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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Burden of a "Merry" Christmas

Each year we celebrate Christmas and each year this yuletide season brings us a playground of emotions. And sometimes I ask why a lot find it hard to be happy during this Christmas. Bakit hindi “Merry” ang Christmas ng iba?


This season possibly rank as the most festive, highly decorated, symbol infested occasion there is in our calendar. With the endless display of Santa Clause, blinking lights, candy canes, trees, and of course the beautifully wrapped gifts, this season has become such a commercialized event.

And even before we receive our 13th month pay, we’ve plotted already how we’ll (extravagantly) spend them either as gifts for ourselves or for others. Though the kind gesture of giving has been beautifully taught during this time, somehow some of us learned also the value of too much expectation. We get all too frustrated whenever we don’t get the gift we like, or worse we don’t get any at all. We’d somehow manage to carefully list down our Christmas wish list and pray to all the gods that they do materialize somehow.

And have you noticed that theft cases increase during this season? That possibly a lot of them needed to steal just to give the “right” Christmas to their own families?


And speaking of families, and all those thoughts of togetherness, it is during this season that we come to realise the reality that is upon us. That most families are actually somehow “dysfunctional” (pardon the use of word for the lack of a better term, tamad nako mag thesaurus éklat pa eh) - dysfunctional in a sense that most never really get to be “complete”.

Some would have broken families, that during these times we couldn’t help but wish to have time turned back to those happy days. Some would have parents working abroad, a simple greeting on the phone is the only “together” time spent during the yuletide, or if you get to be all techie, web cams have come to much use lately.

And for most in the call center industry, where holidays only get to be in their vocabulary when they’d get a double pay, when Christmas seems to be another normal graveyard shift, families tend to take the bleachers in the game of life. After all, their work brings the food (not the person) in the house. You can never really complain much.

I blame it to those family Christmas posters where the only emotion they give to those who cannot be with their families would be such great longing.


Second only to Hearts’/ Valentine’s Day, this season seems to ignite the want for people to get “tied up” with someone before the year ends.

Blog titles and even twitter twits would somehow get that familiar phrase “malamig ang pasko.” And I can possibly name 5 songs pertaining to this, like Pasko na Sinta Ko”, and “Miss kita kung Christmas” which starts with “Ang disyembre ko ay malungkot, pagkat miss kita-aah…” (uy, kumanta yan! Dalawa palang yan, kayo na magisip ng iba pa).

Somehow, Christmas was packaged and marketed as a season to be with someone. And people can’t help it if they get that grave feeling of being incomplete being without a partner (or even a date, or two or three) for Christmas.

Weather/ Climate

Ok, so we’ve somehow established that “malamig talaga ang pasko.” And somehow we are luckier that our foreign counterparts where the winter somehow increases the number of depression in people.

If you get all too unlucky, and find yourself alone in this cold winter night, swerte mo nalang kung di ka maglaslas and you’ve got a supply of chocolates to keep your serotonin levels high. Others don’t really fare much with such loneliness.

Though for us, though we don’t have winter, we somehow find ways to appease the cold nights, or for some, caladryl pwede na (bad!).

Unwarranted Events

Some occurrences in our lives leaves us shocked, and they really do not choose any proper or a more convenient day to happen. Like a death in the family, break ups, LQs, family fueds etc.

Of course you cannot tell your Lola, “lola, can you die after New year nalang?” Though boyfriends breaking up with their girlfriends can still be arranged, the time and date can still wait, but still, me mga tanga lang talagang lalake.

But why Oh Why!!!!!
(warning, tatay mode on lecture ahead)

I guess we have somehow forgotten how the original Christmas was celebrated.

It all happened in a manger, not some fancy hotel… laden with hay, not some fluffy bed… shepherds who got off from work to see for themselves the news brought by the angels (who went back to work again and shared the good news thereafter), though yes, there were those gifts from the three wise men (kings?), but still if we see through all of it, it was somehow presented with much poverty, difficulty, and simplicity.

That if we really wanted to find the “merry” in “Merry Christmas” we might need to find what this season is really all about. Definitely not Santa Clause, or the reindeers, or the tree, and didn’t you notice that the only original symbolic object there is today is the star and the manger? No candy canes nor stockings hanging on our chimney stall (naks me chimney).

That happiness does not rest alone on having a partner this Christmas (though pansin ko, lahat humabol at nagka S.O. agad, mga hinayupak!)

Or ham on our table (tapos magtatabaan kayo tapos sisisihin nyo sa pasko, lekat nyo!)

Or expensive gifts to open (tapos irerecycle lang din naman pangregalo sa iba pag di gusto)

That for me, happiness is based on the good news that this season should remind us…

(audience participation naman dyan! Ano nga ba?)

In any case, babati parin ako ng belated na Merry Christmas at Happy New year sa inyong lahat!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Galit ako kay "eX"

Mas madali ba talagang mag text with an "X" kesa sa kung sino ung pangalang talagang andun?

Ganon ba natin kamahal ang X at lagi nalang syang andyan?

Minsan ba nakakalimutan natin ung significance nung totoo kaya ang dali lang lumilitaw ng X?

Dahil ba ang X ay may Xfactor?

Bakit ba si X? Pwede namang Y, Z. At ang Layo naman ng X kay C.

Dahil ba para satin ang X ay mahilig magregalo ng mahal, magparty, magbihis, at puro inuman at sayawan ang naibibigay?

Why delete the most important 6 letters and replace it with an "X"?

Last warning na ito. Ang mag text sakin ng merry Xmas susupalpalan ko na talaga. Narealize nyo ba kung kaninong pangalan ung pinalitan nyo? Ang "ampotah" pito ang letra pero nagagawang buo-in sa text. Anim lang kaya ung sa Kanya.

Ano ba talga ang kahulugan ng pasko sa atin?

Sabi nga ni Ate V... GETS MO?

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Bird and The Worm

Just a song that I'm soooo diggin' right now... and I kinda dedicate (naks me dedication) to my friends... (me ganown!)

"With friends like these... Who needs enemies?"

(watch the art work, you'll definitely love it)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nobody... Ctl+Alt+Del

Kaya, minsan matuwa ka nalang pag madami kang hate mails... ibig sabihin... you matter that much. haha!

Monday, December 7, 2009

One Blogger, One Question

By the end of the day...

What would you wish to happen?

Me? To have been productive (at work and in whatever task I have in my planner)...

and to have made a friend smile. :)


How about YOU?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kalooban: the filipino soul in dance

I have a couple of extra tickets for Dec. 5, 7pm... message me at toxic.mind@yahoo.com.


KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry presents the story of the Filipino told in a thousand movements

The Filipino Soul in Dance

December 4, 2009, 3PM and 7PM
December 5, 2009, 7PM

Folk Arts Theater, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

Watch a KALOOBAN Video Clip (click here)

Inhabitants of the Philippines speak many tongues, yet they are most eloquent in the language of music and movements. KALOOB believes that music and dance are among the most profound expressions that have been given to Filipinos. They are reflections and repositories of the people’s soul; of their unwritten dreams and unspoken realities. It is in such oral traditions as music and dance that histories are etched, and where the tides of culture flow.

