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Monday, September 5, 2011

Ber months

On most parts of the globe, -ber months mean cold days coming in.

For most, people get more emo and slit their wrists. Some find their state of "singularity" more hyped up with winter coming in. Some will feel quite “sad” (seasonal affective disorder). But for filipinos, these may still be quite evident but we do deal quite differently.

The ber-months are months of festivities after all.

Thus, I declare and label these months as happy months.

September is my month of rekindling old friendships, of building new bridges, and of strengthening loves. September will spell spontaniety.

October will be my month of booze, of parties, of fun and laughter with those I love. October will be my book of memories. It is the octoberfests afterall.

November will be my month of visiting relatives, both the living and the dead. It will be my month of family responsibilities, of going to the province, of putting old hands on my forehead and of bingeing on good 'ol home cooked meals.

December will be special. It will be my month of love. It will smell of honey glazed ham, of queso de bola, and of puto bungbung and bibingka. It will ring of the crumpling of gift wraps, of jose mari cahn's songs, of bells and of children singing front of our gates.

It will be a month of sharing, of thanksgiving, of kisses and hugs.

Ber-months will be the months to end the year.

“Ber” will mean “better” spelled shorter. Be’r.

Be’r in all aspects.

Spread the be’r months fever.

Happy be’r months to ya’ll!

6 mga umutot:

Leah said...

Ber months na nga!! Ano ba yung mga naiisip natin kapag dumadating na ang ber months?

Ako.. Christmas talaga. hehe.. Then Octoberfest. Pista din samen October, November naman, birthday ng tatay ko..

Ber months are indeed happy months. :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

uy! pista sa inyo!? pupunta ako ha, makikikain. lol.

happy ber months!

empi said...

Fiesta rin sa amin sa katapusan. Hehe! Happy Be'r months! :D

Toilet Thoughts said...

haha oist EMPI! nabuhay ka! musta? piesta sa inyo? pwede din makikain? lol

Bino said...

yehey ber months na!!! ang saya! november ang month ko. kasi bertdey hehehehe

red the mod said...

September na! Tara ng i-rekindle ang old friendships. Hehe.

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