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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Philips Bandwidth and the FullSound experience

Philips is now again making noise with their launching of The Philips Bandwidth Virtual Battle of The Bands.

The contest is meant to help unsigned bands take full advantage of the new digital multimedia technology in sharing their music with the rest of the music community.

How? Lemme summarize... Your band... two original songs... Philips Youtube channel. Simple enough? So, join now!

(What about a blogger band group where I can play my triangle or my egg shaker? C'mon!!! Ewik tara! ).

The contest will be judged by DJ Francis Reyes (NU107.5 & The dawn), Cookie Chua (Color it Red), and Raimund Marasigan (Sandwich). All three will mentor the final crop of bands before the finals. Grand prize winer will take home 50,000 Php worth of cash ad prizes.

For more information, please do visit the Bandwidth website.


Philips FullSound brings CD listening to MP3, fuller bass with greater depth and impact, restored sense of spaciousness that is lacking in compressed audio, and enhanced sound precision and detail.

I've experienced this with my free Philips GoGear Spark. Though they say, to fully experience FullSound, (at its max) you gotta have high definition headset. Philips supplies superior quality earphones with each FullSound GoGear player. Designed to follow the curvature of the human ear, its ergonomic design enables exquisite noise isolation, as well as being very comfortable to wear (calling Philips, can I have one!!??? kidding).

But of course, GoGear Spark is just one in the Philips GoGear collection. You've got the LUXE, Aria, Muse, Opus, Vibe, the Raga and the Mix. The Aria ad the Opus are my personal fave.

I've let one friend use my Spark , and this is what she has to say:

I am not so much into gadgets. Give me one electronic gadget and I would not even go into studying its features. But there is one thing that I am into, and that is music.

With so many gadgets being sold in the market, fickle-minded people like me are, indeed, challenged when it comes to choosing the right item to suit our needs. Take MP3 players, for instance. There’s Zune from Microsoft, the iPod from Apple, there’s the Zen from Creative, then there’s Go Gear Spark from Philips.

What attracted me to the Go Gear Spark was the size of their smaller devices. What I have is the 4GB, and it’s handy and lightweight and can actually be worn hanging from the neck. The metal lining as well as the black backing material gives it a sleek classy finish. The screen, which is actually also a control pad which works by pressing the edges, makes it easy to navigate through the selection. This feature gives it an edge over the iPod Shuffle. And there is, of course, the Philips brand, which signifies quality.

I guess one might say that Zune is actually better than the iPod Shuffle or that people would rather go for a Go Gear Spark than a Zen. I’d say, your needs determine the type of player for you. For people like me who are always on the go and want it simple and quick, without needing the use of a software, a Go Gear would be the best choice.

Philips Spark

Sound: 9 out of 10 (Helloooo???! It has FullSound!)

Interface/ Design: 8.5 out of 10

PC compatibility: 10 (has plug and play feature and works just like your regular USB/ external memory stick)

Controls: 8 out of 10 (you press the edge of the screen which makes buttons unecessary, really sleek! No more dirt being caught i betwee buttons - libag galore ito, haha)

Menu: 7.5 (sobrang user friendly, parang ayaw ko pahiram sa younger brother ko)

Portable: 9 out of 10 (it needs only an arm band, and it's perfect for jogging/ running and working out in the gym)

So there you go peeps!

For music lovers out there. I bid you to try any of the GoGear collection (and look for the FullSound logo).

Till my next gadget rave!!!!

Peace out!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dude Where's My Car?

Dear everyone, let's play hide and seek, or maybe peek-a-boo!!!


Dude! Where's My CAR?????




There you go... so I apologize if I've been such a brat with my text messages, I must've been recovering still. An Yes, I tried crawling up just to get out of that freaking car. I'll never drive again, at least not alone.

In any case, I would like to thank Jordan and kuya Joms for coming all the way from Manila/ Cavite to Batangas just to see if I'm ok. You just don't know how your support helped me through the ordeal. I wanted to cry, but as always, I had to have a clear mind in dealing with the police (350 PhP), the towing co. (25,000 PhP), impounding co. (6,000Php), and the darn Star Toll way people who asked me to pay the facility damages for 10,000 Php for a few chicken wires and a couple of concrete slabs, before even asking me if I was injured or something. Freaking fudgie Bar!!!!

