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Monday, July 27, 2009

Transcript of PGMA's SONA

Hmmmm... still digesting all of these. Hmmm any opinion in all this sh@#!?

Ay sorry...

For the Transcript of PGMA's SONA click here.


" But the story of the Philippines in 2008 is that the country weathered a succession of global crises in fuel, in food, then in finance and finally the economy in a global recession, never losing focus and with economic fundamentals intact."

"In the face of attempted coups, I issued emergency proclamations just in case. But I was able to resolve these military crises with the ordinary powers of my office. My critics call it dictatorship. I call it determination. We know it as strong government."

"But I never declared martial law, though they are running scared as if I did. In truth, what they are really afraid of is their weakness in the face of this self-imagined threat."

In sum:
1. We have a strong economy in a strong fiscal position to withstand political shocks.

2. We built new modern infrastructure and completed unfinished ones.
3. The economy is more fair to the poor than ever before.
4. We are building a sound base for the next generation.
5. International authorities have taken notice that we are safer from environmental degradation and man-made disasters.

So... ano na?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

LSS #2

The Man I was With You by Jimmy Bondoc

listen just hear me out
yes i know we agreed
when we break up we'd never give in to this need
to admit to each other
i miss you

listen just hear my cry
no i won't break my word
if i do say i miss you it would never be heard
let my heart whisper
all that it needs to

how could you make me take a start?
then just leave me here hanging
can't even say how i'm feeling
how could you make them break my heart?
if i can't say i miss you
let me say one last thing

*i miss him
and all the things he could do
yes/oh, i miss him
just as much as i miss you
oh, i miss him
i know you're wondering who
yes, i miss him
i miss the man i was with you
oh i would never be the same

listen just hear my voice
can you hear all the tears?
that i'm planning to hide
for the next thousand years
just as long as you know that
i love you

repeat *,#
except last line

how can a blind man find the light?
how can i find the kind of right?
how could you take away my sight?
how could you lose me in the night?
then you took away the heart in me
now i'm losing this fight
no i would never ever be the same

ooh.. ohh

oh, i miss him
and all the things he could do
yes, i miss him
just as much as i miss you
oh i miss him
i know by now you know who
yes, i miss him
i know by now you know who
i miss him
i miss the man i was with you

oh, i would never be the same

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lessons from the Cheshire Cat

Alice: Where does this road lead to?
Cat: Where do you want to go?
Alice: I don’t know.
Cat: If you don't know where you want to go, then it doesn't matter which road you take

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Then I Said No

Temptation comes when a desirable object is seen, heard or even imagined. “Seen,” because our eyes are the first consignee of a beautiful coveted one; “heard,” ‘cause our ears are usually the receptor for unwanted suggestions; “imagined,” ‘cause everything starts with a thought, an idea. Our imagination is the most powerful key to temptation.

The unsuspecting victim abandons reason, then the desired object is obtained. And as always, regret comes in the end.

But like most roads, there are U-turns where we can redirect our path away from temptation. Kahit ang U-turn ay kasing gulo ng u-turn ng MMDA.

We can avoid it even at its different stages. Before, during, and, though at times it may all be too late, the ”after” still do counts.


Avoid it at all cost. Usually I say, do not even place yourself in that very compromising situation. Vigilance always is a great tool in battle.

In the paths of the wicked lie thorns and snares, but he who guards his soul stays far from them. Pr 22:5

Thus sometimes I just don’t get why women wonder why they get sexually taunted, whistled at by kanto boys when they wear skimpy pekpek shorts and deeper-than-the-marianas-trench neckline. Gurl, you’re clearly asking for it and should’ve seen it coming your way.

Freudian symbols such as how you are dressed would eventually suggest a “Yes! Come for me” which will eventually initiate a reaction from others (kaya ako, magpapaka geeky tweetums nalang, mahirap na marape, LOL). So to the flirts and the haliparots, please be kind to your fellow men. Don’t be such a tease (Ouch!).

And even at this new age, when texting can also become a means of self prostitution, I learned not to answer anonymous “Hi” which can eventually be followed by “Can you be mine?” when answered. Puhleease! Old school na yan, magpapabitag ka pa ba? Do not fall under those cheap old tactics.

To win over temptation, do not even face it, the time to SAY NO is BEFORE it even happens.


But if suddenly you find yourself submerged in the dark pool already, resist it as much as you can. Flee from it even if you have to literally run, then by all means, do run (‘twas actually a funny experience, running away from temptation, hehe).

There will always be a way out.

“No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man; and
God is faithful, He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear,
but when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.”

I Cor 10:13

There is a thin line between control and total surrender, that when crossed, retreat is almost impossible. Desire affects judgement, thus at variant levels of arousal, the brain’s center for vigilance experiences a shutdown.


Though with some (or most of us), we suddenly find ourselves submerged already in the dark pool of temptation, almost unaware that we have already been caught in the trap of dangerous attraction.
Still one can still cry out for freedom. Getting out of it is still a choice. The human mind still has the power to decide to move away and overcome ones natural tendencies and weakness of the flesh. One would just have to find that tiny glimmer of hope in ones subconscious.