This year’s program will highlight some of KALOOB’s best repertoire of indigenous traditions culled from more than a decade of research - from the Ifugao, Maranao, Tagbanua, Tagalog etc. It also includes traditions from the groups’s most recent research missions in
Mindanao. Among them are dances from the Tagabawa (Davao), B’laan (North Cotabato), Obo Manobo (Davao and Cotabato), Tigwahanon (Davao), and Western Subanun (Zamboanga).

Tickets available at the Folk Arts Theater and all Ticketworld Outlets
For inquiries, please contact KALOOB: 8321120; 09175492624; kaloobpilipinas@gmail.com ; daybyday@pldtdsl.net

Watch a KALOOBAN Video Clip (click here)

Monday, November 30, 2009



Do you need them? Are they really necessary? Or just unnecessary ornaments? Hanging on with each other like a bunch of nut crackers on a dusty old Christmas tree.

And as you travel through life’s arduous road…

You get drained from just being there for another, but at the end of each road, who will be there for you?

You become weak, trying to be the other’s strength. But at the end of the day, who will be strong for you?

And as the sun sets, when darkness drowns the world, you find yourself surrounded by constellations of stars and a merry shower of meteors…

But as the sun rises once more, and its rays creeping, slowly illuminating all that was once dark you realise you are but all alone.

After all, you fight your own battle. You lose your own game.

And to make it all worse, your greatest enemy happens to be yourself.


I think I overdid trying to understand people who feel like they’re just one superfluous extraneous matter in their own group… so much that I actually resonated the same feeling and dragged myself deeper into believing that all efforts investing on friendship are all such wastes.

And as I randomly write my thoughts, I realise I contradicted what most of my entries are all about. How beautiful friendship is (or was). Which made me think, have I lived out a fairytale and now have realised what the real world is all about? Or is it really all about giving… and receiving is only reserved to the beautiful and talented?

Oh well, I think I just need a vacation. I’m just thanking my dad for making my day happy bringing me my dose of Globake Siopao. I just love my siopao. It’s my only source of happiness now.

But I’ll be ok after a week or two. Or maybe three. Or four. Freak, I don’t care really.

All I know is…

I need to go to the beach!

(ganito pala ang feeling ng nega (-), ang lungkot pala talaga)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The beauty of silence

We need to find God, and he cannot be found in noise and restlessness. God is the friend of silence. See how nature - trees, flowers, grass- grows in silence; see the stars, the moon and the sun, how they move in silence... We need silence to be able to touch souls.
Mother Teresa

1. I learned that silence can be deafening. It may even render more damage than a loud litany of woes.

I once fought with my step mom. But I never really said a word. Just stood there looking all pissed while she was yelling at me. Though I cried after, I think it was her who got all the wrinkles and hypertension (We’re ok now, don’t worry).

2. No body wins a debate. Both parties usually lose in arguments. And people usually win by mere silence.

Arguments only create a competitive environment. Everyone wants to win. No one would want to heed, nor stop to consider the other’s point and reason. I never really liked confrontations. Maybe because, more often than not, nothing is really resolved. Only a big gap, a chasm of awkwardness is created.

3. One appears smarter and wiser when in silence.

More words spoken, more mistakes. Might as well, think first before you speak. “Pakitang gilas” never really gets appreciated. And I hate “epals” who speak so much with never really anything in it. Just a waste of time.

4. People do not really need advise, they just need someone to listen to them.

People would often know what to do in situations. They just need an audience to support them.

5. One hug is just the loudest of all advices. It can create the Niagara in each of us.

When you see a friend in pain or in anguish, a silent one minute hug usually does more than an hour of counselling.

6. The clearest expression of Love and Lust is made in silence. The eyes usually do the talking.
Even strangers in malls can attest to this… not that I’ve done it. Just an observation. LOL

7. The saddest parts of movies are mostly done in silence.

Real life doesn’t really involve much dialogue. Telenovelas usually are exaggerations of how people converse while in anguish or in love.

My movie crying moments are usually those done in silence. I cried when Ellie and Carl in Up were silently living their lives as they silently bade goodbye to each other. Either that or the background music was superb.

8. A kiss, a hug, a smile, a pat, a touch, a wink, a nudge… are the silent ways of saying… you are cared for… you are loved.

No need to explain. Try them to experience.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blessings of Friendship

A shoulder to cry on is not usually your own shoulder but someone else’s. A pat on the back would usually require a second person to do it for you (unless you’re a schizo or a contortionist or an itchy monkey).

No matter how we tell ourselves that we can live alone without the help of others, definitely someone’s presence can make our lives less lonely and more bearable.

Whoever you are, the old, the young, the grieving, the bereaved, the religious, the spiritual, strangers and thinkers… we all should not be alone in this world.

It’s not much of a need… but as an herb to a dish, it ads spice and flavour to a very bland dish. A friend is your rosemary and your basil leaf.

And just like a simple little cake… a cake is only a cake when eaten alone, but it is made more fun when eaten with a friend.

Thus sidekicks were invented. Solo heroes are just too lonely at times. And just for clarification, I’M Batman, YOU’re Robin.

We are encouraged to give out our time, space, hearts and mind to those who need them. Even to strangers.

But of course, we can only give out to those who are willing to receive. A lot would still want to tread all sorts of hardships alone. Some may do these to satisfy their machismo for strength, others… just because.

I just wonder how some of my friends would opt to go through life on their own and not share their woes to trusted friends. One friend would say that it wasn’t his thing, another said that he’s probably not comfortable showing a weaker side.

A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. –
Proverbs 17:17

But a friend becomes a friend when he starts to get a peak of who’s behind that shell, don’t you think?

My Phi Chai once wrote that one wish he has as he goes through life is for him to leave a beautiful mark on each person he passes by. I once vowed the same. To be able to touch lives and share the goodness that this world seems to hide in sight. I found this to be one of my purposes in life. I may not be so rich as to be able to fund a big charity, but still I find joy being just a tiny speck of sand trying to cover as much shore in this salty sea.

But with friends whose egos and pride are higher than the highest tower and thicker than the thickest wall, I would have to find ways to reach out, even if I would have to do them secretly.

And with friends whose IQs are higher than my caloric intake, I would have to stop giving out my two cents worth of advice. They really won’t seep in through their thick oily heads. Thus, I now would resort to a mere simple hug. Love is, after all, the best cure for a worried heart. Love when given “in arms” heals.

Thus, to you, my friend(s), who I give out this post to… I would want you to know…

You have friends who care for you. You are not alone.

You have friends willing to share your troubles and help you out as much as they can. You just need to open up.

And definitely… with all conviction, truth and assurance… remember this…

You are loved.

A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend
who sticks closer than a brother. – Proverbs 18:24

*Super duper power hug* !!!!!

P.S. Don't just smell the tissue we gave you... there's a note inside it. Open it when you feel sad. :P

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Gravity by Sarah Bareilles

Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.
No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone.

