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Friday, October 23, 2009

Things I never liked till you came

i never liked numbers until i watched you do math.

and somehow between the derivatives and the way you made the calculations dance, i fell in love with the logical precision of how they added up, the poetry you weaved on graphs with a pencil behind your ear and a slow smile curling your lips. and when i sat on your lap, counted the kisses, multiplied the desire, divided the distance and subtracted the inhibitions, i decided i might be mathematically inclined after all.

i never liked roller coasters until you took me on one.

and somehow between the buckling down and the gripping your hand as the car shook forward, i fell in love with the stomach-dropping, jaw-aching beauty of letting go and finding yourself flying instead of falling. and when i looked over and saw your grin stretching your face and your quick laugh getting stolen by the wind, i decided that i might like losing control and free-falling after all.

i never liked the rain until you danced with me in it.

and somehow between the getting soaked and the holding you close as your breath steamed against my ear, i fell in love with the passionate way it bulleted against the ground and the way i could fling my heart in the sky and watch it shower down around me. and when you dipped me low and caught my mouth, i decided i might like the way the storm raged around us and the way we were completely and utterly alone after all.

and i never liked falling in love until you dragged me down.

and somehow between the tripping and the falling on my face, i fell in love with the way you caught me before i scraped my knees and the way you made it the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen. and when you spun me out into the star-studded night, when you swept me off my feet, when you kissed me boneless, i decided i might enjoy breaking myself apart for you after all.


Blogger’s note: I don’t have the luxury of time to write a new post, thus, whoever wrote this one, thank you thank you for putting into words what my heart longed to say.

And as for laughing and dancing in the rain, that’s one thing I so wanted to do with someone. Sana magawa ko minsan. Kinilig lang ako ng sobra hahaha! Kiddin’

Darn! I’m such a romantic loser! Haha!

8 mga umutot:

The Green Man said...

:-) I feel happy when it rains. I don't really know why. I just did since I was in second grade :-)

rjpebs said...

Aaaw that is so romantic! :-)

gibbs cadiz said...

di naman loser maging romantic! impractical lang. lol. :)

wanderingcommuter said...

i second gibbs. HAHAHA!

Boying Opaw said...

wag ka mag alala. di ka nag-iisa. marami losers. hahaha. pero, agree ako kela gibbs at erik.

Boying Opaw

xallternative said...

Being romantic is not impractical...

Toilet Thoughts said...

@TGM: I feel happy din pag umuulan, except lang nitong nakaraang bagyo. :P

@rjpebs: maligayang pagdating sa aking kubeta. LOL

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Gibbs: me tama ka... pero masaya lang talaga maging impraktikal paminsan minsan. hehe.

@ewik: gaya gaya ka.

@boying: mula sa pagiging losers ang madaming winners... tandaan.

@xall: ay... believe me... impraktikal sya... lalo na sayo. LOL peace tayo!!!!

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