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Friday, June 26, 2009


The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Nowadays, we refer to them as emails, text messages, text chats, video chats, facebook (and even the ancient Friendster), multiply, twitter, and if you’re still quite old fashioned, snail mail is still an option.

Long Distance Relationships (LDR) are now being bridged with all these technology. Hearts are being drawn closer to each other with these simple means of communication.

But I’m never really a fan.

I wouldn’t want to be in a position wherein I’d have to sustain a relationship that is separated by islands and seas.

Nothing’s sweeter than a conversation wherein you’d be able to smell each other’s bad breath and have a whiff of the other’s personal sebaceous laden scent.

For most, LDRs can be either physical or even emotional.

The classic LDR would have two amorous hearts walled by vast physical distance. May these be distance through towns, cities, islands, seas and countries. But as one friend commented, distance by mere cities is harder to sustain than one between two different countries.

People separated by countries tend to be more understanding with the differences in time zones and the magnanimity of phone bill costs. However, those separated by traffic and unnoticed mountains tend to expect more attention knowing that each would just be a bus ride away and having a car can even be a disadvantage.

Text messages are expected more, decreasing a quota of 5 texts a day would send one in a fit of panic. The five basic “good morning!”, “breakfast na u?”, “lunch na u?”, “dinner na u?”, and last but not the least, “good night wuv u!” becomes more automatic than meant. They tend to serve as a road check subtly inquiring “Are we ok?” Ignoring to reply would most likely say “No, we’re not good, I won’t reply till you beg on your knees saying ‘I’m soweee baby, huhuhu.”

Puhleaseeeee! Don’t you just hate drama? I think we’ve watched too many soaps on TV.

For those living in a different country, communication becomes less specially if they came to that place with the purpose of building a career. The one left behind would always be the one with the idle time to think and be all too emo.

“Do you have a new one already?” “Am I not that important to you anymore?” “Have you found someone better?” “Shall we end this?”

Freaky. Really. But those who’ve been left behind would often send themselves to a melancholic state, thus are the most likely to give up first or at least play around. Though friends are around to spy, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

The need to supply physical contact would always gnaw on each of their g-spots. Wanting to affirm that they still have “it”, and wanting to get a temporary “fix”.

But of course, there are those who would be able to surpass all these trials and finally find ways to be with each other. The one left behind would most likely follow the other or the one who left would eventually come back.

And though I’m known by my friends as the most optimistic one, I’d still say most LDRs don’t really work, or at least say that such is a struggle.

On another note, there’s another LDR that goes beyond physical. These are those that are separated by emotional, social, financial, and even political obstacles. These, I think, are the hardest and most likely end up in heartache unless a change in conviction, status and dogma occurs.

Kinda like Romeo and Juliet, separated by the politics of family name; Marimar and Sergio, separated by caste and bank accounts; Ruffa Mae and Erik Santos, separated by uhhmmm I dunno; Ugly Betty and (what’s the name of her boss?), separated by pride and power; … these and a whole lot of characters that may also be you or the person beside you.

But beyond all these factors, physical or not, LDRs are actually struggles within oneself more than against the factors governing their supposed distance. It is within where one is actually able to bridge the distance that separates two people.

It is within that we either paint or erase the face of a loved one. It is when you’ll suddenly notice a surge of thoughts flashing an all too familiar face though time may come when you can’t even remember its contours, moles, and smoothness.

As they say, absence makes the heart go fonder, but at the same time it can make the heart forget.

Thus, to those in LDRs…

My sympathies… good luck to you all. Bwahahaha!

(old write up being posted)

Off topic: I’m waiting for The Proposal on screen. I need a love flick, I think I had too much Horror movies to last a life time. Drag Me To Hell simply gave me more than my quota of embarrassing moments for the year.

My Sister’s Keeper along side with the much awaited Transformers and Harry Potter will also be in my list.


8 mga umutot:

jonathan said...

Same here, LDR's are for those who are determined and patient. I am not in terms of love :)

wanderingcommuter said...

it takes two to tango, three for a sandwich orgy and four to paso doble... anong point ko?

uhm love is like dancing kelangan may kasayaw ka. eh bakit may orgy? mahirap magisip ng tatluhang sayaw!

shanishah44 said...

haha very Strange blog but i like it :)

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MakMak said...

Wala akong masabi sa LDRs, pero excited na rin ako sa The Proposal. :-) Tagal na kong hindi nakakapanuod ng romantic comedy. Hehe.

JP aka handyman said...

Well, I for one was a victim of LDR; I was the one who was left behind, I crossed oceans and ran after it, just to find out it didn't work.

bonzo said...

well im not a fan of LDR too! if i need to move where my baby is then i will move and follow! my pride or anyone cant stop me with my decisions esp when it comes to my baby! i believe that physical appearance, emotional & financial stability and most esp LOVE are important factors in a relationship!

i heard transformers is good in IMAX! cant wait this coming friday to see it!

TIP, if ur in a LDR situation but u really love ur partner, dont let the situation be the cause of the break up!

god bless

E said...

yeah LDR sucks :-O <====8

lin said...



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