You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains.
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile.
When I thought that I was strong.
But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you're everything I think I need here on the ground.
But you're neither friend nor foe though I can't seem to let you go.
The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down

Monday, November 2, 2009

Top 10 Reasons ng Mga Single

10. Walang magkamali
- walang naglalakas ng loob manligaw, magparamdam, mangakit, o kahitmakipagtitigan man lang sa mall. LOL
So... asan ka dito?

Blogger's note: thanks to patrick's facebook for posting, thanks to http://www.kaththecrapout.tumblr.com/ for the pic.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Holloween thoughts...

First of all, happy holloween. Though I really don't celebrate it, i guess I'd just have to greet ya'll who does. Plus I think it's rather cute seeing all those kids dressed up in outrageous costumes... pft! parents! I'm lucky I only get to wear Spiderman/ superhero costumes on my bdays. haha!

I went to Davao and one of my doctor friend told me that they decorate their house for holloween and have kids and other invited guests do some 'trick or treating' stuff. i went back to Manila and reialised that same thing is being done here. I wish we could do this in our village. Even our supposed Halloween kada party didn't push through. im such an inggetero. hehe. and wow, I never realized Holloween became big already, specially in malls. I guess we reallyu are too westernized afterall.

I'm not going to the provinces right now. I need to relax at home a bit. Plus i never really enjoyed going to the cemeteries, I only get rashes and my allergic rhinitis would just act up like crazy whenever i go. Plus they're all dead. I don't think the dead really cares if we visit them in their graves really. it's just their bodies. O well, we all have our own doctrines, and I guess I might just create debate if i try to discuss this here.

Plus I'm trying to do a lot of reimbursements, that's horryfying already as it is.

Oh, and I'm tryign to look for "Paranormal Activity" on torrents or something. But i guess I need to install the freaky program first. Bset, can you do this for me? pleaseeeeee. haha! kidding.

Speaking of friends, I'm not hearing a lot from usual friends who used to text like 24/7, day and night. What happened? Magparamdam kayo! Sure sure, i may be a bit busy and cranky at times, but I need your constant text! sayang lang Unlitxt ko! haha!

Oh well, toiletots signing out.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


That confusion created when the mind must override the body's basic desire to choke the living crap out of some idiot who needs it!

Thus, I apologize to those people whom I've snapped on lately. I'm kinda back on track na. Peace tayo. :P

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dahil impraktikal daw maging romantic

Pero aminin nyo… masarap at nakakmiss ang feeling ng kinikilig.

Kelan ba ung huling beses na napangiti kayo sa kawalan dahil bigla nalang bumulong sa inyong utak ang pamilyar na boses ng isang tao hanggang sa sumilip ang kanyang mata at tuluyan na ngang dumungaw at natanaw ang mukha nya sa iyong alaala?

Diba ang saya?

Naalala ko lang ang komentong ito nang sa limang besses ngayong araw (na umabot hanggang gabi) galing sa limang magkakaibang tao ang nag tekst sakin ng mga kalungkutan nila. Me isang galing sa isang failed date (kasalanan ko ata at pinakilala ko sila). Ang pangalwa naman ay nagsasawa sa buhay mag isa kahit na tuloy tuloy ang magagandang pangyayari sa buhay nya.Kabaligtaran naman ang pangatlo sa pagkakaroon ng masasaklap na mga pangyayari at wala syang kadamay. Ang pang apat ay kakabreyk lang sa kanyang irog. At ang pang lima ay hinahanap ang walang closure na ex.

Napansin ko lang… minsan kasing umikot ang mga mundo nila sa isang tao, o sa isang ideya. Namimiss lang nila ung ideya na me kaakap, kadamay, kausap, kasangga, at ung isang bagay na di ko pwede banggitin sa napaka wholesome kong blog. Basta pag nakalimutan nyong nabuhay kayong magisa, at minsan lang nagkaroon ng kasama…

Dito siguro nagiging impraktikal ang pagiging romantiko.

Wag nyo lang sana paabutin dito at paikutin ang sarili sa ganitong pag iisip ay magiging ok naman kayo.

Sa pagiging romantikong impraktikal sinisilang ang mga Emolords. Madami akong kilalang mga batang Emolords. At hindi sila masayang kasama. Nakakdrain ng dugo.

Pero sa tamang timpla, ok maging romantiko. Nagbibigay ito ng ngiti sa iyong mga labi. Wag lang sosobra kasi mapagkakamalan kang baliw.

Pero tandan, hindi lang sa BF o GF o asawa pwedeng iapply ang pagiging romantiko. I-channel ang pagiging romantiko sa pagiging sweet sa mga kaibigan. Mahirap kasing kinikimkim ang pagiging romantiko, nakakabaliw lang talaga ito.

Ano ba ang gusto kong sabihin? Ay wala lang naman. Gusto ko lang mag ipon ng mga positive energy dahil naubusan ako ngayon araw. Limang oras ako nagtytype ng mga pagcocomfort. Kinonti-an ko nalang dun sa mga alam kong mature naman. Dinamihan nalang dun sa mga tingin ko’y me suicidal tendency. Sa huli, para nalang matapos, nag book ako ng kadate dun sa isa. Pwede nako magtayo ng speed dating service.

Basta… ano ba alam ko sa mga bagay na ito. Di dapat yata ako ang tinetext nyo, si Ewik siguro dapat. Mas madaming alam un. Katawan ko lang ata ang kaya kong i-offer na solace sa kalungkutan nyo. Di ko kayang magpayo. Mas madami pa siguro akong pagkakamali sa pagiging romantiko ko kahit pagsamasamahin nyo pang lahat ang kaeklatan nyo. Kaya di nako magpapayo, makikinig nalang ako.

Pero para sa mga naiinip na sa kakaantay… pakinggan nyo nalang si Michael Buble… “I haven’t Met you yet.”

(next week na ulit ako magpopost, trabaho muna)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Things I never liked till you came

i never liked numbers until i watched you do math.

and somehow between the derivatives and the way you made the calculations dance, i fell in love with the logical precision of how they added up, the poetry you weaved on graphs with a pencil behind your ear and a slow smile curling your lips. and when i sat on your lap, counted the kisses, multiplied the desire, divided the distance and subtracted the inhibitions, i decided i might be mathematically inclined after all.

i never liked roller coasters until you took me on one.

and somehow between the buckling down and the gripping your hand as the car shook forward, i fell in love with the stomach-dropping, jaw-aching beauty of letting go and finding yourself flying instead of falling. and when i looked over and saw your grin stretching your face and your quick laugh getting stolen by the wind, i decided that i might like losing control and free-falling after all.

i never liked the rain until you danced with me in it.

and somehow between the getting soaked and the holding you close as your breath steamed against my ear, i fell in love with the passionate way it bulleted against the ground and the way i could fling my heart in the sky and watch it shower down around me. and when you dipped me low and caught my mouth, i decided i might like the way the storm raged around us and the way we were completely and utterly alone after all.

and i never liked falling in love until you dragged me down.

and somehow between the tripping and the falling on my face, i fell in love with the way you caught me before i scraped my knees and the way you made it the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. and when you spun me out into the star-studded night, when you swept me off my feet, when you kissed me boneless, i decided i might enjoy breaking myself apart for you after all.


