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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Kalooban: the filipino soul in dance

I have a couple of extra tickets for Dec. 5, 7pm... message me at toxic.mind@yahoo.com.


KALOOB Philippine Music and Dance Ministry presents the story of the Filipino told in a thousand movements

The Filipino Soul in Dance

December 4, 2009, 3PM and 7PM
December 5, 2009, 7PM

Folk Arts Theater, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila

Watch a KALOOBAN Video Clip (click here)

Inhabitants of the Philippines speak many tongues, yet they are most eloquent in the language of music and movements. KALOOB believes that music and dance are among the most profound expressions that have been given to Filipinos. They are reflections and repositories of the people’s soul; of their unwritten dreams and unspoken realities. It is in such oral traditions as music and dance that histories are etched, and where the tides of culture flow.

This year’s program will highlight some of KALOOB’s best repertoire of indigenous traditions culled from more than a decade of research - from the Ifugao, Maranao, Tagbanua, Tagalog etc. It also includes traditions from the groups’s most recent research missions in
Mindanao. Among them are dances from the Tagabawa (Davao), B’laan (North Cotabato), Obo Manobo (Davao and Cotabato), Tigwahanon (Davao), and Western Subanun (Zamboanga).

Tickets available at the Folk Arts Theater and all Ticketworld Outlets
For inquiries, please contact KALOOB: 8321120; 09175492624; kaloobpilipinas@gmail.com ; daybyday@pldtdsl.net

Watch a KALOOBAN Video Clip (click here)

6 mga umutot:

Yj said...

ay sayang naman.... nasa tarlac ako for a wedding on that day....


anteros' dominion said...

NAKU, MGA SAYAW NG OBO MANOBO...tiyak na kasali diyan ang ibat ibang uri ng paunjalay!

sayang naman, may trabaho ako, nais ko sanang humingi ng isang ticket.


Skin Ed said...

jepoi, nag email ako sa iyo. sana hindi ako naunahan. text mo lang ako. hee hee.

Alkapon said...

pwede maka arbor ng isang ticket?

Toilet Thoughts said...

@YJ: hehe

@anteros: hala familiar ka pala sa mga ganun... ako hindi. joke. sayang. namimigay pa nmn ako ng tickets. hehe

@Skin Ed: sige reserved na ung isa sayo text kita

@Alkapon: seryoso ka?

Boying Opaw said...

jepoi, salamat dito.

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