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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dog updates - The Bono Chronicles

This was Bono before... a cute little pup.
Then he grew fro a measly 3kg pup to an 11.5 kg bigger pup (yeap, he is still a pup)
I wasn't able to get clearer pictures. Apparently, he's camera shy. he gets a bit agitated during "takes" and "shots". hehe. Primadonang artista.
Here are some "stolen" pictures of Bono during his visit to the vet.
Apparently, he was not the only one that got bigger, that would include my massive expenses for his care. (Dog food palan, pulubi ka na, dagdag pa ang complete dog shots).

And I think I need to have him trained like a real labrador (kinda like one of those hotel sniff dogs). Do you know of any place? And how much d'ya suppose it would cost?

11 mga umutot:

odin hood said...

i miss my dog kobe! huhuhuhu

Jowell said...

Shit. This post made me miss, Lady. Awww... sodog-lover ka din pala? I love dogs and they love me too. Bata pa lang ang gaan na ng loob ko sa mga aso and ganun din sila sakin. Maybe I was a dog in my previous life. Hahaha...

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Odin: ang cool nmn ng name ng dog mo.. kobe. Kobe as in Kobe Bryant? hehe.

@Jowell: yup. I love dogs. You were a dog in your previous life? Which breed kaya?

wanderingcommuter said...

para makasabay lang sa mga prior comments.

ooohhh gawd, gusto ko na din ng dog!


RONeiluke, RN said...

so he's a labrador pala. we have one at home too... grabe sobrang niyan paglaki at sobrang takaw! we named our "kata" short for katakawan! pulubi talaga.. ehehehe!

@odin: kobe??? same name with my bestfriend's dog. hehehe! he died eating chocolates... :)


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Mugen said...

May dog kami sa bahay, pakalat-kalat lang. Hehehe.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@ewik: wag padalos dalos baka bigyan kita ng aso di mo pala kaya. hehe

@Roneiluke: hehe 60 pesos per kilo ung dog food eh. hmmmm sige vote ako. emo talaga? hehe

@kuya joms: Hulaan ko ang breed... Aspin? (Asong Pinoy, bawal na kasi daw ang askal, nakakbastos daw sa mga aso. hehe)

Jowell said...

Breed? LOL. Ewan. Pero i'm definitely not a minipinscher like my LADY. She's so energetic!!! Alam mo bang whenever I'm eating something, she would spring up to wait level while barking. It's like her way of saying "I want one,too!". To think she's just probably 2 feet tall!

odin hood said...

hehe uu kobe bryant

di naman talaga ako ang nag-aalaga kay kobe, nung puppy lang siya ako involved sa pag-aalaga sa kanya hehe

pero when he died namiss ko rin talaga siya. sa dami na ng naging dogs namin siya lang talaga yung pinaka di ko malilimutan

huhuhu he was murdered by our dalmatian! i dont even know his/her name! basta murderer siya!!!

Airon Faustine said...

Actually if you have time, you can train your dog personally. I've done it with my Samoyed. There are a lot of materials on the internet. Hehe. Tyagaan lang.

ika said...

potik ang laki na niya


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