Blogger’s note: I don’t have the luxury of time to write a new post, thus, whoever wrote this one, thank you thank you for putting into words what my heart longed to say.

And as for laughing and dancing in the rain, that’s one thing I so wanted to do with someone. Sana magawa ko minsan. Kinilig lang ako ng sobra hahaha! Kiddin’

Darn! I’m such a romantic loser! Haha!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Upuan by Gloc 9 feat Zelle

Kayo po na naka upo,
Subukan nyo namang tumayo
At baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo
Ang tunay na kalagayan ko

Ganito kasi yan eh...

Verse 1:

Tao po, nandyan po ba kayo sa loob ng
Malaking bahay at malawak na bakuran
Mataas na pader pinapaligiran
At naka pilang mga mamahaling sasakyan
Mga bantay na laging bulong ng bulong
Wala namang kasal pero marami ang naka barong
Lumakas man ang ulan ay walang butas ang bubong
Mga plato't kutsara na hindi kilala ang tutong
At ang kanin ay simputi ng gatas na nasa kahon
At kahit na hindi pasko sa lamesa ay may hamon
Ang sarap sigurong manirahan sa bahay na ganyan
Sabi pa nila ay dito mo rin matatagpuan
Ang tao na nagmamay-ari ng isang upuan
Na pag may pagkakatao'y pinag-aagawan
Kaya naman hindi niya pinakakawalan
Kung makikita ko lamang siya ay aking sisigawan


Kayo po na naka upo,
Subukan nyo namang tumayo,
Baka matanaw, at baka matanaw na nyo
Ang tunay na kalagayan ko

Verse 2:

Mawalang galang na po
Sa taong naka upo,
Alam niyo bang pantakal ng bigas namin ay di puno
Ang ding-ding ng bahay namin ay pinagtagpi-tagping yero
Sa gabi ay sobrang init na tumutunaw ng yelo
Na di kayang bilhin upang ilagay sa inumin
Pinakulong tubig sa lumang takuring uling-uling
Gamit lang panggatong na inanod lamang sa istero
Na nagsisilbing kusina sa umaga'y aming banyo
Ang aking inay na may kayamanan isang kaldero
Na nagagamit kapag ang aking ama ay sumweldo
Pero kulang na kulang parin,
Ulam na tuyo't asin
Ang singkwenta pesos sa maghapo'y pagkakasyahin
Di ko alam kung talagang maraming harang
O mataas lang ang bakod
O nagbubulag-bulagan lamang po kayo
Kahit sa dami ng pero niyo
Walang doktor na makapag papalinaw ng mata niyo

Wag kang masyadong halata
Bato-bato sa langit
Ang matamaay wag magalit
O bato-bato bato sa langit
Ang matamaan ay
Wag masyadong halata
Wag kang masyadong halata
Hehey, (Wag kang masyadong halata)
(Wag kang masyadong halata)

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Powered by Podbean.com
(click here to download the podcast)

Powered by Podbean.com

(click here to download the podcast)

Warning: this might be along post to others, thus you also have the option of just listening to the podcast.


Ondoy, then Pepeng, practically left us all Filipinos at a standstill… crops all drenched, fish all washed away to the shores, houses submerged, cars overturned.

But then the standstill went on over to a "rampage". A rampage of what we Filipinos often times call… Bayanihan.

Could all these disasters be man made? Caused by our own inequities and disregard towards the laws of nature? A very possible fact.

Could all these have been allowed by God to teach us a very valuable lesson? A most daunting reason for if so, we must be doing something really wrong.

I’ve embedded above what our pastor has to say to all of these. Some of which are funny facts, but they speak much truth. This is also one of the few instances that we hear him bring up the facet of politics in all of these.

I’ve transcribed some of the highlights, but I do implore you all, please do listen to the podcast. I usually write posts for myself and care not if these are being read, but this time, I find real importance in sharing this all to you. Kindly share these as well to others.

Now, let us juxtapose our recent storm with that underwent by Jonah (please take note that below is not the exact transcript of the podcast above but is a mixture of the blogger’s own thoughts and that of the podcast minus some of the political insights).


Jonah was called by God to go to the great city of Nineveh to preach, but instead, Jonah headed on the opposite direction and tried to flee from God. (Read Jonah 1: 1-3)

Then the Lord sent a great wind on the sea, and such a violent
storm arose that the ship threatened to break up… Jonah 1: 4.

Can this storm be described as a godly call, caused by human disobedience, and perhaps be man made (or at least induced)?

I think so.

With such a storm, the most natural reaction of anyone, would be fear… and the most likely action after is to pray.

Sometimes these are often wake up calls for us all who have forgotten how to call on His name. “Storms” can make people remember God. “Storms” can make people realise what’s truly important.

Also, in other instances, the most insensitive reaction or rather (in?)non-action, would be to sleep on the situation.

Most of us would actually do this in times of our own “storms” and Jonah is no exception.

…But Jonah had gone down below deck, where he lay down and fell
into a deep sleep. Jonah 1:5

And what did the other men in the boat do? As accustomed to being faced with a problem, they had to find out the cause and the most likely solution. And all sorts of investigation pointed towards Jonah.

But what to do? Jonah then gave them the most obvious answer. Jonah fled from God’s grace and disobeyed His commands. The most obvious solution is to bring Jonah back to God’s mercy.

Pick me up and throw me into the sea. He replied. And it will
become calm, I know that it is my fault that this great storm has come upon you.
Jonah 1: 12

But the kind sailors instead did their best to row to land instead of heading to Jonah’s request. It was, after all, a brutal thing to do throwing someone out to sea. And with how they treated a problem, they remind me so much of Filipinos. Ready to tread sorts of hardship… “magtiis” becomes like air we breathe. And in times of disasters, we hold on to ourselves, not even to our politicians, but to private citizens willing to help out in their own private ways.

But since the storm was after all, allowed by God, who are they to combat its wrath. Left with no more choice, they then resorted to throwing Jonah off the boat.

They then took Jonah and threw him overboard, and the raging sea
gre calm. Jonah 1: 15

And as we all know of the story, God provided one big fish to house Jonah for three days and three nights till the fish was ready to spit him out to shore.

The fish was an instrument of divine restoration for Jonah. In it was made “Jonah’s Prayer” which I bid you all to look at (Jonah 2: 1-10).

And to those who does not know, the story did not end with Jonah on the shore. Jonah then went out to the original plan of God to go to Nineveh and preach his word.


Each of us may as well be symbols of Jonah who in times of “storms” sleeps off solving problems we ourselves have caused.

Or the Jonah who had treaded out of God’s laid out path, politicians who have neglected their duties, bystanders who have been incessantly and unmindfully throwing trash just anywhere.
But in the same manner, we can also be the Jonah who have repented, faced all consequences, mended faults and finally was able to appease the cause of the storm. Change is after all, what we need, and it comes and start from within.

