Distance Relationships (LDR) are now being bridged with all these technology. Hearts are being drawn closer to each other with these simple means of communication.

But I’m never really a fan.

I wouldn’t want to be in a position wherein I’d have to sustain a relationship that is separated by islands and seas.

Nothing’s sweeter than a conversation wherein you’d be able to smell each other’s bad breath and have a whiff of the other’s personal sebaceous laden scent.

For most, LDRs can be either physical or even emotional.

The classic LDR would have two amorous hearts walled by vast physical distance. May these be distance through towns, cities, islands, seas and countries. But as one friend commented, distance by mere cities is harder to sustain than one between two different countries.

People separated by countries tend to be more understanding with the differences in time zones and the magnanimity of phone bill costs. However, those separated by traffic and unnoticed mountains tend to expect more attention knowing that each would just be a bus ride away and having a car can even be a disadvantage.

Text messages are expected more, decreasing a quota of 5 texts a day would send one in a fit of panic. The five basic “good morning!”, “breakfast na u?”, “lunch na u?”, “dinner na u?”, and last but not the least, “good night wuv u!” becomes more automatic than meant. They tend to serve as a road check subtly inquiring “Are we ok?” Ignoring to reply would most likely say “No, we’re not good, I won’t reply till you beg on your knees saying ‘I’m soweee baby, huhuhu.”

Puhleaseeeee! Don’t you just hate drama? I think we’ve watched too many soaps on TV.

For those living in a different country, communication becomes less specially if they came to that place with the purpose of building a career. The one left behind would always be the one with the idle time to think and be all too emo.

“Do you have a new one already?” “Am I not that important to you anymore?” “Have you found someone better?” “Shall we end this?”

Freaky. Really. But those who’ve been left behind would often send themselves to a melancholic state, thus are the most likely to give up first or at least play around. Though friends are around to spy, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

The need to supply physical contact would always gnaw on each of their g-spots. Wanting to affirm that they still have “it”, and wanting to get a temporary “fix”.

But of course, there are those who would be able to surpass all these trials and finally find ways to be with each other. The one left behind would most likely follow the other or the one who left would eventually come back.

And though I’m known by my friends as the most optimistic one, I’d still say most LDRs don’t really work, or at least say that such is a struggle.

On another note, there’s another LDR that goes beyond physical. These are those that are separated by emotional, social, financial, and even political obstacles. These, I think, are the hardest and most likely end up in heartache unless a change in conviction, status and dogma occurs.

Kinda like Romeo and Juliet, separated by the politics of family name; Marimar and Sergio, separated by caste and bank accounts; Ruffa Mae and Erik Santos, separated by uhhmmm I dunno; Ugly Betty and (what’s the name of her boss?), separated by pride and power; … these and a whole lot of characters that may also be you or the person beside you.

But beyond all these factors, physical or not, LDRs are actually struggles within oneself more than against the factors governing their supposed distance. It is within where one is actually able to bridge the distance that separates two people.

It is within that we either paint or erase the face of a loved one. It is when you’ll suddenly notice a surge of thoughts flashing an all too familiar face though time may come when you can’t even remember its contours, moles, and smoothness.

As they say, absence makes the heart go fonder, but at the same time it can make the heart forget.

Thus, to those in LDRs…

My sympathies… good luck to you all. Bwahahaha!

(old write up being posted)

Off topic: I’m waiting for The Proposal on screen. I need a love flick, I think I had too much Horror movies to last a life time. Drag Me To Hell simply gave me more than my quota of embarrassing moments for the year.

My Sister’s Keeper along side with the much awaited Transformers and Harry Potter will also be in my list.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

5 Bad Things I Learned/ Got from my Dad

From last year’s 5 Things I learned from my dad, I now bring you 5 bad things I learned/ got from my dad.

1. The Jingle Bomb Technique
He has this look that makes me run for my life. He’d start it with an enclosed hand which he will place in front of my face. The fast movement to open his palm would release toxic gases from his ass.

