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Thursday, December 6, 2007

The most unusual Singapore Trip

I've been to Singapore more than 5 times I think. But this beats my other experiences. Before it was limited to those usual misadventures. The almost crashing of Philippine Airlines due to a defective turbine (don't know the term, its the one that turns really fast for the plane to move). We landed almost safely, but the plane had to be towed to the dock, well, almost.

Getting to Singapore was rather unusually quiet. Void of any drama, minus all the fireworks. I had an investigator's meeting and some went a day earlier so I had to show them around since it was their first time. The night of our first day, I had a fever. Possibly due to the exhaustion that I felt. I was shivering and couldn't sleep, thus I decided to get some artificial heat in the hotel's sauna, which did my fever quite well, coupled with a dose of acetaminophen.

The meeting commenced the next day and ended last saturday. During those times, I didn't know that a big (well, not really, just an exhagerated hype by the govt.) commotion was going on back home in the Philippines (let's save that for another post). So, no curfew for me, just four days of meeting, shopping, and strolling around SG.

Now, coming home was quite special. Those who know me personally would know that my trips would always include some misadventure of some sort. Well, this was different. I was upgraded to business class (hahaha!). It turns out that they accidentally had double checked a couple of passengers in one seat, and I was one of them. So they had to transfer one to business class, again it was me. So another first good weird thing that happened.

I hope new year would also be filled with good surprises.

(till next ish, I'm still rather incoherent)

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Carl said...

singapore is great, inly the prices of stuff are , err... too unreasonable. lol.


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