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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weirdness, changes and whatever updates

It has been so long I've actually forgotten my blogger password and even forgotten how to write (deleted a few lines and decided to just write as if I'm just chatting with you guys in a coffee shop, so pardon the lack of whatever-flow).

So I've been busy. What's new, right? I'm actually thankful there's whatsapp, wechat, viber and all those chat whatever platforms. I've missed out on all family meetings, reunions and birthdays this year, thus my cousins would just update me on whatsapp. I haven't seen any of my old friends either. 

So sms and chat are my only connection to the world even sometimes with my dad. He has gotten used to sms talk and I'm not sure if he uses facebook chat on his phone, but sometimes he gets a bit weird on his replies.

On his birthday, I've asked friends to send him a birthday greeting. 

His reply to most "happy birthday tito"? "Happy ako kung happy ka. Maraming salamat!"

Oo, mas werido sakin daddy ko. Wala akong binatbat.

The other day, I asked him if he could pick me up from the airport, this was his reply:

So what the F is "Ooyytyt?" Please enlighten me.

Anyway, for some weird reason, I'm not comfortable being called "poi" anymore. When I look in the mirror, I don't see the old poi. When I meet new friends, I don't introduce myself as Poi. If ever I've somehow changed, I hope it's for the better. I hope somehow I've matured and it's not just some new alter ego surfacing (may pagka multiple personality/ MPD lang?).

I feel like that whole book of "poi" has ended and I'm actually on a new chapter of my life (if in case you know why, just keep it a secret for now haha).

I'm cooking up a new blog and reserved a url, just in case I decide to blog again for fun. So don't be surprised if you find me on a new page.

I'm leaving poipagong and toiletots and all the memories. It became an avenue for me to meet real friends, who've become permanent fixtures in my offline life. Kaya, salamat,salamat sa lahat ng taon na kasama ko kayo (drama lang).

I might have one last post, but it wouldn't come out till September. Bakit September? Basta na.

You guys know how to contact me. chat chat nalang! :P


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