It didn’t take too long for me to master the art. Before farting, I’d place my hand on my ass, and upon release of the toxic gas, catch it, enclose it with my closed palm, and release it to the unsuspecting victim. That ladies and gentlemen is our signature killer technique.

2. Canon ball

When something small hits my face, and my dad is within vicinity, I’d be very wary, scared even. When I was a kid, we’d put up a contest on who’s booger/ snot we can collect into a larger ball. Then throw at each other like a small canon.

If your lucky stars have aligned, the “ball” will gladly stick to your face.


3. Mana (Inheritance)

I learned how to sing “My Way” from my dad. I learned how to say “you’re pretty” to a toll gate lady.

I think I’ve also inherited his knack for complications, like matter to a black hole. Things have a weird definition of gravity.

Nuff said.

4. Junks galore

If you think I’m piling up junk with my treasures, you should see my dad’s. His don’t even carry any sentiment/ even memories that he’d remember. They’re mostly automotive spare parts, non functional electrical gadgets, old nuts and bolts, and all sorts of mechanic/ carpentry thingies. Things that he “thought” he might find use to, but never really did.

5. The call of Somnus

I sleep a lot. My dad does too. I was raised with an afternoon sleeping habit between 2-5pm.

I was told I’d never grow taller if I didn’t sleep in the afternoon. I slept. I tell you. I slept. ALL AFTERNOON of my childhood. Disappointed, I never believed any of them. Full of crap really.

Liars! Adults! Hmmpf!

Thus I stopped sleeping in the afternoon. But even after so many years, I’d still find my dad checking up on my sleep at night (though not anymore in the afternoon), slowly covering me with a blanket and sealing my sleep with a kiss on the forehead.

Thus, with all these…

I’d still try to catch my fart on my fist and have my brothers smell it.
I’d still make booger balls with my brothers.
I still say hi to toll gate ladies.
My junk still kept piling up but I can never really compete with my dad.
And I still steal some chances of sleep whenever I can.

Old habits are hard to change.

For all the good things, and even the bad funny ones… I love you dad. I think I’ve repeatedly said that here in the blog.

Happy Father’s day!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009


LSS: (Last song syndrome) that song which one last heard but couldn't get out of his system... LSS bow.



Magmula nang magkalayo

Araw-gabi nalulungkot'

Di matanggap ng damdamin

Na ikaw ay 'di na akin


Pa'no ang gagawin ko

Na sana'y nasa piling mo

Sana'y hindi tayo nagkalayo

Sana'y naririnig mo


Hindi ko kaya ang limutin kita

Masdan mo, lumuluha ang aking mga mata

Pilitin ko man, ako'y nasasaktan

Ang katotohanan ay mahal pa rin kita

Nasa'n ka man, sana'y dinggin

Puso ko ay muling mahalin

Ang nagdaan muling balikan

Muling buhayin ang pagmamahalan

[Repeat REFRAIN]


Hindi ko kaya ang limutin kita

Masdan mo, lumuluha ang aking mga mata

Pilitin ko man, ako'y nasasaktan

Ang katotohanan ay mahal pa rin (ay mahal pa rin) kita

(Hindi ko kaya ang limutin kita)Masdan mo, lumuluha ang aking mga mata

Pilitin ko man, ako'y nasasaktanAng katotohanan ay mahal pa rin (ay mahal pa rin) kita

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Decisions and Obedience

(warning: random unedited emo post, abrupt changes in tenses and persona might give you headaches)

I am nothing. I am but no one. I’ve got nothing to be proud of, nothing to boast. Neither richness nor righteousness. Neither name nor fame. And usually when I fall, I fall hard.

I’ve known and acknowledged this long ago. All that I have, all that I am enjoying are all but graces from Him, easily taken away if He so wishes. Though I’ve also realised that if He wants his blessings be given and enjoyed by one, no force on earth can stop Him in doing so.

