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Monday, September 29, 2008

Scrap that love story

Ok fine. Mga bitter at allergic sa Lurve kayong lahat.

Sige na nga. gets ko. magdusa kayo. Malayo pa February, pero ayaw nyo yun, araw ng patay, me kadate kayo sa semeneteryo?

PAg pupunta sa puntod ng mga kalolohan nyo me ka holding hands kayo? Sus!

Ewan. Sige na nga sasabihin ko na nga kung bakit ako nagkakaganito...

Kasi me pupuntahan ako sa Wednesday...


manunuod ng rehearsal ng La Boheme... tapos kukuha/ bibili ng ticket para sa real showing at ibibigay sa isa o dalwang blogger. ok gets? Ayaw nyo di wag.

So, prelude muna sa mismong showing... sino gusto sumama sakin sa rehearsal run?

Then we'll review the play together. Remember Rent? Well, Rent was kinda patterened to this play.

Tell you more about it in the coming post.

Ayt? So sino muna gusto sumama sa wednesday? 8pm?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blogger Lovestory

Yeah I know, it’s too early for Valentines and talk about the icky business called Luuurrve (Imagine love said in twisted French accent). But oh well, everyday SHOULD be valentines, right?

But I just got curious. Is there a blogger love story?

Shoot me. I can get a bit cheesy at times. There's just too much love in this world for me to stop and look for it in all facets of my life, even in blogging. The blogosphere is such a pretty fertile place to meet those that can make your heart beat faster right?

I mean, you must have a blogger crush at one time or another of your blogging history (I know i have one... hehe who could that be?). And as most bloggers meet up, mingle with other bloggers, do they transcend from being just cyber pals to real time lovers?

Just a curious wind that struck me.

But why all these fuzz? Well, I might cook up something for all those blogger crushes of yours. And again, it’s not too early for Valentines.

Tell me your thoughts.

Do you have a blogger crush?

If I set you two up on a date, would you go?

C'mon people, help me here. I need the statistics for me to cook up this devious plan I have before Oct 1. Ayt?

Thanks a bunch!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Toilet Thoughts on Kindness

A little kindness and a little understanding.
A slight nod and a shy smile
To drenched hearts that are suffering
Would have the sun shining for a mile

A little kindness. That’s what I usually mutter under my breath every time I encounter strangers (especially those with so much attitude that you’d closely loose your wits). I’d say, they must be going through a lot. I know I am.

I love to sit in coffee shops and watch people go by. That’s when I get to feel the emotions of those around me. One look at their face and you’d suddenly get a glimpse of their souls. I’d sometimes feel bits of loneliness, of happiness, of excitement and sometimes, facial expressions would tell of indigestion and loose bowels.

Sometimes I smile on how funny some people can be by merely looking at them, but sometimes I cringe when I feel someone with a heavy heart.

The only thing that I can offer at times is a smile (though be careful ‘coz some people might think you’re coming on to them and you’d end up together in bed, hehe kidding).

One time, while driving with friends, a 7 series BMW stopped moving in front of us. The driver was apparently texting. On impulse, I impatiently let out a series of honking bidding him to at least move a bit for me to drive a long. I didn’t expect that that man in that effin BMW would take the honking against me. He let out a screaming finger towards us. And as expected, my friends let out their own just to spite the man. The BMW ended up driving beside us cursing and seemingly challenging a fight.

Thank God for window locks. I stopped my friends from exchanging trite remarks with that man. I pleaded them not to.

“Wala pala kayo eh! Mga duwag! p@# i@! kayo! (You’re all nothing! Cowards! @#$!@!#!!)

After letting the BMW pass us by, I can see all of my friends helpless. They didn’t like not being able to fight back.

All I can say was, “He was a lonely heart,” and suddenly added, “Just forgive him.”

And with stubborn friends, I had to let one whole litany of lectures.

