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Monday, August 3, 2009


I’m taking it slow
As I’m drifting away
Before I’m letting go
And utter things I’d like to say

People are slowly forgetting
And things are becoming easy

And bset is starting to settle in
With friends whom I’ve trusted dearly
Slowly noticing things not seen
That I’m moving away clearly

No more good byes, just a smile
No more good byes, just a hug from a mile

Soon… soon…


On a lighter note, I would like to thank a good friend for tagging me along at Marie Digby's meet and greet. Though my phone went dead (such an unlucky bastard!) just in time when I wanted to shoot some video.
woot woot!

But I'm just sooooooo in love with her. She's just soooo HOT.

3 mga umutot:

Anonymous said...

This is a good show. I was there too.

I am supposed to feel happy because I shared this special event and evening with a realy, realy speacial friend (that I love). Even cuddled inside the car with my dog (sunshine... but for some reason... I feel sad.

Nevertheless, I am glad you were able to take a vid of one of her performance. She's pretty indeed.

jonathan said...

Being invisible seems to be the best way to protect ourselves from harm and further misery. The invisibility could be called detachment from things that serves no more purpose. Best of luck upon this journey.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Anonymous: sayang you should've told me you were there too. :P

@Phi Jon:

"The invisibility could be called detachment from things that serves no more purpose."

-- and you have this knack of getting me to zone out in deep thought. another thought to ponder on for myself. you sometimes hit the bullseye, i feel like you're just around the corner. hehe.


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