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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I Crashed my CAR!!!!

Last Monday, I was too tired... soooo sleepy, that I accidentally crashed into a Toyota Revo PUV. It stopped almost at the middle of the street, but hen again the street wasn't really big so being at the middle is relatively also being at the sides. The driver stopped slowly, and me being uberly sleepy, hit the breaks too late.

It was my first time, so I didn't know how to react. Good thing our company car personnel rescued me from making a fool out of myself. Honestly I was a hairline away form crying. Yeah, I do cry sometimes.

I'm just so thankful to that person for coming to my rescue. He assured me that its quite normal and almost all have gone through an ordeal such as mine. Good thing no one was hurt, that was most important. The damage to the car wasn't that big, though one would have a hard time opening the car hood, hehe.

Well, I do hope I get to have my car before Christmas...

2 mga umutot:

Mon said...

My shift currently isd from 10PM to 6Am. I really try my best to be alert while crossing the road (I am just commuting)since I know that my concentration is not that good.

Jepoy said...

I've been known to be the one dozing off always during class in college. I guess some things never change.

Problem with me is that wherever I may be, if my rest isn't that adequate, my body would just go on automatic shut off.

Something that I still need to get trained at... senses that still works even if I'm already half asleep. hahaha

Thanks for dropping by.

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