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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hell week: Day 3 & 4

Day 3:

Bloopers galore. This is how I'd describe my third day with my boss.

My day in Davao ended like a quick silent fart... uneventful, but still leaves a silent mark... and a trail of thoughts.

We were scheduled for a 6:30am flight to Cebu. My sleep was rather cut like a bread loaf... equally cut into thin slices. Had my alarm set to 3:00... woke up, then dozed a little... hotel wake up call at 3:30... sat in front of my laptop... sandman called while sitting... woke up hearing a call from a colleague. Apparently they've finished checking out and we were scheduled for taxi to the airport... 4:30.

Suddenly it felt like a whole bucket of cold water was thrown on me. I got up. dressed. undies. polo. slacks. socks. shoes. dumped everything in my bag. Fudge. I'm late. No bath. No deo. had to rush things.

Got down to check out. When we finally got to the airport, went to the restroom, felt the brief brand tag,I realised my brief was worn in reverse, not inside out, but back to front and vice versa. imagine this, that part meant for my ass was in front of me and the one meant for my jr. was on my butt. crazy day it was. And I forgot to wear my sando/ undershirt.

Day 4:

My boss had a deja vu moment. Almost same time last yearseated on the same area in a Cebu Clinic was colleague A and B with boss in the middle. colleague A resigned. Now, it was us, colleague B and me, with boss in the middle, colleague B filed his resignation. Next it would be colleague C and me. My boss looked at me, told me "You and C... do not resign. No matter how much I scold you, do not resign. I'm grooming you". woof woof. I felt like a poodle.

3 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...

well, i think it was pretty much a compliment for you.

Remcyl said...

sounds like fun for me.

nah who the hell am i kiddin'? Anything that doesn't start with the adjective boring is fun for me. Lucky you!

lookin at your photo and I could never seem to get myself an avatar lookin that good (duh, i dont look good so why hope) LOL

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Eric: thanks! Though i was supposed to follow in your footsteps. I was supposed to resign and look for my "happiness" hehe.

@Remcyl: It wasn't fun I tell you. It was rather stressful, though looking back at it, it was funny (but not fun, i repeat).

about my avatar, taking photos after a bath in the morning helps, hehe. You'd come out looking fresh. hehe. worked for me. LOL


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