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Monday, October 5, 2009

Pasta craving satisfied by Pasta Bibiana

A tally of what usually comes to mind every second would prove “food” to be the winner. Not owing to the fact that every commercial break would have food in it, every TV show would have food featured in it (whether being cooked, thrown at or just merely ogled at), food is, and will always be, the most mind permeating thing in the world (crossing blood brain barrier and all).

Growing with my dad and his two-food-menu-list: Take it or leave it, I’ve come to appreciate real food and marvel at how it is prepared. And having Pasta being on top of my faves, I think it is just right for me to get all excited at a new business venture by a friend (of course, involving pasta).

Withstanding the recent storm, good friend and blogger, Kuya J, treaded on with pursuing his endeavour and opened his new business in Robinsons Place Imus on October 2, 2009.

Ferdinand Point, father of modern French cuisine, once quips, “

If the divine creator has taken pains to give us delicious and exquisite things to eat, the least we can do is prepare them well and serve them with ceremony.” Of course I should be talking Italian rather than French, but food is God's gift, Italian or French alike.

Indeed, what makes Pasta Bibiana different is the “ceremony”. You’d be sure that Bibiana’s pasta is cooked with much attention and love. Months prior to the birthing of this new pasta haven, I’ve had the chance of sampling several of kuya J’s pasta recipes, cooked specifically for Mamang Bibiana. A delicious treat indeed. And with Red designing the kiosk for this pasta treat, Pasta Bibiana became a history of family and friends.

Named after kuya J's Mamang, Pasta Bibiana proves to be more than just a pasta place. It is the marriage of your choice of sauce poured over your Semolina pasta made from Durum wheat, enriched with vit B complex, fiber and protein, a mere 99 calories with less than half a gram of fat. you have the choice of red or white sauce topped with pork, beef, or tuna, or you could also have your pasta salad dressed with fresh fruit, tuna corn, or crabmeat sauce.

Easy nuf? I think so, too.

Partner your pasta with your choice of sandwich, I’d suggest you try the Tofu sandwich. I’d say, Yuuummmie!

Priced at 29 Php for the sandwich and 41 Php for your pasta, plus your free pandan water to go with the pasta, you already have easy access to home cooked gourmet.

Delicious. Affordable. Healthy. Plus a loving pasta history.

Those are what Pasta Bibiana is all about.

Visit this new find at 2nd Floor, foodcourt @ Robinsons Place Imus.

Remember… A healthy life, is a full life!

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Anonymous said...

salamat, kaibigan.

jonathan said...

I don't think you could find good food with that price here in Bkk. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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