The storm can be a symbol of our ACTUAL/ LITERAL storms, or they can also be SPIRITUAL, EMOTIONAL or even POLITICAL. Each of us has their own storms.

Storms that have led to the flooding of streets with clogged drains out of our own trashes; overflowing of our rivers due to the lack of original water/ river paths which we have “reclaimed” to be new lands.

And sometimes we forget why our ancestors built their houses on stilts such as our bahay kubo. Aside from the heat, the elevation protects them from water rising, Tagalog after all means Taga-ilog (which manila originally had plenty of).

And my most favourite character in the story is the Fish.

Notice the use of the fish. It was used as a vessel to isolate, teach, be humbled, guide, navigate and deliver Jonah to his “Nineveh.”

Three days and three nights were spent on self restoration.

And notice that it was when they threw Jonah out that the storm suddenly stopped.

And I firmly believe that with the recent storm that we went through, we were somehow able to throw out our own Jonah’s.

And along with this reason, I believe that the second storm that was supposed to hit Manila again didn’t push through also because MANY HAVE PRAYED.

It’s funny how recent events, wether the death of a democratic icon, the destruction of homes by a storm has brought out the best in all of us.

And as we continuously throw out the “bad Jonah” in us, we are continuously placed in our own “Fish” for our own correction, restoration and redirection.

And whether or not there’s truth to outrageous rumors of having the “end” being near, I think God is still good, making us ready for that day.

So, what “Jonah” have you thrown out recently?

Or shall we throw out the Jonah in the Malacanang palace? (sorry my own attempt to humor).


Special thanks to:

Day by Day Christian Ministries Techie stuff divisision for the cd copy. And since I don't have much time in my hands, thanks to friends who have helped me out in splicing, file convertions.. techie things that I really wouldn't know anything about and for uploading in podbean. Now... back to work, back to work... see you next weekend! But I do have some autoposts for you in the coming days. hehe.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ng dahil sa gulaman...

Ng dahil sa gulaman, nalungkot nanaman ako.

Dalawang lingo na ang nakararaan, excited ako na magtawag ng family gathering para sa Mamay (lolo) naming na mag bebertdey ngayong Oktubre 13. Ninety nine (99) na sya ngayon pero dahil sa me pasok, ngayong lingo (Okt 11) nalang naming iseselebreyt.

“Gagawa ako ng graham cake.” Eksayted kong bulong sa sarili. Eto lang kasi ang alam kong gawin.

Namili na ako ng mga sangkap. At kanina lang, namili ako ng presh na mangga para ihalo dito.

At dahil mas perky pa ako sa utong ni *****, at excited makakita ng tao, minarapat kong mauna na ngayong sabado sa Batangas at gawin na ang Graham keyk.

“Perpekto!” Sigaw namin ng mga kasama ko ng matapos magawa.

Gelatin nalang ang kulang sa ibabaw.

Nagpakulo, hinalo, at dahil mababa ang EQ ko, ibinuhos ko agad ang gulaman.

Tinitigan ko lang sya ng todo. Coffee jelly ang aking binuhos sa dalawang tray, sa isa pang pares ay raspberry naman.

Kinabahan ako ng todo, pero nanuod nalang ako ng PBB. Pero nang balikan ko… WAPAK!

Sinipsip lang ng graham ang gulaman ko. Matubig ata masyado. Malabsak. Nandiri lang ako.

Budburan ko daw ng gulaman powder. At dahil kumusot na ang aking mukha, minarapat nalang ng aking irog na bumili ng isa pang gulaman, at mag init at ibuhos ulit ito sa cake.

Alam nya marahil na aatakihin nanaman ako ng aking depresyon.

Natapos remedyohan ang graham cake, pero di parin ako mapakali. Bibili nalang ako ng totoong cake bukas.

Itatapon ko nalang ang apat na trays ng graham cake ko.


At dito nagsimula ang pag e-emo ko. Para kasing lahat ng mga bagay na gusto kong gawin, lahat ng mahawakan ko, masama ang kinahihinatnan. Parng graham cake ko lang.

Wala na at akong nagawang tama sa buhay ko. Mukhang lahat pinipilit ko lang remedyohan, pagtakpan, hawiin ang mga pagkakamali at pilit tinatama.

Pero sa huli, pangit parin ang kalalabasan.

Isa nanaman akong “disappointment” sa sarili ko.

Ang saya gumawa ng graham cake para sa iba. Pero pag para sakin na, wala na. Sira na.

Kung tutuusin, maayos naman ang dati kong nagagawa. Me starfish na design pa nga ung iba. Pero bakit sa sarili kong graham cake di ko magawang maging masarap? Di ko magawang magmukha syang Masaya?

Hay ang buhay nga naman, parang isang graham cake lamang!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pasta craving satisfied by Pasta Bibiana

A tally of what usually comes to mind every second would prove “food” to be the winner. Not owing to the fact that every commercial break would have food in it, every TV show would have food featured in it (whether being cooked, thrown at or just merely ogled at), food is, and will always be, the most mind permeating thing in the world (crossing blood brain barrier and all).

Growing with my dad and his two-food-menu-list: Take it or leave it, I’ve come to appreciate real food and marvel at how it is prepared. And having Pasta being on top of my faves, I think it is just right for me to get all excited at a new business venture by a friend (of course, involving pasta).

Withstanding the recent storm, good friend and blogger, Kuya J, treaded on with pursuing his endeavour and opened his new business in Robinsons Place Imus on October 2, 2009.

Ferdinand Point, father of modern French cuisine, once quips, “

If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony.” Of course I should be talking Italian rather than French, but food is God's gift, Italian or French alike.

Indeed, what makes Pasta Bibiana different is the “ceremony”. You’d be sure that Bibiana’s pasta is cooked with much attention and love. Months prior to the birthing of this new pasta haven, I’ve had the chance of sampling several of kuya J’s pasta recipes, cooked specifically for Mamang Bibiana. A delicious treat indeed. And with Red designing the kiosk for this pasta treat, Pasta Bibiana became a history of family and friends.

Named after kuya J's Mamang, Pasta Bibiana proves to be more than just a pasta place. It is the marriage of your choice of sauce poured over your Semolina pasta made from Durum wheat, enriched with vit B complex, fiber and protein, a mere 99 calories with less than half a gram of fat. you have the choice of red or white sauce topped with pork, beef, or tuna, or you could also have your pasta salad dressed with fresh fruit, tuna corn, or crabmeat sauce.

Easy nuf? I think so, too.

Partner your pasta with your choice of sandwich, I’d suggest you try the Tofu sandwich. I’d say, Yuuummmie!

Priced at 29 Php for the sandwich and 41 Php for your pasta, plus your free pandan water to go with the pasta, you already have easy access to home cooked gourmet.

Delicious. Affordable. Healthy. Plus a loving pasta history.

Those are what Pasta Bibiana is all about.

Visit this new find at 2nd Floor, foodcourt @ Robinsons Place Imus.

