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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Random Holloween thoughts...

First of all, happy holloween. Though I really don't celebrate it, i guess I'd just have to greet ya'll who does. Plus I think it's rather cute seeing all those kids dressed up in outrageous costumes... pft! parents! I'm lucky I only get to wear Spiderman/ superhero costumes on my bdays. haha!

I went to Davao and one of my doctor friend told me that they decorate their house for holloween and have kids and other invited guests do some 'trick or treating' stuff. i went back to Manila and reialised that same thing is being done here. I wish we could do this in our village. Even our supposed Halloween kada party didn't push through. im such an inggetero. hehe. and wow, I never realized Holloween became big already, specially in malls. I guess we reallyu are too westernized afterall.

I'm not going to the provinces right now. I need to relax at home a bit. Plus i never really enjoyed going to the cemeteries, I only get rashes and my allergic rhinitis would just act up like crazy whenever i go. Plus they're all dead. I don't think the dead really cares if we visit them in their graves really. it's just their bodies. O well, we all have our own doctrines, and I guess I might just create debate if i try to discuss this here.

Plus I'm trying to do a lot of reimbursements, that's horryfying already as it is.

Oh, and I'm tryign to look for "Paranormal Activity" on torrents or something. But i guess I need to install the freaky program first. Bset, can you do this for me? pleaseeeeee. haha! kidding.

Speaking of friends, I'm not hearing a lot from usual friends who used to text like 24/7, day and night. What happened? Magparamdam kayo! Sure sure, i may be a bit busy and cranky at times, but I need your constant text! sayang lang Unlitxt ko! haha!

Oh well, toiletots signing out.

4 mga umutot:

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

i have a 425 mb copy of paranaormal activity and now i sleep downstairs...sad:(

Toilet Thoughts said...

waaa! I want I want! darn. Matatakutun akong tao tapos gusto ko pang takutin sarili ko with this. haha!

That scary huh?

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

i am sending it too you kaso etong hugefile.com kung saan inuupload ko yung video 30 min ng naguupload;masyado kasing malaki kungiaattach ko sa email. di pa naman ako masyadong techy.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@BK... thanks! maghahanap nako ng kasamang manuod... di ko ata kaya ito ng magisa. haha!


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