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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Of huggers and whatnots

I grew up in a family of huggers. You could say that we’re kinda the touchy kind.

The kind you see with one arm outstretched to the other’s shoulder while walking, the ones you see hugging each other tightly when we meet up and when we say goodbye, the ones you see incessantly poking each other’s ribs whenever wherever (which evolved to pinching each other’s nipples for guys - I know, wierd).

In high school, I was taught that a person needs 30 hugs a day. There was a time before graduation, each would have to hug the person arriving in for the first period in the morning. Thus before the start of the first class, we each would have 30 hugs already, from 29 of our classmates and one from our adviser.

Of course hugging is still somewhat reserved to those I’m comfortable hugging. I don’t want to end up with a black eye or a slap on my face, you see. But for those I feel strongly, I do make it a point to have given them a hug on occasions – friends, family, just a few officemates – people who matter. It’s my first act of showing affection.

I guess I have never really met anyone who’s not used to hugging. I’ve always thought all people would know how to hug, no matter which gender, one way or another.

Not until recently.

Let’s call him kups. Kups became my tropa, my kada, my bro and homey quite unexpectedly. He was the astig street smart kinda guy, I was the perky bratty kid. We were kinda each other’s opposites but I guess we hit it off quite easily.

He’d jump off at the first sign of hugging, disclosing that he doesn’t hug much really, let alone guys. I’d have to literally ask for permission since that was my only way of thanking him for letting me extend my welcome in his pad. I’ve assumed he doesn’t want to lessen his machismo so I let him have his personal space. I vowed to train him to be a hugger, but I wager it’d be one tough task. Haha!

But as days went by, I realise he has his own way of showing friendship and affection. He’d give out a piece of chocolate randomly to friends (something that he might have picked up from the office or something), he’d be very attentive in what one is saying and would always extend out help when needed (even if he’s dead tired even), he’d simply do things without big gestures, without fuss nor condition, but still, it would mean so much.

Thus, I’m letting him be with his machismo. My hugs are nothing compared to his macho sweetness, non-obvious and unassuming. I realise each person would have their own ways of saying they care, which made me appreciate a lot of people more.

You can never really measure one’s thoughtfulness with your own standard. You’d only get disappointed if you do lest you realise and welcome that each gesture is special in their way.

Your dad might not be a hugger, but he may be a patter (a pat on the back lol). Your mom might not be a hugger, but she may be a pincher (a pinch or two on your ear maybe lol). Your friends might not be a hugger, but they may be a slapper (slaps you practically everywhere, your bum, or maybe wacks your head).

Thus, huggers or whatnots, appreciate and you’d find happiness.

Little gestures might not be too big, but they could mean so much.

  pictures from here and here.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Ber months

On most parts of the globe, -ber months mean cold days coming in.

For most, people get more emo and slit their wrists. Some find their state of "singularity" more hyped up with winter coming in. Some will feel quite “sad” (seasonal affective disorder). But for filipinos, these may still be quite evident but we do deal quite differently.

The ber-months are months of festivities after all.

Thus, I declare and label these months as happy months.

September is my month of rekindling old friendships, of building new bridges, and of strengthening loves. September will spell spontaniety.

October will be my month of booze, of parties, of fun and laughter with those I love. October will be my book of memories. It is the octoberfests afterall.

November will be my month of visiting relatives, both the living and the dead. It will be my month of family responsibilities, of going to the province, of putting old hands on my forehead and of bingeing on good 'ol home cooked meals.

December will be special. It will be my month of love. It will smell of honey glazed ham, of queso de bola, and of puto bungbung and bibingka. It will ring of the crumpling of gift wraps, of jose mari cahn's songs, of bells and of children singing front of our gates.

It will be a month of sharing, of thanksgiving, of kisses and hugs.

Ber-months will be the months to end the year.

“Ber” will mean “better” spelled shorter. Be’r.

Be’r in all aspects.

Spread the be’r months fever.

Happy be’r months to ya’ll!

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Battle of the Toilets


How apt that Toilet Thoughts should review two famous Toilet restaurants, one in Taiwan (Modern Toilet) and the other in Malaysia (T-Bowl Concept Restaurant). But to give you a more detailed description, I’m letting my guest food enthusiast JD Cruz to give you her review.

Modern Toilet was pretty hard to find , or maybe we were just Mandarin-impaired. As per instructions, we walked around Ximending until we saw a giant toilet hanging out of a building.

On the outside, it looks like a hole-in-the wall restaurant. The place is pretty small compared to some restaurants I’ve been but that’s probably due to the space issue in the Ximending Area.

Inside, tables are propped on sinks and bath tubs. As as the name implies, there were a lot of toilet bowls around, for they are used for chairs in this place.

They have an English menu for those who cannot understand a word, like me. They have the basic Chinese food fare like noodles and dimsum, as well as the hamburger and pasta of the western world. I looked around and saw that people keep on ordering this hotpot thing, so I decide to try that as well.

Yep, your food comes in its very own toilet bowl as well. Talk about mixed feelings. The hotpot was very good though and pretty cheap at around 150TWD (225Php). Also, you can choose to get your drink served in a urinal for only 30TWD.

The best part of the meal is always dessert. Which comes with every meal you buy as part of the set.


Modern toilet can be found at the following address:
Name: Ximending Store, Taipei
TEL: 02-2311-8822
ADD: 2F., No.7, Lane 50, Sining S. Rd., Wanhua District, Taipei City

The week after, I went to KL for business. I knew I just can’t pass up going to the T-Bowl concept restaurant, especially after dining at Modern Toilet in Taiwan.

The restaurant is located inside the Sunway Pyramid mall, second floor in the Orange Atrium. Interior wise, T-Bowl is definitely one up against Modern Toilet. It’s newer, cleaner and well… cuter.

As with Taiwan’s resto, tables are mounted on sinks and bath tubs. Chair are toilet bowls, although there are some normal tables and chairs scattered about. Probably for those who aren’t really into the “toilet” experience.

Food was pretty expensive, as this dish cost about 25RM (375Php) and it’s not part of the set yet. Also, taste wise Modern Toilet’s food is definitely superior for me. I guess what they lacked in flavor they made up with cuteness?

The ice cream, however, is way better than Modern Toilet’s. It’s also more expensive as it isn’t part of the meal.

T-Bowl Concept Restaurant can be found at the following address:
Orange Atrium Lot 1F-96-97, First Floor, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, No. 3, Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

I can’t really say which one’s better. They’re both equally good in their own way. Food wise, it’s the Taiwan Resto. But for atmosphere and convenience, T-Bowl wins hands down. Plus, they got the better ice cream.


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