In the concept of obedience, my most probable driving force would be love and my promise of commitment to Him. Though admittedly, part of it would also be fear. Fear of losing all that I have. For if I look back, I really didn’t get to where I am right now with solely my own abilities, I’m not even the most intelligent amongst my lot (from a throng of summa cum laude’s and MS holders from wherever part of this world, I am just but a spec of dirt). But I was probably just at the right place and at the right time… seemingly almost orchestrated that I’ve come to enjoy the benefits of those with greater credentials than mine. Orchestrated… I’d wager, by Him.

Thus, with my almost average self, all of my above average (practically best) blessings, can be taken away in a snap. Recent events have shown me that… the loss of my phone and even the death of my car.

Therefore, usually when deciding against what my mind and heart differently wants, I’d be haunted with what my faith dictates is right. In more cases than one, I’d find myself with half baked decisions wanting to compromise with two opposing desires… that from the heart and the other, from my supposedly rational mind.

And more often, we try to justify a wrong situation with another wrong compromise.

Thus, the braver ones would be those who conquer his own desires… for the hardest victory is the victory over self.

Though at the end of the day we find ourselves, broken, almost damaged, but still we’d manage to do what we were meant to do from the start. Our only regret is that in doing so, we would’ve hurt ourselves, and subsequently, others more.

And even if the mind longs for what it has missed, vigilance after all, will soon reap its rewards. It is never easy. We probably share the same sadness over what could’ve beens. But we would have learned and grown both emotionally and spiritually. And eventually we’ll find happiness in peace.

Peace after all is liberty in tranquillity. Free from hiding, from guilt, from internal persecution, from broken vows, from shattered commitments.

And no, I am not questioning one’s stand of morality, if I did, I would’ve lost most of my friends who does not share nor even understand my own views in life. Thus I never insist to instil, which will only cause debate which no one really wins.

Rest assured, all decisions were thought of a hundred times over. All were done with the best intentions.

You were always the stronger one.

Take care. Good bye. Thank you. Thank you.

I am now ready to obey. Thank You for your patience.

Back story: My company closed. I had to choose between two choices. I chose the seemingly harder path. I’m coping. It’s never easy. But I’ll survive. Those were happy memories. Thank you for the hug.

Monday, June 15, 2009

My job in a pic

Just one pic to describe why my job is sooo "toxic."

For friends who do not know what "toxic" means...

Toxic: adj; an expression pertaining to a state of being when one is usually bombarded with numerous tedious tasks, or even a single task with an off the charts level of complexity. It usually also pertains to a complicated scenario, event or predicament.
In cases that a person is described as toxic, it may or may not follow that the person looks like a raped drag queen or Hermeonie gone totally witchly wrong. Parang paellang adobo na kare kare lang ni... joke.

Hay toxic.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pakikipag usap kay Agent X at ang Bulilit Revenge

Itago natin si bok as Agent X. At si blogger as B. Game!
(Disclaimer: Agent x didn’t mean harm, she was probably just high on marijuana, LOL)

