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Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy B-day Nats!

Yet again, her birthday landed on a workday... away from home. Last year we spent it in Beijing, China. This year, we were in Cebu, again with our boss from Singapore. So I hope this b-day was still happy for her. hehehe

To you Nathalie, my colleauge, my friend, my crime partner, happy birthday. I owe my positive exponential increase in weight to you, my ever active food trip buddy.

We spent her b-day in Spice Fusion in Cebu. I'd recommend this place for dinner. A melting pot of Asian cuisine. (I'll blog about this next).

Just a shameless plug...

Ann Nathalie Antonio
She's single
with a stable job, a car and a condo
She's got humor and wit
An MSc holder from a london school
anyone interested for a date, just message me. hehehe

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