“For the life of me, he could’ve had a gun. And we wouldn’t be able to fight back with that. Your mere words won’t be enough to stop bullets would it?” And with blank stares all stopped with that realization.

“You can’t always fight fire with fire. You fight them with water.” “The fire will soon be extinguished afterwards.” (Ans as one pastor told me, you don’t fight mr. anger with another mr. anger, but with ms. love. And mr. anger will suddenly no longer know how to react but be no longer mr. anger. Its kinda like the law of action and reaction).

That instant, I prayed for that hot headed man.

But mind you I’m no saint. I asked my friends if they remembered the plate number. And they did.

I’ve always told them about the art of war. You have to know when to strike back. I told them that if they see that BMW car, I would NOT stop them from inflicting damages (hehe I’m so sorry! I think I learned this from my fraternity days). A coin scratch on that beautiful BMW would be demonic pleasure. Opo para akong tusong matsing. Pasensya, tao lang.

But then again. Kindness pare. Kindess.

Easy to say, but quite hard to do. Bubble burst often in unlikely times. Its human nature. But we were given a smart discerning mind to control ‘em temper.

I’d say be kind. Be kind. ‘Coz everyone is fighting their own battles. Be kind.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wet Dreams

I closed my eyes as I let the cool evening breeze splash like water on my face. My feet curling every second while trying to catch sand as each baby wave creeps up shore. Even with closed eyes, I can see the fire red color of the sunset making a blurred silhouette on my closed eye lid highlighting each vein.

I opened my eyes and saw my girlfriend lying a few meters away from me. Lying on a long white soft cotton towel. Her hair alive with every blowing wind. She was wearing one of her black small two piece bikini. The troublesome bikini, I used to call it for each time she wears it, I’d have to protect her from each malicious stare. No one can strip her off her clothes except me.

But this time, I guess I’d have the chance. In the secluded part of Puerto Gallera, we were all alone, near that small lagoon to which one would have to go through a small cave to reach it.

Shocks, I love off-peaks.

With sand clinging to my feet, I slowly walk towards her. Memorizing each and every inch of her smooth skin, from her silky long legs, up to where heaven can almost be felt.
(proceed only if you are above 18 years of age)

I slowly lower myself unto her body. Just the right fit. Looking at her beautiful peaceful face, a mixture of emotions swept over me… of contentment, of happiness, of lust, and of love. With each emotion, I give her one feather kiss.

I start with her eyebrows, each of her eyelid, her nose, then close to the edges of her lips. And as the tide goes high, we were quite oblivious already of the sea trying to cover us like a protective blanket. Maybe the sea was rather conservative. From me feet, the warm sea water crept up to almost to our waist. With each kiss comes with the rise of the tide. With each…

Tooot toot tooot tooot tooot toooot.

Huh? I slowly open my eyes and found myself inside my room. But it was all too real. I can almost still feel the warm water of the sea.

Oh wait.


And as I look down, I find myself drenched in sea water. Well, almost. The faint smell and the light tinge of yellow told me I peed on my bed. At 25 years old. I peed on my bed.

And as I look to my left, my girlfriend is still beside me, sound asleep.

6:00. I have to get ready for office.

“Babe, we have to get up. Its 6:00 already”

“@#!#^^&!@” her reply was rather inaudible.

“Babe, I have to hang the comforter to dry…. Uhhhmmm I peed on it. Kinda”

With a sleepy bewildered look, her eyes grazed through the whole length of the bed. And suddenly zeroed in to the scene of the crime.

“Shit” was all she can mutter.

Embarassed, I just helped her up, let her do her morning ritual, while I took all bed stuffs outside.

Up till now she hasn’t mentioned the incident. No discussion was made. I hope she took it as one forgotten dream.

I did. One wet dream that I would like to forget. Washed away along the the shore of that imaginary Puerto Gallera shore.

Shhhh. Secret lang natin ito ha.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hanoi and Tsuru restaurant, Davao

Two Different cuisines in one. Let me introduce you to one of the best jap-viet restos I found.