If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. It is better for you to loose one of your members than to have your whole body thrown into the Gehenna…

Mt. 5: 29

Of course the passage isn’t talking about dismembering yourself literally. It simply means letting go of something (or someone) that have caused you all the temptation. Moving away from it is usually the hardest, for it presents it self as something so beautiful and usually ones source of happiness. And you’d ask, how can something so beautiful be also bad for you?

No, I beat my body and make it my slave…

1 Cor 9:27

Mastering oneself is a hard task one must achieve. The hardest battle after all is the battle within. Habit can be such a hard opponent, but can also be your best ally. It takes time. One step at a time.
And after you’ve succeeded, strengthen yourself and you’ll be able to finally SAY NO.

If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.

Genesis 4:7

And no, contrary to a blogger friend’s claim that there a large percentage of people who are in it for polygamy or who thinks infidelity is a natural way to go, I daresay, please look again. Like all juicy news, the “sexy” is often highlighted, and the “boring” usually unseen. Fairy tales do happen you just need to look closely and be inspired. One doesn’t need to conform to what’s popular and even those said to be more “practical.” One just needs to see what’s beautiful (but of course, everyone has the choice of what’s more appropriate for them, to each his own, wag nyo ako pakialaman, di ko kayo pakikialaman).


…to those who still believe in waiting for that special someone… please SAY NO to temptation

….to those who still believe in monogamy, please SAY NO to the call of the flesh

… to those who still believe in the concept of forever, please SAY NO to those dangerous nights

Please SAY NO… ang ayaw panget, makati at desperado lang kumirengkeng kasi wala nang ibang mahanap na kekerengkeng sa kanila (joke lang po, ang tamaan panget este pikon, hehe).
Of course, still this is just an opinion. No need to react violently. Walang basagan ng trip.

But if you do decide to be a part of this campaign, please feel free to use the badge I placed on this post or, you may make your own.

Friends, please welcome, the “I SAY NO” campaign (Ang kumontra di marunong magluto ng paella).

Idealist eh? Not too much. Pa tweetums daw eh, edi panindigan! Patweetums tlaga! Haha!
Disclaimer: Some passages based from my pastor’s sermon, though not all may reflect the church’s stand some are the own author’s thoughts.
And no, I don't claim patent to righteousness, I am far from it. "I said no" is a commitment still in progress. Ayt? So, dili man gyud ako hipokrito. mau jud!

Image borrowed from www.outsidesales.files.wordpress.com since I don’t know how to use photoshop or any image editing thingy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Peaceful 25th Birthday

I woke up with a jolt as my brothers tried to rouse me up.

6am. As I looked up to my wall clock directly in view of my bed. To my right were my brothers sitting with irritating smirks on their faces.

“Happy Birthday Kuya!!!!”, shouted my brothers in sonorous (me blending effect pa) chorus. And if you’re like erik who’ve experienced my mobile phone diverting to my house phone, you’ll probably describe my brother’s voice as irritating shrieks. "Heyooooo!!! Waya ti tuya ehhhh!!" (Kidding).

Then suddenly they were shoving something to my face.

One of those crude cards that I’ve so been wanting from friends, but never really expected to get from my two brothers.

And as they were getting ready to go to school, I again heeded somnus’ call to lala land.

And as I woke up to several text messages, I proceeded to my usual routine. Opened my laptop, checked my planner for things to dos, scratched my belly, yawned loudly, and smelled my breath like there’s nothing more fragrant than morning breath. Eeewww.

A text message from my dad told me I have cake on the ref, which I immediately took out and ate wholeheartedly alone. I was supposed to lit the candle and sing by myself but decided against it. It might seem all too pathetic na kasi.

'Twas one quiet birthday, I might even say lonely, but as I received greetings from love ones, I’d rather say it was peaceful. Sure, I practically spent it alone, I possibly even chose it to be that way. But seeing a love one’s name on my phone was enough to give me my momentary happiness, along with the possible caloric intake that the coffee cake gave. (I stopped only when I realized I was finishing half already, that was almost an A4 size bond paper.

Thus... let me take this opportunity to thank you all...

To those who greeted, thank you. TO my relatives whom I haven't really had time to save their digits, thank you as well, concrete (non verbal, wrapped in paer) greetings are most welcome (it's never too late).

To my best friend who gave his gift a week in advance, thanks. Busy ka kasi sa **** life. Hahanap ka nanaman ng taong sasaktan ka, sige lang. Haha.

To you who called at exactly 12 mn and sang with your great theatrical voice, you were the icing on the cake, you made my bday extra special. (Buti nalang di somewhere over the rainbow kinanta mo).

To you who made an effort to make me a poem, thanks. That will be the first of your text messages (forwarded kasi lahat) that I will surely save. I’ll await our pancit party next month. Naku magluluto si ate L, lalaitin nanaman yan ni E.

And …

To you, for my small happiness… thank you.

This must've been the quietest birthday ever. No fireworks, no balloons, no sex nor booze (joke lang, virgin pa po ako, lol), no parties, no spaghetti (but my dad brought pancit at the end of the day), but twas I guess... ok. Thank You for giving me another year. 4 more years to go.


I’m still accepting gifts. LOL

And yes, I've stopped counting at 25. I plan to have another year of midlife crisis. Haha!
Joke lang, 26 napo ako.

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