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Monday, September 13, 2010

The age of calm

I heard it somewhere that 28 is the age when one is at his/ her peak.

Do not date or be in a relationship with anyone who’s 28 or turning 28. You’ll just be asking for heartache.

Another friend quips that it doesn’t have to be 28. It could be any age wherein your hormones are at its craziest, when your pheromones are at its strongest. Or simply put, you are seemingly at your most beautiful, and you find yourself with more girls or guys at your mercy.

But after that age, things suddenly calms down. Things start to come steadily in your life, like one lego over the other, slowly building a more stable structure. And you find yourself unconsciously gearing towards a more permanent goal.

Me? 24 was possibly my 28. Not that I did anything outrageous during that age, but lemme just leave all those gory details to your guessing.

And now, a year before my 28, I find myself trying to build my own permanent structure. That everything I have are lego blocks that I’d wish to have permanently in my life.

That I find myself in a more designed path where I tend to prioritize all those that I deem important, and I suddenly find myself seriously seeking the advice of those beyond my years.

That I find myself wanting more out of what life can give me. Both material and not. A car, a new business venture, my own dream house (a cycle that goes back again to the car, but upgrading itself to a pick up truck LOL).

And though I admit, I am still quite far from finishing my own permanent structure, each day I find myself trying to get that unwavering focus on my goals. One day at a time.

It might’ve taken me too long to reach this, but at least for now I can say, “no more games, this is now the real deal.”


And yes geek, you’re right, it’s time to be “secure.” Hehe.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Do Not Trust Profile Pictures

All I could do was nod to this Samsung ad. It made me laugh in a weird kinda way, we are all somewhat guilty of actually using the "make yourself look good in your profile pic" tactic. I admit, I'm not exactly photogenic. I can't seem to make myself look great whichever angle I choose.

1. Hi angle - look cute:
a considerably larger head, with your eyes almost popping out like how puss in boots does his pleading stare... ok GUILTY as charged. I think I have a couple of pics like this.
this is a favorite of the patweetums.

2. Low angle - look street
this I can't pull off, i just don't feel like street. my hip hop days didn't even do me good in my social life, so i'm scrapping this out in my list.
though this angle could make you look taller. hmmmmm...
parang sam milby beach pose lang. walang mag re-react!

3. Light best side
haha! have you ever noticed that people have this one angle shoot? like if you get them for a picture, they'd always show their left side or maybe their right? for some the front would look great than showing either side.
kung me mga kaliwete magsulat, me mga kaliwete din mag pa piktyur. wahahaha.

4. Suggest nudity
I've noticed a lot have been using the summer season as an excuse to pose half nude beach photos to flaunt whatever abs they have. And even after during the rainy season, they'd still use their summer pics.
wala na bang tag ulan pics? ung tipong basang basa at hubad? try nyo? kayo na kasi ang may abs!

5. Hide bad bits
This I noticed with my li'l bro. he has this mole on his nose which he hides for his profile pics. We all got something to be insecure about which we would want to hide. I think I'll have my bro surgically remove the mole. calling my derma friends.... ehem ehem.
Pero me kilala ako crop ng crop ng bilbil shots. lahat ng beach shots hanggang boobs lang. hahaha! ang guilty mag cocomment. wahahaha.

6. Show good bits
beautiful eyes. nice pecs. nice boobs. biceps. lips. sometimes you find conversing to a talking tummy with six pack abs.
madalas daw tong gamiting nga mga hipon para i-hide ang face, mga lollipop para i-hide ang body, mga chinito, para wala lang, ilahad ang pagka chinito nila.

7. Get together
social life much? Ok I get it, you party a lot. and you love your friends a lot. either your friends make you look good because next to you their not, or they make you look tall, because next to you their shorter. ehem ehem. iilag ako. lol

8. Big shades - hide face
bumble bee shades. this got into fashion for i dunno what reason. a lot of guys have been wearing this new fad. some would even use those shades that look like your eyes were brought to the prison (shutter shades i think?).
my friend once told me, never date someone whose profile pic is all dark glasses. might as well date the dark glasses. they're cool.

9. Pop collar
I haven't exactly seen anyone use this, but frankenstein did look great after popping his collar out. haha!

10. Cover blemishes
cover it with lighting. cover it with with your hair. or maybe a book.
ang daming profile pic, emo kung emo, me nakasalampak na kamay sa mukha. ewan ko ba. hehe.

Then crop.


you do not even need to photoshop.

Sabi nila ang pambansang sigaw ng mga pangit pag may pictorial...




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