Name: Hanoi and Tsuru Restaurants
Main: J. Camus street, Davao City
Branch: Damosa Gateway, Lanang, Davao City
Contact details: Main: (+6382) 225 4501; Branch: (+6382) 235 0501
Cuisine: Hanoi is Vietnamese, Tsuru is Japanese
Yes, you’ve got two countries in one roof. Two different kitchens for one door. One is Vietnamese, the other Japanese. When you get past the main door, you’ll find yourself choosing between the left and the right hall. They’re not exactly mixed in one place. They still maintain the dining set up each culture would demand.

On your right, you’ve got wooden table and chairs. A sticks of wood tied together for a place mat. And your signature chopsticks for the Japanese Tsuru restaurant.

On your left, you have dark cushioned chairs. Your usual table setting with ceramic wares. An aquarium of crabs and Vietnamese costume worn staff.

Food rate: I’d say 8.5 out of 10, which is good. Though you’re seated on different sides (either Hanoi or the Tsuru side), you can still actually order from the other restaurant in your own table.
Ambiance: 7 out of 10. well, its cozy enough and they actually give justice to the culture they want to impart with their table setting. If you want a place where you can chat with friends, this is the place. Its brightly lit and not meant for a cozy date, but the food actually is enjoyable.
Service: The disadvantage of having two restaurants working together is that the other restaurant’s waiters cannot serve the ones on the other side, even if they ordered some dishes from the one on the other side of the wall. This might delay some orders.

There are days that they would have a small number of waiters, so you better know how to wait for your turn. And as most restaurants in Davao (and those down south), they close at 2pm and re-open at 5pm.
Cost: Japanese will range from 150 – 300. As well as the Vietnamese one. The prices are cheap compared to Manila. Reasonable prices for more than reasonable serving.

Some Recommendations: I would suggest you try all sorts from Jap to Viet. But I would suggest some dates to actually try them all.

Every 8th of the month, the Vietnamese side will have their buffet. This will include the crabs.

Every 15th and 30th, the Japanese one will have its turn.

On each of these dates, a variety of dishes will be served for you all to taste. So do remember these dates.

Overall Assessment: A must try restaurant in Davao.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flat tires and Fathers

I’m back! I apologize for the lack of posts… as they say, absence means I’ve been busy, being busy means more posts. So the following posts are a series of events that transpired from last week, plus some debts that I owe some bloggers, tags that I haven’t answered etc.
I’ve been driving (without supervision) for more than a year now. But my knowledge stopped with just that… driving. Not once have I been concerned with maintenance and all that crap (though later I’d realise that I need all these things I called crap).

A couple of weeks ago, I went to St. Lukes early in the morning to get things started early. Midday, I had to return to the parking floor to get some stuff before lunch. And like those comic movies, when they would zoom in to the highlighted scene, once they come to the punch line, my vision suddenly zoomed in to my tires… 10 meters away from me (talk about superman zoom in features, talo pa ang inaasam asam kong dSLR).

I got one flat tire. Right one. The one near the driver’s.

Good thing about tubeless tires, they won’t go flat on the road, they’d have all the air out of them one you go immobile, parked.

With my usual calm state, first thing that came to my mind, like in all cases of emergency… ask dad.

Ok ok. I’ve eternally established in gargantuan proportions how much of a daddy’s boy I am. So stop the smirking and the endless condemnation already.

“Daddy, where’s that thingy that can lift the car up, I’m going to change tires,” I texted.

“The jack (oh that’s what it’s called!) is in that compartment at the back,” my dad replied.

“So where exactly shall I place it on the car?” I asked again.

“There’s that slot near the tire where you could fit the Jack in,” my dad patiently replied.

“Ok. But would the tire need a different knob? Are they the same?”

“Yes. It has a concave edge so it would fit the spare one,” my dad with all patience.

