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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Muan Jai

(Joy Mendoza of Starbucks)
Muan Jai. Translated as "Wholehearted happiness".

Yesterday, I had my first coffee tasting experience at Starbucks Fully booked, Serendra.

It wasn't just your simple "just taste the damn coffee." We had to follow steps. (1) We had to smell the aroma, (2) then sip or rather slurp the coffee(?), at this point, Nats noticed the spicy taste of the coffee. (3) Joy explained a lot about the Muan Jai (a summary below), but with the strength of the Muan Jai blend, it was nice to pair it with a brownie or cinnamon.

The uniqueness of this first Starbucks Thai coffee blend also comes from its inherent invitation to customers in Thailand to contribute to, and participate in, the welfare of a Thai coffee-growing community. Consumers will not only enjoy a great cup of Muan Jai™ Blend, but will also make a difference with their purchase of this Starbucks® Commitment to OriginsTM coffee.

A bold blend of Arabica coffees from Thailand and other islands in the Pacific. The Muan Jai Blend is balanced with notable body. It has a lingering earthy spiciness in the finish.

2 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...

wow thats nice. i had my coffee testing hundred of times already. but this is the first time ive heard meron pa silang nalalamang mga steps. hehehe.
well, starbucks' ad and promotions are geniuses.

veRn BuRn IV said...

so joy mendoza ung babae sa pic? crush ko na xa..

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