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Friday, March 13, 2009

Komersyal Breyk Muna

Komersyal breyk muna. Gusto ko lang pasalamatan ang aking mga isponsors. Ang mga bagong mga kaibigan at mga minamahal sa buhay na, sa aking kaswertehan, ay nakilala. Salamat ng madami. To the Chubaka arts: Thanks thanks. uber thanks! Love the drawing. Ituloy mo kaya ito tapos isali mo sa mga kontest? hehe. Ipaliwanag mo nga pala sakin next time na magkita tayo kung me ibig sabihin kada parte nung drawing.To Kuya emo: hehe. na-tats naman ako dito. Me teddy bear pa. Pambawi daw sa pagtawag sakin ng ewoks. Pero hindi ka padin ligtas. I-lalaminate ko na sana pero na realise ko di mo nasignan or kung ano man. So dadalhin ko ulit pag nagkita tayo. thanks thanks ng sobra sobra. hehe.
Ang mahiwagang pakete: salamat ng madami. sobrang nahihiya nako ng sobra sobra. di ko nmn burdey. Pag me okasyon nalang ha? hehe. salamat salamat. sobrang naapreciate ko lahat.

The cake: hehe. di ko naman pinagdamot. shinare ko kela kuya chubaka at kuya emo at kasama nadin si chacha peace. Ayaw kasi kainin sa opis. nakantsawan pako't lahat. Pero nung nagdinner naman kami ng tropang chacha peace ayun... at kung titingnan mo ung sababa, minurder namin ng todo todo. Wala nang piktyur after nito, kasi naubos na. Unga pala Sugar Free pala sya. Later ko nalang narealise, me pa guilty effect pa ako.

Sa uulitin... madami pa tayong fud trip na gagawin... lamon ulit sa susunod

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daggers and papercuts

‘Tis when happiness and sadness collide
Like oil and water combined
Is it possible to be happily sad?

‘Tis when you put me in my place
And courageously say it to my face
Is it me or are you pushing me away?

Like daggers to my heart
Like papercuts on my skin
When you pushed me far, when I hold your hand
When you set a frown when I touch your face

They were my little happiness
To look at the lips I cannot kiss
To see the hands I cannot touch
To utter the name I eternally miss
To yearn for the embrace I’ve dreamed so much
But they all came with daggers and papercuts
But they were my little happiness

When jealousy seeps in through my veins
For every man who has your time
When my heart shall take hold of the reins
Silently whispering, wishing you to be mine
Like daggers and papercuts
Like tears in the rain

But I’m weirdly happy, happily sad
Like daggers and papercuts

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Treasured Trash

I love boxes. Sometimes when being given gifts, I tend to gush over at how cool the box is (at times even overlooking the gift itself). But that’s practically because I see the potential of the box to house some of the memories I hold dear. These boxes slowly become my own bank, with me depositing little memorabilia from my not so ordinary life.

To most they are mere trash, and I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad accidentally throws them all away. But to me, they’re some of my priceless treasures. Sentimental, am I not? I tend to scare myself sometimes. But no, I’m no emo like some people I know (ehem ehem, calling that one person who ORIGINALLY called me “ewoks” – me araw ka din).

I’ve recently placed new additions to my (endlessly) growing collection. And looking at these boxes I sometimes find myself in a bit of a pensive state, reminiscing over past events, giggling over unusual memories.

Most of them are just letters from high school friends, college barkadas, relatives and (ehem ehem) some suitors (seryoso, though I’ve burned some of them already, lol).

One box would contain letters, the other one some greeting cards, and another random things I grabbed from a particular event. Some of my most favourite collection would be my affirmation
cards from high school, a box of love letters (plus one letter telling me na basted ako, haha), my most priced shells, and some other little mementos (what’s left of an eye glass from my first frat fight – regretted this, promise; paint balls; bracelets’ stickers; keychains; a cassette tape of some songs I wrote during highschool... etc.).

Everytime I'd move to a new room, or a new house even, these are those items which I NEVER leave behind nor throw away. These are the things that I’d like to keep as memories… good days… happy times… (and hindi ako emo!)… forever keepsakes… basta.

So… do you have your own treasured trash like mine? Tell me about yours… (I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours, lol – ang corny ko!).
Oh saturday... Oh saturday... what emotions you've stirred in me...
Slowly you stipped off your shirt to pave way for sunday...
Thrice you teased me... and with all my might, I looked away...
Ooohhh. you wouldn't want to know what raced through my mind that time...
Oh resistance... how strong you were that time to help...
when I wanted to grab saturday and drag saturday to places of solitude...
Rape... oh yes... that's the term. Good thing tomorrow's sunday.
Good thing tomorrow's Sunday...
Bukas nalang ako magwowork...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Youth: Project Headshot Clinic

We are inviting every Filipino youth/barkada to join Headshot Clinic One Youth.

This advocacy is made possible by visionary photographer Niccolo Cosme and his team, with the support of Globe Telecoms.

Headshot Clinic One Youth aims to promote Oneness among Filipino Youth through their headshots.

Here are the details of the shoot:

Date: March 06, 2009 (Friday)
Venue: My Place Dorm-Hotel
22 Fabian Dela Rosa St. Loyola Heights Quezon City
(near KFC and Pancake House Katipunan)
Time: 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM

*If you are not available on this date, please still sign-up so we can send you updates for our next leg.

Here are a few things to remember for the shoot:

Only the photo shoot will be provided for free.
While the organizers looked for a venue convenient to needs of the participants, the participants will be responsible for their own attire/clothing, make-up, transportation and food.
Each event will cater to 240 students for one whole day. It is expected as a matter of policy and courtesy that participants arrive on time.
Your headshots will be taken for free. We hope that you can be patient in waiting for the release of the final photos.
Remember the advocacy of the project. For a good photograph, while guided by Niccolo during the shoot, we still encourage you to be creative in your pose, attire or gestures. Represent the youth and your messages in the best way that you can.

Please register at

Walk-in participants are also welcome. However, please be reminded that we encourage you to pre-register in order to reserve your slots.

Call 7181311 to 12 for more questions
Or visit the Headshot Clinic Site

The Project Headshot Clinic Team

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