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Monday, September 28, 2009

In times like these...

The above video is the a commercial ad for Lead India. Both touching and moving, I think we can all learn from this video. With the rising number of our kababayans affected by the storm, I don't think all relief operations would be able to reach them all. A rising number of 200,ooo - not people but families affected by the flood needs all the help they need. We can all help by:
1. Donating to legitimate groups like the red cross, la salle and other centers.
2. Reach out to our own neighbors, friends, families in our own private ways.
3. With a lot of people going out to work, and having a few PUVs are in the streets, we can help them out by offering a ride (of course risk and all) if we have some more seats in our car to spare, car pool galore, malay mo, andun love of your life... LOL
visit www.redcross.com.ph
call 413-26-67 and 416-03-87 Sagip Kapamilya Hotline
NDCC #s: 912-56-68. 911-50-61. 911-14-06. 734-21-18. 912-26-65. 734-21-20. calls for rescue and follow ups
Other lists can be found at http://sariwawek.wordpress.com/2009/09/28/superstorm-ondoy-hotlines/

Words and Music by Reuben Morgan

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover mewithin your mighty hand
When the oceans rise and thunders roar

I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Top Ten Akala Moments

1. Akala ko Sunday, Monday na pala (bakasyon mode padin)
2. Akala ko hangin lng, me laman na pala (at kelangan labahan ang brip).
3. Akala ko walang sound, biglang naka mega speakers pala sa loob ng elevator. proooot!
4. Akala ko matamis na dessert, isang scoop pala ng wasabe.
5. Akala ko nabura ko ang browser history, hindi pala. Patay! Hehe
6. Akala ko babae, lalake pala, akala ko naman lalake, babae pala (sa isang naglalakad sa kalye).
7. Akala ko me tao sa banyo… me MGA TAO pala sa banyo. (ano kaya ginagawa NYO???!).
8. Akala ko biko, paella pala. (PEACE TAYO!!!!)
9. Akala ko allergies, chikinini pala.
10. Akala ko madaling kalimutan ka, hindi pala. (uy, me intregera!).

Schedule schedule:

Despite my always hectic schedule, I have two plays to watch this month and next. I’m currently booked for Spring awakening this Saturday. I was supposed to have one quota play this quarter due to budget constraints, but since Ms. Shamaine Buencamino is to star again in another play, I guess I would have to add one more. I am just a fan of her.

Thus, see you guys around!

(for ticket and playdates, kindly see Gibbs’ site on my link on the right and new contest to win… or loose for me haha! Hay…)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craving for Pancit Luglog

Kapampangans are known to be such good cooks, though I think people overgeneralised since most kapampangans I know don’t really cook. (haha) Maybe it’s the generation gap (since their parents would possibly be the “best” cook there is) I really do not know.

Nevertheless, the reputation must have sprung from actual evidence. One of these would be Susie’s Cuisine. Established by Alicia Ayson, Susie’s has stood out to be one of Pampanga’s must go to places to eat. For almost 40 years, Susie’s has retained its taste and quality.

Currently being run by Alicia’s children, most specially by Jesusa Ayson yabut, Susie’s now has 7 branches (all in Pampanga), but has never opened for franchise (to outsiders) thus retaining the secret and quality all through out the years.

Visiting Pampanga wouldn’t be complete without at least trying out dishes from Susie’s. If you are from Manila and are a fan of Razon’s pancit luglog, you should try the original from Susie’s. I did, and my standards for the luglog have sky rocketed all of a sudden. Its thin white pasta poured with a generous sauce topped with A LOT of their local chicharon, egg and vegetables of sorts, would keep me coming back for a second serving. And I haven’t even pinched calamansi over it, and I’m a calamansi person.

Another must try at Susie’s is their tibuk tibuk, or maja Blanca for most of us Manile┼łos. Tibuk tibuk is different from the usual maja Blanca that I’ve tasted. It is softer than the regular maja Blanca and is creamier in taste. Its milky soft creamy texture would always put me in a kiddie frenzy with matching kilig on the side. I didn’t like it at first since It looked more like pudding and I’m really used to the hard gelatine like maja Blanca, but tibuk tibuk separated itself from maja’s stereotype.

Other must try’s are their empanada’s, leche flan made from carabao’s milk, all of their kakanin, viands like their dinuguan which is best paired up with their special puto and a whole lot more. Also try out their Sansrival for comparison to the commercial ones, but be sure to ask for the one that was not placed in the ref too long, if not, it would be chewy rather than almost crunchy.

Prices are very cheap considering the high quality of their dishes. A Bilao of any of their specialties (tibuk tibuk, luglog etc) would be priced at 350 to 400 pesos. Single serving of their kakanin would usually be at 20 pesos.

Visit one of their branches at 36 Hilda St. Nepo Mart I, Sto. Rosario, Angeles City (near Robinson’s Nepo).

I’m giving this resto four thumbs up for their luglog and tibuk tibuk (two from my hands and two from my feet).

Happy eating!!!!!

thanks to http://wyattbelmonte.blogspot.com/2007/09/pampanga-food-trip.html for the tibuk tibuk pic.

Friday, September 11, 2009

There must be something wrong

Maybe it’s the weather… yeah, I’m blaming it on the bad weather.

Talo ko pa nag andropause. I’ve been having these unpredictable mood swings lately, though mostly gearing towards unreasonable sadness. These I guess are my (now usual) bouts of depression that comes every now and then (back and forth, tumbling, cartwheel, summersault) just like our balikbayan typhoons.

But there’s something weird about these emo-ness that is clearly affecting my daily life. Or maybe I’m attracting too many negative vibes (din a ako magsasasama sa mga emo gods) lately that these series of unfortunate events have happened lately.

Just this afternoon, I spent almost 15 minutes looking for my car keys, only to realise I’ve left it snugly inserted in the trunk’s keyhole. Take note, nahalughog ko lahat ng sulok ng bahay, lahat ng pwedeng mapagpatungan.

The other night, I was an image of a crazy bastard jumping up and down in front of our gate. After all these years, I forgot what our gate’s lock combination is. And even if my poor recall for numbers has failed me numerous times, my photo memory on how each button is either left up or pressed down, has never… not until that nerve wrecking day. Imagine, I couldn’t get in my own house just because I forgot my lock’s combination. Thirty minutes. I was already close to tears. Pathetic.

Then on my way to the Bureau of Quarantine I noticed that I’m hearing the clink of small pebbles loudly below my car. Then to Makati, suddenly I heard a loud thud below. It seemed that I ran over some piece of road garbage, realising after a few meters away that that road garbage is my Mud Guard dropping below me. Thus like some stupid MTV, I ran under the rain just to retrieve my (not a lost love, but a mere grease laden) mud guard.

And just a few minutes from writing this random post, I just had to shed a tear or two letting out all these melancholy, trying to shoo them away. What’s more frustrating is that I can’t pinpoint exactly what’s bothering me.

Thus, because of all these circus events, I’ve strongly made a decision to really agree on a friend’s invite to go up north on a road trip. Good luck nalang sa puyat.

Hay, cheer up man, cheer up. Pag di ka tumino, madedelay nanaman mga reports mo, me meeting ka pa next week. (ayan kinakausap ko na sarili ko).

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