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Friday, August 21, 2009

10 Signs that I’ve Pee’ed on you

Animals mark their territories with their own scent.

Dogs pee (urinate) on a certain area and would most likely pee on the same area again. Some rub their bodies to have their own scent marked on you.

I, on the other hand, would do things symbolizing that I’ve marked you as a friend for life.

Here are the 10 signs:

1. When I comfortably announce, “Uutot ako!!!” (I’m going to fart!!). And enjoy how you’d scurry for your dear ‘ol life. Haha!
2. When you’ve seen me pick my nose for at least 3 times already. It means I’m totally comfortable already with you I really don’t care a damn anymore.
3. When I start to cuddle and make pa sweet pleas, like “bili moko ng kwek kwek.” Hahaha! Jologs, kwek kwek tlga! (quail eggs wrapped in orange colored flour).
4. When you see me sniff practically everything. I won’t elaborate. Bwahahaha!
5. When you’ve seen me dress up (or down) in front of you and possibly see my dangling jewels in all of its shining glory. Spas are usually the culprit.
6. When you find my fork travel to your own plate, I know, that’s outright rudeness to the ultimate table etiquette, but hey, what’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine, food included. LOL
7. When you see me jump up and down whenever we meet. Just as how a dog wags its tail while his owner is approaching, I simply jump (weirdo!).
8. When I tell you that I am at your disposal, anytime, anywhere. If you are in trouble, so long as it’s an emergency, all you have to do is “ring the emergency bell”, I’d be able to hear it even from afar. I don’t care if I am in the middle of a good sex or if I’m in the middle of a good sleep (note hierarchy, sleep>sex).
9. When you’re happy, you find me smiling; and when you’re crying, you find me crying with you. It’s as if your emotions become mine, your enemies become my enemies, your friends become my friends. Those important to you become important to me too. That I guess is the phenomenon of being invisibly linked.
10. When finally, you hear me say “love you!” Words that I rarely really say, whether romantic, filial or familial. It is when a friend becomes a brother, and I then assume the role of a quiet guardian. And once I say it, though you’ll probably will never hear me say it again, those words will always be etched on stone with your name.

*wala lang, nagpapacute lang… lol

4 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...

hindi naman jologs ang kwek kwek ah!

The Green Man said...

Some point hit the spot! I've just been peeid on!!! LOL

Oo nga tamam si Wonderingcommuter hindi naman jologs and kwek kwek ah?

The Aliping Binabahay said...

totoo yung #1! magagawa mo lang nga yun sa mga taong komportable ka na, hehe

naaliw ako sa post na 'to. ang kulet lang. haha

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Ewik: haha. un lang.

@TGM: Hehe ulit.

@Alipin: Ang saya kaya umutot. haha!

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