Remember… A healthy life, is a full life!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Spring Awakening showing date

If you are one of those who bought tickets for the September 26 showing at the RCBC plaza tower, which was then postponed to October 3, 8pm, due to typhoon Ondoy (Melor)... well...

... it was then again rescheduled to October 11, 8pm due to typhoon Pepeng (Parma).

I'm starting to really hate the weather. Home based work na nga ako, ayaw pa talga ako papanuorin ng play.

Dinasalan mo bset ung ticket ko no? umamin ka? LOL

In any case, you may call Atlantis at (02) 892 7078 or 484 7278 for any concerns.


On another note, since we are all again preparing for Pepeng... I suggest you all head to Sir Rody's advise on having your hairdryer as #1 in the list of packing up in preparation for the flood. Read Gibbs post on this, cracked me up like hell.

Monday, September 28, 2009

In times like these...

The above video is the a commercial ad for Lead India. Both touching and moving, I think we can all learn from this video. With the rising number of our kababayans affected by the storm, I don't think all relief operations would be able to reach them all. A rising number of 200,ooo - not people but families affected by the flood needs all the help they need. We can all help by:
1. Donating to legitimate groups like the red cross, la salle and other centers.
2. Reach out to our own neighbors, friends, families in our own private ways.
3. With a lot of people going out to work, and having a few PUVs are in the streets, we can help them out by offering a ride (of course risk and all) if we have some more seats in our car to spare, car pool galore, malay mo, andun love of your life... LOL
visit www.redcross.com.ph
call 413-26-67 and 416-03-87 Sagip Kapamilya Hotline
NDCC #s: 912-56-68. 911-50-61. 911-14-06. 734-21-18. 912-26-65. 734-21-20. calls for rescue and follow ups
Other lists can be found at http://sariwawek.wordpress.com/2009/09/28/superstorm-ondoy-hotlines/

Words and Music by Reuben Morgan

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover mewithin your mighty hand
When the oceans rise and thunders roar

I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Ten Akala Moments

1. Akala ko Sunday, Monday na pala (bakasyon mode padin)
2. Akala ko hangin lng, me laman na pala (at kelangan labahan ang brip).
3. Akala ko walang sound, biglang naka mega speakers pala sa loob ng elevator. proooot!
4. Akala ko matamis na dessert, isang scoop pala ng wasabe.
5. Akala ko nabura ko ang browser history, hindi pala. Patay! Hehe
6. Akala ko babae, lalake pala, akala ko naman lalake, babae pala (sa isang naglalakad sa kalye).
7. Akala ko me tao sa banyo… me MGA TAO pala sa banyo. (ano kaya ginagawa NYO???!).
8. Akala ko biko, paella pala. (PEACE TAYO!!!!)
9. Akala ko allergies, chikinini pala.
10. Akala ko madaling kalimutan ka, hindi pala. (uy, me intregera!).

Schedule schedule:

Despite my always hectic schedule, I have two plays to watch this month and next. I’m currently booked for Spring awakening this Saturday. I was supposed to have one quota play this quarter due to budget constraints, but since Ms. Shamaine Buencamino is to star again in another play, I guess I would have to add one more. I am just a fan of her.

Thus, see you guys around!

(for ticket and playdates, kindly see Gibbs’ site on my link on the right and new contest to win… or loose for me haha! Hay…)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craving for Pancit Luglog

Kapampangans are known to be such good cooks, though I think people overgeneralised since most kapampangans I know don’t really cook. (haha) Maybe it’s the generation gap (since their parents would possibly be the “best” cook there is) I really do not know.

Nevertheless, the reputation must have sprung from actual evidence. One of these would be Susie’s Cuisine. Established by Alicia Ayson, Susie’s has stood out to be one of Pampanga’s must go to places to eat. For almost 40 years, Susie’s has retained its taste and quality.

Currently being run by Alicia’s children, most specially by Jesusa Ayson yabut, Susie’s now has 7 branches (all in Pampanga), but has never opened for franchise (to outsiders) thus retaining the secret and quality all through out the years.

Visiting Pampanga wouldn’t be complete without at least trying out dishes from Susie’s. If you are from Manila and are a fan of Razon’s pancit luglog, you should try the original from Susie’s. I did, and my standards for the luglog have sky rocketed all of a sudden. Its thin white pasta poured with a generous sauce topped with A LOT of their local chicharon, egg and vegetables of sorts, would keep me coming back for a second serving. And I haven’t even pinched calamansi over it, and I’m a calamansi person.

Another must try at Susie’s is their tibuk tibuk, or maja Blanca for most of us Manileňos. Tibuk tibuk is different from the usual maja Blanca that I’ve tasted. It is softer than the regular maja Blanca and is creamier in taste. Its milky soft creamy texture would always put me in a kiddie frenzy with matching kilig on the side. I didn’t like it at first since It looked more like pudding and I’m really used to the hard gelatine like maja Blanca, but tibuk tibuk separated itself from maja’s stereotype.

Other must try’s are their empanada’s, leche flan made from carabao’s milk, all of their kakanin, viands like their dinuguan which is best paired up with their special puto and a whole lot more. Also try out their Sansrival for comparison to the commercial ones, but be sure to ask for the one that was not placed in the ref too long, if not, it would be chewy rather than almost crunchy.

Prices are very cheap considering the high quality of their dishes. A Bilao of any of their specialties (tibuk tibuk, luglog etc) would be priced at 350 to 400 pesos. Single serving of their kakanin would usually be at 20 pesos.

Visit one of their branches at 36 Hilda St. Nepo Mart I, Sto. Rosario, Angeles City (near Robinson’s Nepo).

I’m giving this resto four thumbs up for their luglog and tibuk tibuk (two from my hands and two from my feet).

Happy eating!!!!!

thanks to http://wyattbelmonte.blogspot.com/2007/09/pampanga-food-trip.html for the tibuk tibuk pic.

Friday, September 11, 2009

There must be something wrong

Maybe it’s the weather… yeah, I’m blaming it on the bad weather.

Talo ko pa nag andropause. I’ve been having these unpredictable mood swings lately, though mostly gearing towards unreasonable sadness. These I guess are my (now usual) bouts of depression that comes every now and then (back and forth, tumbling, cartwheel, summersault) just like our balikbayan typhoons.

But there’s something weird about these emo-ness that is clearly affecting my daily life. Or maybe I’m attracting too many negative vibes (din a ako magsasasama sa mga emo gods) lately that these series of unfortunate events have happened lately.

Just this afternoon, I spent almost 15 minutes looking for my car keys, only to realise I’ve left it snugly inserted in the trunk’s keyhole. Take note, nahalughog ko lahat ng sulok ng bahay, lahat ng pwedeng mapagpatungan.

The other night, I was an image of a crazy bastard jumping up and down in front of our gate. After all these years, I forgot what our gate’s lock combination is. And even if my poor recall for numbers has failed me numerous times, my photo memory on how each button is either left up or pressed down, has never… not until that nerve wrecking day. Imagine, I couldn’t get in my own house just because I forgot my lock’s combination. Thirty minutes. I was already close to tears. Pathetic.