But just a quick pluggin' for ya'll. (Haha, pilit na segue)
One thing that kept me sane was my free gogear. I still am not finished tinkering with my device since some of my friends borrowed (and raved about) it comparing it to their Zune, Creative, and iPod. I'm actully an iPod user, but hearing about gogear, I simply fell in love (naks). For now, I'll give you a few information on three of the gogear collection.
From their very posh portable music lineup, Philips adds the Spark, LUXE, and Raga, all three available in 2 and 4 Gb.

The The Philips GoGear LUXE has an LCD display showing 1 line of text. It supports MP3 and WMA audio formats. The GoGear LUXE has Bluetooth (OMG!!!!) and can be paired with mobile phone to answer phone calls and show caller ID (WTF!!!! me likey!).

The Philips GoGear Spark features a 1.46-inch OLED 128×128 display, voice recording and JPEG image viewing (source).

Finally, the GoGear Raga is a basic music player with voice recording. The Spark and Raga both supports MP3, WMA and WAV. On the other hand, Spark and LUXE features Philips FullSound sound enhancement technology.

Super duper thanks to Philips and the organizer of the event for the freebies (They gave me my own free 4Gb Spark!!!!!). I am honestly raving about the new Philips gogear lineup (geak mode alert) with all the cool features that you can't even find in Zune, creative, or even my iPod.

Up next...

Philips Bandwidth (the cyber band contest)

Philips Gogear Review (and the ULTIMATE Full sound feature!) weeeeeee!

Stay tuned!!!!!

For now, I'll try to keep myself away till all my bruises get healed. Para gwapo padin. haha

Friday, May 22, 2009

DoH confirms first A(H1N1) case in RP

*just sharing this one bit

By Anna Valmero

MANILA, Philippines—(UPDATE) The Department of Health (DoH) confirmed the first case of A(H1N1) influenza in the country Thursday night.

“The DoH confirms today the first case of A(H1N1) in the Philippines. She is a female traveler who arrived in the country on May 18 from the United States, whose throat specimen tested positive based on results from the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine,” Health Secretary Francisco Duque said in a press conference at the World Health Organization Regional office in Manila.

According to Dr. Eric Tayag, director for the National Epidemiology Center, the first case is a 10-year-old female, who also visited Canada when she was in the United States.

Tayag declined to identify the research facility where the girl is being quarantined and treated.
“I talked with the president and from the tone of her voice she is very concerned. In fact, she gave me the go signal to conduct this press conference,” Duque added.

The patient is currently being monitored while her immediate household was advised to follow quarantine and social distancing procedures from the DoH, said Duque.

Despite the index case, Duque said: “There is no community outbreak in the country, measures are being done to prevent transmission including quarantine of immediate household of the first case. The first case is something we have been preparing for and a result of public and private sectors’ effective surveillance system.”

Health Undersecretary Mario Villaverde said the test results came Thursday afternoon from RITM in Muntinlupa City and the patient was immediately given antiviral Oseltamivir. The first case no longer has fever and cough but still has sore throat, said Villaverde.

Tayag said specimens from the index case will be sent to a WHO collaborating center in Melbourne as routine procedure for all specimens that will test positive for the novel A(H1N1).
“The child developed the symptoms a day after arrival, so this is also a
call for vigilance on the part of the public that people in the country and incoming travelers from abroad, especially from infected areas, to submit themselves to quarantine screening and continuous monitoring of health, especially body temperature for 10 days, and to report to the DoH any flu-like symptoms,” said Villaverde.

Villaverde reiterated that the public should observe proper hygiene, strengthen resistance and do social distancing—avoid going to crowded areas if the need is not urgent.

At this point of one single confirmed case, Vilaverde said, there is no need to postpone the opening of schools in June.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Nineteen years.
Can't wait to see you again.

Happy mother's day!

I bought a dozen mother's day cards, since I grew up with practically a dozen women hovering over my crayola filled childhood. I'll be giving them today, and be sending one to my mom via mail.
Couldn't really blog. But I took exemption on this one. This week will be my last days in the company. Next month I might venture on a homebased job. Wish me luck!
No, I haven't forgotten to greet your mom. I have something for her. I'm just not a texter. Ok?

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