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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Muan Jai

(Joy Mendoza of Starbucks)
Muan Jai. Translated as "Wholehearted happiness".

Yesterday, I had my first coffee tasting experience at Starbucks Fully booked, Serendra.

It wasn't just your simple "just taste the damn coffee." We had to follow steps. (1) We had to smell the aroma, (2) then sip or rather slurp the coffee(?), at this point, Nats noticed the spicy taste of the coffee. (3) Joy explained a lot about the Muan Jai (a summary below), but with the strength of the Muan Jai blend, it was nice to pair it with a brownie or cinnamon.

The uniqueness of this first Starbucks Thai coffee blend also comes from its inherent invitation to customers in Thailand to contribute to, and participate in, the welfare of a Thai coffee-growing community. Consumers will not only enjoy a great cup of Muan Jai™ Blend, but will also make a difference with their purchase of this Starbucks® Commitment to OriginsTM coffee.

A bold blend of Arabica coffees from Thailand and other islands in the Pacific. The Muan Jai Blend is balanced with notable body. It has a lingering earthy spiciness in the finish.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy B-day Nats!

Yet again, her birthday landed on a workday... away from home. Last year we spent it in Beijing, China. This year, we were in Cebu, again with our boss from Singapore. So I hope this b-day was still happy for her. hehehe

To you Nathalie, my colleauge, my friend, my crime partner, happy birthday. I owe my positive exponential increase in weight to you, my ever active food trip buddy.

We spent her b-day in Spice Fusion in Cebu. I'd recommend this place for dinner. A melting pot of Asian cuisine. (I'll blog about this next).

Just a shameless plug...

Ann Nathalie Antonio
She's single
with a stable job, a car and a condo
She's got humor and wit
An MSc holder from a london school
anyone interested for a date, just message me. hehehe

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hell week: Day 3 & 4

Day 3:

Bloopers galore. This is how I'd describe my third day with my boss.

My day in Davao ended like a quick silent fart... uneventful, but still leaves a silent mark... and a trail of thoughts.

We were scheduled for a 6:30am flight to Cebu. My sleep was rather cut like a bread loaf... equally cut into thin slices. Had my alarm set to 3:00... woke up, then dozed a little... hotel wake up call at 3:30... sat in front of my laptop... sandman called while sitting... woke up hearing a call from a colleague. Apparently they've finished checking out and we were scheduled for taxi to the airport... 4:30.

Suddenly it felt like a whole bucket of cold water was thrown on me. I got up. dressed. undies. polo. slacks. socks. shoes. dumped everything in my bag. Fudge. I'm late. No bath. No deo. had to rush things.

Got down to check out. When we finally got to the airport, went to the restroom, felt the brief brand tag,I realised my brief was worn in reverse, not inside out, but back to front and vice versa. imagine this, that part meant for my ass was in front of me and the one meant for my jr. was on my butt. crazy day it was. And I forgot to wear my sando/ undershirt.

Day 4:

My boss had a deja vu moment. Almost same time last yearseated on the same area in a Cebu Clinic was colleague A and B with boss in the middle. colleague A resigned. Now, it was us, colleague B and me, with boss in the middle, colleague B filed his resignation. Next it would be colleague C and me. My boss looked at me, told me "You and C... do not resign. No matter how much I scold you, do not resign. I'm grooming you". woof woof. I felt like a poodle.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Meet Bochok

No Bochok's not he kid... that's my brother Jay... Bochok is the pillow...

Ok. so let's do that again one more time... this time please fix your eyes on the pillow...

Meet Bochok! My ever loyal little pillow. He (yes Bochok is male) practically knows all of my secrets. He saw me when I was crying (though twall all quite blurred, he was wet all through out till I stopped). He saw me during my naughty days (I'll just leave that to your imagination). He saw me during my happy days (and lately they've been quite scarce).

For all of those times, he kept by my side... inside my car... inside my room...

And now, i think I need to repay all the goodness that Bochok gave me. So this weekend, I'll be buying him a new pillow case. He's a bit maarte (quite a sensitive bloke, he belongs to the high society) and would still want to be in fashion. A friend bought him as a gift from sleep care (not sure of the name). he came on a pretty nice plastic and has a nice silky soft body. So i think he deserves a nice orangy pillow case for the summer. Whatcha think?

Hell week: Day 2

I almost did a cartwheel when my boss gave me an sms stating:

"Lets have it as free n easy tonight. See you tomorrow am at lobby..." We were supposed a heart to heart talk over dinner. But she cancelled.

Not that I'm dreading a long talk with any of my colleaugues, its just that I'm quite stressed out. Still has lots of things lined up. I can't even implement my own style of working because I have to comply to the deadlines set and whatever programs assigned. but in any case, I'm quite happy. i'm coping up. No need for valium or sniffing spirit of ammonia for this day (contradicting stuff I know).
A warrior takes every opportunity to teach himself.
-Manual of the Warrior of Light

Hell week: Day 1

Warning: emomode for the whole week. Read at your own risk.

Day 1. Met my boss from Singapore. We're now in Davao. Wednesday off to Cebu. So far, she's been an angel. We were not working yet so she will not mention anything about my work yet. Though she told me that last night she'll be good. Tomorrow she'll probably transform to her scary mother mode.

Had some major bloopers at work, but now I'm back on track, of course reaping consequences of my actions or my lack of, but nevertheless ready to fight back. Thing is, I'm such a cry baby. I'm afraid I might cry in front of her when she finally scolds me. I've never been down on my own game. I've always been on top. It was just these few months that I wasn't myself.

In any case, 1st day down, 4 more to go.

God uses fire to tach us about water,
He uses earth so that we can understand the value of air.
He uses death to show us the importance of life.
-- Manual of the Warrior of Light

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Good day and Bad day

The difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.

And I say...

Sometimes a good day is a good day and a bad day is just that... a bad day. There's nothing you can do about it. Misfortunes actually come. And no matter how much optimism you plaster onto your ugly face, it still boils down to one thing... "shit happens."

Posts to come in the future:
1. Top ten things to contemplate when pondering suicide.
2. My new puppy: Casper
3. Meet bochok
4. Sanity over money: therefore I resign

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Mini Me

Still can't post my thoughts, still busy with work. So here's a picture (of three of us overlayed, hehe topak mag utol, la lang). From left to right: Jay jay, me, jethro. Good Night! Off to sleep!

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