Then on my way to the Bureau of Quarantine I noticed that I’m hearing the clink of small pebbles loudly below my car. Then to Makati, suddenly I heard a loud thud below. It seemed that I ran over some piece of road garbage, realising after a few meters away that that road garbage is my Mud Guard dropping below me. Thus like some stupid MTV, I ran under the rain just to retrieve my (not a lost love, but a mere grease laden) mud guard.

And just a few minutes from writing this random post, I just had to shed a tear or two letting out all these melancholy, trying to shoo them away. What’s more frustrating is that I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s bothering me.

Thus, because of all these circus events, I’ve strongly made a decision to really agree on a friend’s invite to go up north on a road trip. Good luck nalang sa puyat.

Hay, cheer up man, cheer up. Pag di ka tumino, madedelay nanaman mga reports mo, me meeting ka pa next week. (ayan kinakausap ko na sarili ko).

Friday, August 28, 2009

On the other side of the bill… the medicine price reduction (re) act

I am for the quick and inexpensive procurement of medicine for our people. To borrow from the late Sen. Ted Kennedy who just died the other day, I believe that “health” (and access to its improvement, healing) should be a RIGHT and not a PRIVILEGE. I envy other countries that have made this possible already.

My previous boss and college dean was part of those who supported such an endeavour for our kababayan. I was part of a research by the DOH assessing “Drug Security in the Philippines” which described the process which our people would have to go through before procurement of their most valued medications.

But there’s something WEIRD about these recently implemented drug price reductions.

I can’t help but feel that it was drafted poorly, almost as if it was hurried to achieve a different PURPOSE.

Don’t get me wrong, I laud those who drafted the said bill (specially the Cheaper Medicine Act), but pardon me for suspiciously trying to dissect the implementation of its partnered directive paving way to the Medicine Price Regulation.

To those who know more of this than me, please DO SHED SOME LIGHT. Educate me please. But for now, allow me to release some of my childish cynicisms, if proven wrong, I apologize in advance. But please do hear me out.

"There will be 72 drugs that will be subjected to 50 percent voluntary price reduction starting August 15 given the fast voluntary compliance of drug companies to the government appeal that they reduce their product prices," said Duque.

Let me raise some points:

50% ???????? – Seriously? I really am curious on how this figure came out, was this calculated by intellectual scientific mathematic untainted methods?
I understand that this is for those drugs that is not covered anymore by patent, those with generic counterparts, but is this a little bit too high?

From the pharmaceutical companies and the HONEST businessmen’s point of view, 50% is too much of an overkill. Let us say, 10% of our retail prices were increased due to taxes, 5-10% for overhead fees (employees’ payout), another 10% for infrastructure, travel, and other logistic costs. This doesn’t even include import taxes. From the manufacturers (10% tax), to the distributors (10% tax), to the retail stores (another 10% tax), if such mark down will be implemented, who do you think will cover for a 50% downprice? I bet it will be the workers, the clerks, the drivers, etc.

15% is acceptable. 20% would be almost maximum. But 50%?

Voluntary – yeah right! Possibly for our local drug companies that didn’t have anything to do with the research and development of such drugs, this would not be much of a problem. Their compliance on this will prompt all others to lower the price. It is not “voluntary” it is just the mere effect of competition. You’d loose buyers if your price is still ridiculously higher than the counterpart.

August 15 implementation – Isn’t this a bit too hurried?

I just came from a provincial hospital this morning doing my usual monitoring activities when I got wind that a big chunk of the specialists’ purchased drugs are being lobbied to be returned to the distributor before the 15 September deadline for small scale businesses. Why do you think this is being done? If you buy a 30 pesos worth of drug, and by 15 August/ September, you’d have to sell it at 15 pesos, where do you think the other 15 pesos will go? People, help me out here. Please! I just soooo hate math!

Drug companies – even with the changing of BFAD’s name to FDA (just like US FDA), do you think we are equipped to actually pinpoint those drug companies that sell substandard drug products? How many testing centers do you think we have? One from BFAD, others maybe from schools. At this point let me praise Sen. Pia Cayetano for authoring a bill that would strengthen PH FDA (BFAD) by increasing the number of testing centers all over the Philippines. But when do you think this will be approved and implemented? Again, timing people!

I wouldn’t be sounding like a whining little brat (that I already am), if I see that this regulation is being implemented with some “help” parameters.

Why not take away a percentage of government tax? This way you would really decrease the prices by so much. Do not place the burden of lowering the prices on the businessmen, small and big. Are you afraid you’d loose your own budget?

Why not give the businesses time to sell out those bought at their original price before implementing the big price markdown? Why not give them ample time? Parang FIFO, first in first out for drugs first bought to those that will be affected by the price decrease.

Possible Long term effects

Currently, a lot of pharmaceutical companies have been cutting down on their expenses. And with the recent events, it is probable that some of them might close operations in the Philippines.

I was in Cebu the other day and was surprised that another sales representative (med-rep) of a certain company is bidding his doctors good bye. I was told that this time, they were 78-80 of them. And that’s just the second batch. The first I think were 30 (an increasing trend?), and the next batch will be this December. And I’m only talking about one company.

Another has seized issuing cars to their med-reps and have to cut down on working hours and have been strict on overtimes to cut down costs.

I’m thinking that with this kind of trend, there will be international pharmaceutical companies that will close down operations here and will just leave drug retail to distributors such as Zuellig. Why would they need sales representative with that kind of competition with the generics? They could just have these sold within market and distributed amongst hospitals without the aid of these sales and marketing arm.

My company for one have closed (imagine how many employees are that) last January of this year owing to their change in “business model.” Which basically means that since most of their drugs lost patent already and can be manufactured by the generic companies (and are already household names), they wouldn’t need the sales and marketing arm much and would have to wait for the new drugs in their pipeline to get registered and marketed to have the need to make another sales and marketing arm in this country.

With this kind of trend, sure, our own local companies will have thrived wonderfully, but on whose expense? We will have lost a lot of jobs for many and you really couldn’t expect all these local companies to take in all those who have been laid off. Plus, a number of these local companies still have yet to prove quality to their products. Hello? We are after all the piracy country of Asia if not the world! Even medications are being pirated nowadays.

The trend right now for international companies, if you have noticed is to get a nutritional arm such as wyett or meadjohnsons to somehow support their operations since the nutritionals are still not affected by all these activities.


Why the urgency, I ask myself. Sure, all these will be favourable to us consumers. But can we stop for a while and look at the greater picture? How can we be able to protect our people from losing jobs?

Is it because of the upcoming elections? Knowing that by doing so, ones’ popularity would have increased? Can’t we hold all these off till we have a more concrete plan AFTER elections?

This is one opinion I have to which I wish I could be wrong and would want more clarifications. Such directive just seems so beautiful that most of our people would’ve been blinded by it. But I urge you, isn’t all these too good to be true?