Agent X: si B parin talaga ang number 1 hehe
Agent X: gusto ko siyang ambushin
Agent X: isa siyang dummy hahahaha ang yabang hehe
jm go: haha
Agent X: kasi naman no.. sa _____ lang siya nagaaral
jm go: haha
Agent X: tas may post pa siya na. kailangan nya na mag _____ mode or something
jm go: naku ha
Agent X: hello!??????
jm go: naglelead ka na din ng anti B campaign
jm go: haha
Agent X: di mo kailangan mag aral dun papasa ka na
Agent X: seriously divaaaaa
Agent X: may friend ako dun deans lister eh
jm go: my gawd ang harsh harsh mo, haha
Agent X: eh mas smart ako dun
Agent X: divaaaaa.. how much inteligence ba kailangan mo para magaral sa _____
jm go: haha di ko na matake
Agent X: kaya conclusion ko. dumbass siya
Agent X: he's a dumbass biatch
Agent X: hahahaha
Agent X: gusto ko ma irita kaya babasahin ko muna blog ni B nyahahahahha
jm go: haha kainis
jm go: alam mo kung ganyan ka kadaldal pag nagkikita tayo mas masaya hahaha
Agent X: ayoko
jm go: bakit???????????
Agent X: autistic ako pag groups
Agent X: hahahaha
jm go: lekat ka
Agent X: ewan. di talaga ako makapagsalita eh
Agent X: hahahaha!
Agent X: promise. ganun talaga ako kahit sa mga firends ko
Agent X: pag dumadami ng dumadami un mga kasama lalo ako tumatahimik hahahaha
Agent X: hangang mute na talaga ako hahahaha
Agent X: omg. people in _____ are ____ daw. hahahaha! perfect fit lang siguru kasi isa rin siyang lecheng brat!
Agent X: hehe
jm go: haha
jm go: naku, minsan gusto kong ipost mga pinaguusapan natin, ilalagay langkita as anonymous
Agent X: hahahaha ewan ko sayo!!!
Agent X: CHE!
Agent X: hahaha wag no. mahuhuli na si B un sinasabihan ko hahaha
Agent X: unless magjoin ka na rin sa antiB movement?

Agent X: ahhh _________ pala course nya dun


Ayan. Nicensor ko na iba dyan ha… hahaha! Pakiusap, kung mahulaan nyo, quiet nalang.

Peace out!


At syempre, dahil namutakte sa pangaalaska ang aking gabi nung isang araw mula sa isang leader ng mga ewoks, eto na ang bulilit revenge.

Dahil nung naghanap tayo ng makakainan, sinabi mo sa grupo na maghanap ng me high chair... ihahampas ko ang high chair sayo at wala kang regalo sa birthday mo!

Dahil sa “Letter M Technique”, pati pasko, wala kang regalo. At ipapadalaw ko sayo si creepy Old Woman mula sa Drag me To Hell.

Dahil sa tuwing magkakasama tayong lahat, ginagamit mo ang “Sunken Garden Technique”... lagot ka... ikaw ang ilulubog ko sa kumunoy. Tandaan, me number nako ng isa sa mga nagbibigay ng butterflies mo. Pag nagka rainbow ka na gaya ng isa dyan, ipapakain ko sayo lahat ng rainbow at paru paro na naligaw sa teritoryo ko.

Mamatay na ang mga inlab! Paki usap lang... wag nyo papuntahin ang mga paru paro at mga bahag hari sa akin. Nasusuka ako!

Dahil kinatahan moko ng Bulilit song... eto ang para sayo!

Bulilit man, di naman nauuntog sa “Caution Low cieling
Kaya siguro kulang kulang ka sa pagiisip, lagi kang nauuntog.

Bulilit man, mas gwapo naman ako sayo!
Wag na kumontra. Parehas lang tayo me birthday next month.

Bulilit man, mas matangkad naman ako pag nakahiga. JOKE LANG!!!!! Peace tayo!

Bulilit man, me panatag sign naman. Oo komplikado na kung komplikado.
Wag kang magalala, malapit na maging komplikado buhay mo. Nararamdaman ko. Haha!

Pero sa huli, Bulilit man, tuso din.
Bulilit man, pero kaibigan mo pa din.

Bulilit man, pero aalam ko, lab mo ko. Haha!

At sa nalalapait na pagpapaalam ng bulilit na ito, alam ko mamimiss mo ako. Kasi ako lang ang bulilit satin. Di mo na ako ma papalitan.

(Ang bulilit revenge, bulilit padin, di ko kaya ang pagka harsh mo hehe)

Unga pala, vonep ang sikat sikat mo na sa bulilit spoof. hehe. :P


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