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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craving for Pancit Luglog

Kapampangans are known to be such good cooks, though I think people overgeneralised since most kapampangans I know don’t really cook. (haha) Maybe it’s the generation gap (since their parents would possibly be the “best” cook there is) I really do not know.

Nevertheless, the reputation must have sprung from actual evidence. One of these would be Susie’s Cuisine. Established by Alicia Ayson, Susie’s has stood out to be one of Pampanga’s must go to places to eat. For almost 40 years, Susie’s has retained its taste and quality.

Currently being run by Alicia’s children, most specially by Jesusa Ayson yabut, Susie’s now has 7 branches (all in Pampanga), but has never opened for franchise (to outsiders) thus retaining the secret and quality all through out the years.

Visiting Pampanga wouldn’t be complete without at least trying out dishes from Susie’s. If you are from Manila and are a fan of Razon’s pancit luglog, you should try the original from Susie’s. I did, and my standards for the luglog have sky rocketed all of a sudden. Its thin white pasta poured with a generous sauce topped with A LOT of their local chicharon, egg and vegetables of sorts, would keep me coming back for a second serving. And I haven’t even pinched calamansi over it, and I’m a calamansi person.

Another must try at Susie’s is their tibuk tibuk, or maja Blanca for most of us Manile┼łos. Tibuk tibuk is different from the usual maja Blanca that I’ve tasted. It is softer than the regular maja Blanca and is creamier in taste. Its milky soft creamy texture would always put me in a kiddie frenzy with matching kilig on the side. I didn’t like it at first since It looked more like pudding and I’m really used to the hard gelatine like maja Blanca, but tibuk tibuk separated itself from maja’s stereotype.

Other must try’s are their empanada’s, leche flan made from carabao’s milk, all of their kakanin, viands like their dinuguan which is best paired up with their special puto and a whole lot more. Also try out their Sansrival for comparison to the commercial ones, but be sure to ask for the one that was not placed in the ref too long, if not, it would be chewy rather than almost crunchy.

Prices are very cheap considering the high quality of their dishes. A Bilao of any of their specialties (tibuk tibuk, luglog etc) would be priced at 350 to 400 pesos. Single serving of their kakanin would usually be at 20 pesos.

Visit one of their branches at 36 Hilda St. Nepo Mart I, Sto. Rosario, Angeles City (near Robinson’s Nepo).

I’m giving this resto four thumbs up for their luglog and tibuk tibuk (two from my hands and two from my feet).

Happy eating!!!!!

thanks to http://wyattbelmonte.blogspot.com/2007/09/pampanga-food-trip.html for the tibuk tibuk pic.

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