Then I looked at all my props for all these shenanigans. Then realised, the spare tire is flat as well.

“Dad, the spare is kinnnndddaaa flat too,” wishing some miracle would happen…

Then poof!

“Haaaay. Wait I’ll be there in a couple of hours.” Tadan! Miracles do happen. My dad will make an appearing act!

“Ok. Love you dad!” --- me with a big big grin.

I can almost hear his exasperated sigh. But oh well, I’m such a spoiled kid.

He went to change the tire as I watched, I mean helped. Helped, so as for me, of course, to learn the art of changing tires so that I may do it by myself once the need would arise.

But as I'd always say… I maybe spoiled, but I’m never a brat. Ayt?

Oh, did I say I love my dad so much? Hehe. I can’t imagine life without him. But yes, yes, I do have to learn how to do some stuff by myself. Learn the art of doing all sort of crap, like changing tires, taking the car sheets off the seats, checking the oil, and well... crap.

Don’t get me wrong… I may lack the knowledge on such simple tasks, but I still do know a lot. Like the pathophysiology and treatment of diabetes, the usual oncology treatments and the new treatments that are not out yet in the market, wash dishes, new porn sites… ooops… erase that last bit. Point is, I compensate on some things.
Other than that....

hehehe… I so love my dad.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sonya's Garden, Cavite/ Tagaytay

Note: I apologize for the lack of posts recently. been rather busy with work and travel. As this blog was supposed to be a travel and food blog before changing it from "Misadventures of a toxic mind" to the current "Toilet Thoughts..." I'd just be inserting short food reviews in between my emo posts (hehe) so as to fill in dead "dates" on this blog. hehe. For the tags that I haven't answered, I'll try them this weekend. Thanks for your understanding.
I’ve been looking for a place to relax a bit. Somewhere quite near Manila. And I guess I’ve found one of those that I can call my haven, my place to enjoy my solitude (and if lucky, my corny cheesy moments witha loved one).

Name: Sonya’s Garden Restaurant & Country Bed & Breakfast
Where: Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines (Actually, its more known to be close to tagaytay)
Contact details:
Restaurant: +63917 532 9097/ +63928 507 3300
Bed & breakfast: +63917 53 5140
Spa: +63928 507 3302
Fax: +6346 413 2081/ +6346 413 2082
e-mail: info@sonyasgarden.com
Website: http://sonyasgarden.com/

(click read more for more info)

Cuisine: Healthy, vegetarian to Filipino (go to website for menu)
Food rate: 8.5 out of 10. The menu is quite limited, but still they are quite delicious. Most are healthy choices and are rather guilt free.

Ambiance: 9 out of 10. Garden people would love this place. And if you’re looking for a change of environment from the busy City life, this is the place… unless you have allergies to plants, pollens, flowers etc. of course.

Service: It acts as your usual restaurant. The thing I love about this place is that though menu is quite limited, you can actually request for your food items (lunch mostly but I’m not sure about breakfast) to be refilled, so it is almost like an eat all you can restaurant.

Breakfast costs around 420 Php
Lunch/ Dinner: 610 Php
Bed and breakfast: 3,000 - 3,400 overnight (includes 2 meals)

Some Recommendations:
Hmmmm… I suggest you bring a date to this place. The nice cozy and relaxing atmosphere of this place is meant to be shared with a loved someone. I’m actually thinking of proposing for marriage in this garden, ala treasure hunt style (wag lang syang atakihin ng allergies). Hehe.

Plus!!!!!! They have event too! Wait for my next next next post regarding their Creative writing event.

Overall Assessment:
I’d say, I found my hiding place.

How to get there:

From South Super Highway, exit Sta. Rosa. Upon reaching Tagaytay main Aguinaldo Highway, turn right towards Nasugbu, Batangas. Go past rotonda proceed 10kms. After Splendido Golf Course and Sunrise Hill make a right turn on Buck Estate. Drive 2kms. Left gate.


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