Why the hurry? I ask, why?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ang Palaboy na Bochok at ang mas Palaboy na ako

Buti pa si bochok masaya, di na sya nalulugmok sa kwarto ko at nakakagala na ulit sya. Samantalang ako, since sa bahay nagtatrabaho, nabuburaot na sa ingay ng mga aso ko. Walang ibang mukha na nakikita kundi ang mukha ni Bono, kung mukha talaga ang matatawag mo sa “face” ng aso.

Pero un nga, me bago na naman akong
ibabangga. Pero napansin ko lang, ung dating umaabot ako ng 120 sa EDSA ay nagging 40 – 60 nalang. Nangalhati ang aking bilis, natrauma ata. At nung nagpunta ako sa Batangas, hanggang 80 lang ata ang aking bilis sa SLEX, na 90 lang nung walang sasakyan sa may Star Toll way.

Pero un nga, tinatamad kasi din ako magsulat, medyo toxic din, at ngayon ay nasa Cebu nanaman tapos didiretso sa Davao sa Huebes, balikan lang din pa Maynila. Pagod lang at hindi din makapamasyal dahil me mga kelangan pang gawin sa bahay.

So yun, pasensya na kung medyo walang kwenta mga posts ko ngayon. Pagkatapos nalang ng Styembre ako magsusulat hehe.

Salamat nga pala sa mga sumama sakin sa pagpunta sa Batangas, sana eh makaulit ako. Ang weird lang kasi ang pinunta natin sa batangas ay SM din. Haha. Pero sana nagenjoy din nmn kayo.

Hiatus muna ako (nakikiuso lang).

Anyway... KNOCK KNOCK????




Toilet: The newest vampire movie according to Many Paquiao.


Adik lang. (no offense po sa mga Manny P. fans, fan din ako... so wag OA magreact)

Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Signs that I’ve Pee’ed on you

Animals mark their territories with their own scent.

Dogs pee (urinate) on a certain area and would most likely pee on the same area again. Some rub their bodies to have their own scent marked on you.

I, on the other hand, would do things symbolizing that I’ve marked you as a friend for life.

Here are the 10 signs:

1. When I comfortably announce, “Uutot ako!!!” (I’m going to fart!!). And enjoy how you’d scurry for your dear ‘ol life. Haha!
2. When you’ve seen me pick my nose for at least 3 times already. It means I’m totally comfortable already with you I really don’t care a damn anymore.
3. When I start to cuddle and make pa sweet pleas, like “bili moko ng kwek kwek.” Hahaha! Jologs, kwek kwek tlga! (quail eggs wrapped in orange colored flour).
4. When you see me sniff practically everything. I won’t elaborate. Bwahahaha!
5. When you’ve seen me dress up (or down) in front of you and possibly see my dangling jewels in all of its shining glory. Spas are usually the culprit.
6. When you find my fork travel to your own plate, I know, that’s outright rudeness to the ultimate table etiquette, but hey, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, food included. LOL
7. When you see me jump up and down whenever we meet. Just as how a dog wags its tail while his owner is approaching, I simply jump (weirdo!).
8. When I tell you that I am at your disposal, anytime, anywhere. If you are in trouble, so long as it’s an emergency, all you have to do is “ring the emergency bell”, I’d be able to hear it even from afar. I don’t care if I am in the middle of a good sex or if I’m in the middle of a good sleep (note hierarchy, sleep>sex).
9. When you’re happy, you find me smiling; and when you’re crying, you find me crying with you. It’s as if your emotions become mine, your enemies become my enemies, your friends become my friends. Those important to you become important to me too. That I guess is the phenomenon of being invisibly linked.
10. When finally, you hear me say “love you!” Words that I rarely really say, whether romantic, filial or familial. It is when a friend becomes a brother, and I then assume the role of a quiet guardian. And once I say it, though you’ll probably will never hear me say it again, those words will always be etched on stone with your name.

*wala lang, nagpapacute lang… lol

Friday, August 7, 2009

What's your seduction style?

My best friend got me to take this quiz online. Haha. wala lang. My best friend got "the escape artist": honest and insightful self daw. LOL

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I hated Kris.

To me she was the epitome of everything “maarte.” She possibly reinvented the classic kolehiyala “coño” to the more sophisticated modern day caffeine OD’ed “coño” and had been the standard bearer of being the classy spoiled brat of her very opposite mother. Always the black sheep, assumed to be in need of the spotlight.

How judgemental of me.

Today, I saw her as just “Kris.” No insulting adjectives but simply any other “Kris” or “Mary” or “Ann” who has lost a very loving mother. Sure she talked with the same taglish accent that never failed to make me cringe, acted with that flick of her hand as if she’s ready to shun a poor dirty man away, and with that classy exterior for which she was branded as “plastic.”

But I realise that she was just being her. And as I listened to her full recount of their family’s struggle while the former president Cory Aquino was battling an illness, I couldn’t stop the tears as I felt the pain that she went through and the peace knowing that her mother is no longer suffering.

I grieve, not for the loss of a former president, for she has already served well during her term. Not for the loss of a political icon, for she will always be in every kid’s textbooks. But for the loss of someone else’s mother who has always been there in every premier night, who has not missed a chance to say “congratulations, I’m so proud of you,” who has been the beacon of light in her child’s marital trouble, who has been the spiritual channel and good example to all of her children.

She was THE Cory Aquino, but at the end of the day, she was still the simple mother who had not replaced a dear old watch that was the first extravagant gift that Kris was able to buy. It was a cheesy gesture, but if I were the child who gave the most precious unreplaceable watch, I too would cry out of being humbly proud.

She was the loyal defender, saying “grabe naman sila!” while quickly snapping her head to the side clearly signifying “kakampi moko kahit ano pang sabihin nila.”

I envy Kris not for her fame, nor her wealth, but for the ultimate treasure of having Cory as the undaunted mother amidst all the controversies that her daughter brought in the family.

Indeed she has lived a full life. Once she was a daughter, a student, a wife, a mother, a president, a housewife, a friend, an activist, a fighter… and yet after all these have been accomplished, she strips off her yellow clothes, her apron, her glasses and return as one admirable simple woman.

To Kris, yes, I believe as any child believes that the mother will always be proud of what her child has become and will always be there as a source of strength and inspiration.

To Cory, indeed, you deserve all the praises the Filipino people have given. And indeed you deserve all the love that your family has imparted. God bless.

I’m posting this clip which is part 3 of 9 of her recount of those days before her mother’s death. Also this part includes comment against her being OA, debated in this youtube post. This is when I realised how quickly we label people out of our own misplaced ideals.

Monday, August 3, 2009


I’m taking it slow
As I’m drifting away
Before I’m letting go
And utter things I’d like to say

People are slowly forgetting
And things are becoming easy

And bset is starting to settle in
With friends whom I’ve trusted dearly
Slowly noticing things not seen
That I’m moving away clearly

No more good byes, just a smile
No more good byes, just a hug from a mile

Soon… soon…


On a lighter note, I would like to thank a good friend for tagging me along at Marie Digby's meet and greet. Though my phone went dead (such an unlucky bastard!) just in time when I wanted to shoot some video.
woot woot!

But I'm just sooooooo in love with her. She's just soooo HOT.


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