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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and Goodbyes

I missed those days, as a kid, when I’d anticipate Halloween and be all too afraid of almost anything. It’s that time when, in my innocent eyes, everything is mystical and magical.

Well, I guess I grew up. I’d see this season as one ordinary day. A day to work, and party afterwards. It lost its magic.

And I hate going to the cemetery. If it’s for a loved ones memory, I’d rather lock myself in a room and look into pictures. Cherish those almost forgotten memories.

I only go to the cemetery just to be with my dad. Why go there anyways? They’re dead. You’d be visiting nothing but a building, a mausoleum, a piece of rock, and a marble tablet. And gain nothing more (for me), but a bout of my perennial allergies for a certain type of grass (and while I’m typing this post, a fever is slowly rising up).
But come to think of it, its never a boring day with my dad in the cemetery. I picked him up this morning in a village in Ortigas and saw him walking around picking flowers (actually they're just grass for me) like an excited kid. Sometimes, the look of innocence from my dad baffles me. How does he keep to be so loving. Guess which flower was from my dad? It’s the one in the middle. It’s possibly the ugliest if placed side by side with the other flowers, but I say, it’s the most special. It was given with so much love of a kid for his dead mother.


But right now, I find a reason to blog about the day of the dead.

There is no more day fit for the temporary death of my blog other than this all hollow’s day.

I’m going away for a while from blogging to kill a rumor concerning myself, and indirectly this blog. Its not to satisfy that person, and accept defeat, but more so for me to have time for one devious plan I have in November.

I’ll be back on the second week of December with news to rock your worlds. And I hope you all do come back to visit my blog.

For now, I will spend time more for my work and my devious plan. I will still have time to visit your blogs, and make comments from time to time. Though I’ll stop temporarily from posting, I will still read your blogs. Blogging has been very therapeutic for me. It was my only solace from all the chaos in the world, a haven for me to hide from time to time. I will miss posting, but I’ll be back.

I’d like to thank all of my blogger friends for all the support. My email and YM are still fully functional, so is my mobile number. Ya’ll can still reach me through those.

For now I leave you all with a video from Beyonce (minus the issue with BC Jean). I learned some important bits from this one, and I hope you all do to. Know how to love your baby. Cheers!

Thanks to ya’ll! Zaijian! Baozhong!


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