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Friday, July 10, 2009

Peaceful 25th Birthday

I woke up with a jolt as my brothers tried to rouse me up.

6am. As I looked up to my wall clock directly in view of my bed. To my right were my brothers sitting with irritating smirks on their faces.

“Happy Birthday Kuya!!!!”, shouted my brothers in sonorous (me blending effect pa) chorus. And if you’re like erik who’ve experienced my mobile phone diverting to my house phone, you’ll probably describe my brother’s voice as irritating shrieks. "Heyooooo!!! Waya ti tuya ehhhh!!" (Kidding).

Then suddenly they were shoving something to my face.

One of those crude cards that I’ve so been wanting from friends, but never really expected to get from my two brothers.

And as they were getting ready to go to school, I again heeded somnus’ call to lala land.

And as I woke up to several text messages, I proceeded to my usual routine. Opened my laptop, checked my planner for things to dos, scratched my belly, yawned loudly, and smelled my breath like there’s nothing more fragrant than morning breath. Eeewww.

A text message from my dad told me I have cake on the ref, which I immediately took out and ate wholeheartedly alone. I was supposed to lit the candle and sing by myself but decided against it. It might seem all too pathetic na kasi.

'Twas one quiet birthday, I might even say lonely, but as I received greetings from love ones, I’d rather say it was peaceful. Sure, I practically spent it alone, I possibly even chose it to be that way. But seeing a love one’s name on my phone was enough to give me my momentary happiness, along with the possible caloric intake that the coffee cake gave. (I stopped only when I realized I was finishing half already, that was almost an A4 size bond paper.

Thus... let me take this opportunity to thank you all...

To those who greeted, thank you. TO my relatives whom I haven't really had time to save their digits, thank you as well, concrete (non verbal, wrapped in paer) greetings are most welcome (it's never too late).

To my best friend who gave his gift a week in advance, thanks. Busy ka kasi sa **** life. Hahanap ka nanaman ng taong sasaktan ka, sige lang. Haha.

To you who called at exactly 12 mn and sang with your great theatrical voice, you were the icing on the cake, you made my bday extra special. (Buti nalang di somewhere over the rainbow kinanta mo).

To you who made an effort to make me a poem, thanks. That will be the first of your text messages (forwarded kasi lahat) that I will surely save. I’ll await our pancit party next month. Naku magluluto si ate L, lalaitin nanaman yan ni E.

And …

To you, for my small happiness… thank you.

This must've been the quietest birthday ever. No fireworks, no balloons, no sex nor booze (joke lang, virgin pa po ako, lol), no parties, no spaghetti (but my dad brought pancit at the end of the day), but twas I guess... ok. Thank You for giving me another year. 4 more years to go.


I’m still accepting gifts. LOL

And yes, I've stopped counting at 25. I plan to have another year of midlife crisis. Haha!
Joke lang, 26 napo ako.

10 mga umutot:

Mina said...

25 ka dyan!!! happy 26th birthday jepoi!!! :D

jonathan said...

Happy birthday to one of my fave bloggers! With all the quietness, take time to say thanks for a wonderful life. Turbulent at times, but with all those friends and family members I read from your entries, you are one lucky chap!

E said...

Happy Birthday koya!

wanderingcommuter said...

balota ko maganda daw boses nung kumanta! nyahaha!

borth day wish ko sa iyo an inch taller... nyahahaha!

THE GRIPEN said...

Hami Merney mo.....*ngo ngo*

Lol! :P

THE GRIPEN said...

Hami Merney mo.....*ngo ngo*

Lol! :P

lucas said...

happy birthday jepoy! more birthdays, and cakes to come! :)

you have very thoughtful siblings... at may card ka talaga...hehe! saya!

aliping binabahay said...

aww, ang sweet naman ng mga kapatid mo. :D

huli man daw at magaling, alipin, este nakakabati pa rin! Haberdei Jepoy! :D

PinoyPoz said...

Happy Birthday, bata!

Toilet Thoughts said...

Salamat po sa lahat!


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