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Monday, July 27, 2009

Transcript of PGMA's SONA

Hmmmm... still digesting all of these. Hmmm any opinion in all this sh@#!?

Ay sorry...

For the Transcript of PGMA's SONA click here.


" But the story of the Philippines in 2008 is that the country weathered a succession of global crises in fuel, in food, then in finance and finally the economy in a global recession, never losing focus and with economic fundamentals intact."

"In the face of attempted coups, I issued emergency proclamations just in case. But I was able to resolve these military crises with the ordinary powers of my office. My critics call it dictatorship. I call it determination. We know it as strong government."

"But I never declared martial law, though they are running scared as if I did. In truth, what they are really afraid of is their weakness in the face of this self-imagined threat."

In sum:
1. We have a strong economy in a strong fiscal position to withstand political shocks.

2. We built new modern infrastructure and completed unfinished ones.
3. The economy is more fair to the poor than ever before.
4. We are building a sound base for the next generation.
5. International authorities have taken notice that we are safer from environmental degradation and man-made disasters.

So... ano na?

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Bulaang Katotohanan said...

good summary.
yun lang naman talaga ang sona - isang report.

wanderingcommuter said...

hay naku... yun n lng ang masasabi ko! bumaha ng kasinungalingan!

Anonymous said...

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