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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas at Marriot Hotel

Children of the SOS Children's Village (a home for abandoned and orphaned kids) in Talamban, Cebu are hoping to get their Christmas wish fulfilled. Marriot hotel in Cebu is now taking the initative to be the kid's bridge to the Santas in each of us.

They're inviting good hearted people to choose an SOS child to give a gift to. How? Photos of the kids are on the Christmas tree located at the hotel lobby. Each Photo would indicate a kid's Christmas wish. Anyone may buy the specified gift or may just donate an amount for the hotel to do the shopping. Simply put, you choose a kid and you'll be his/ her Santa for this season.

The Children will be at the hotel on Dec 21st, 3pm for the gift giving. And the "santas" are very much invited to hand over the gifts personnally.

I'm planning to share some of my blessings in the same manner. Before I was planning to spend my birthday shopping for groceries and giving it randomly to people living in the streets. Somehow that didn't materialize as I was travelling and spent my last birthday alone outside manila. But hopefully I could do something special this Christmas. If you'd want to join, let me know. Before, my girlfriend would put up a personnal drive collecting toys, which she then will give to the Children's ward in PGH. These are small things that makes people feel special, even for just that one small encounter.
Wanna join me in this endeavor?

For the mean time, here's a song from Michael Buble, My Grown Up Christmas List...

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Do you remember me?I sat upon your knee
I wrote to you with childhood fantasiesWell, I’m all grown-up nowCan you still help somehow?I’m not a child, but my heart still can dream
So here’s my lifelong wishMy grown-up Christmas listNot for myself, but for a world in need
No more lives torn apartThat wars would never startAnd time would heal all heartsEvery man would have a friendThat right would always winAnd love would never endThis is my grown-up Christmas list
What is this illusion called the innocence of youth?Maybe only in that blind belief can we ever find the truth
No more lives torn apartThat wars would never startAnd time would heal our heartsEvery man would have a friendThat right would always winAnd love would never end
This is my grown-up Christmas listThis is my only lifelong wishThis is my grown-up Christmas list

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas in GreenHills

Greenhills is again alive with all the booths/ tiangge placed at the Greenhills parking lot. As usual they have this larger than life story board of some sorts. This year, its the story of the Nut Cracker.

I honestly like last year's theme, so Filipino. It featured how Christianity came to the Philippines, complete with Magellan, lapu lapu, the big boat, Sto. Nino... the works.

Have you shopped in Greenhills?

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Crashed my CAR!!!!

Last Monday, I was too tired... soooo sleepy, that I accidentally crashed into a Toyota Revo PUV. It stopped almost at the middle of the street, but hen again the street wasn't really big so being at the middle is relatively also being at the sides. The driver stopped slowly, and me being uberly sleepy, hit the breaks too late.

It was my first time, so I didn't know how to react. Good thing our company car personnel rescued me from making a fool out of myself. Honestly I was a hairline away form crying. Yeah, I do cry sometimes.

I'm just so thankful to that person for coming to my rescue. He assured me that its quite normal and almost all have gone through an ordeal such as mine. Good thing no one was hurt, that was most important. The damage to the car wasn't that big, though one would have a hard time opening the car hood, hehe.

Well, I do hope I get to have my car before Christmas...

The most unusual Singapore Trip

I've been to Singapore more than 5 times I think. But this beats my other experiences. Before it was limited to those usual misadventures. The almost crashing of Philippine Airlines due to a defective turbine (don't know the term, its the one that turns really fast for the plane to move). We landed almost safely, but the plane had to be towed to the dock, well, almost.

Getting to Singapore was rather unusually quiet. Void of any drama, minus all the fireworks. I had an investigator's meeting and some went a day earlier so I had to show them around since it was their first time. The night of our first day, I had a fever. Possibly due to the exhaustion that I felt. I was shivering and couldn't sleep, thus I decided to get some artificial heat in the hotel's sauna, which did my fever quite well, coupled with a dose of acetaminophen.

The meeting commenced the next day and ended last saturday. During those times, I didn't know that a big (well, not really, just an exhagerated hype by the govt.) commotion was going on back home in the Philippines (let's save that for another post). So, no curfew for me, just four days of meeting, shopping, and strolling around SG.

Now, coming home was quite special. Those who know me personally would know that my trips would always include some misadventure of some sort. Well, this was different. I was upgraded to business class (hahaha!). It turns out that they accidentally had double checked a couple of passengers in one seat, and I was one of them. So they had to transfer one to business class, again it was me. So another first good weird thing that happened.

I hope new year would also be filled with good surprises.

(till next ish, I'm still rather incoherent)

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