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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blogger Lovestory

Yeah I know, it’s too early for Valentines and talk about the icky business called Luuurrve (Imagine love said in twisted French accent). But oh well, everyday SHOULD be valentines, right?

But I just got curious. Is there a blogger love story?

Shoot me. I can get a bit cheesy at times. There's just too much love in this world for me to stop and look for it in all facets of my life, even in blogging. The blogosphere is such a pretty fertile place to meet those that can make your heart beat faster right?

I mean, you must have a blogger crush at one time or another of your blogging history (I know i have one... hehe who could that be?). And as most bloggers meet up, mingle with other bloggers, do they transcend from being just cyber pals to real time lovers?

Just a curious wind that struck me.

But why all these fuzz? Well, I might cook up something for all those blogger crushes of yours. And again, it’s not too early for Valentines.

Tell me your thoughts.

Do you have a blogger crush?

If I set you two up on a date, would you go?

C'mon people, help me here. I need the statistics for me to cook up this devious plan I have before Oct 1. Ayt?

Thanks a bunch!

11 mga umutot:

odin hood said...

i have a few blogger crushes (like at least 6 of em are on my blog roll lol)

hehe pero crush lang naman e

Mugen said...


Once there was a sunset. Now what I have is dusk.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Odin: ang dami naman nyan. mamili ka lang ng isa. hehe :)

@joms: me sunset ulit the next day.

RONeiluke, RN said...

well, meron akong crush na nasa blogroll ko. she's a poet, visual artist, and a vocalist ng isang banda. bloody wicked! :) pero i'm not into dating lately... hehehe... i'm still too sore... eheheh!

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

omg! no valentines thingy for me, pang Halloween ako!

Toilet Thoughts said...

SUS! Dami drama ng mga tao dito. Sasabihin ko na nga kung bakit!

I might be getting tickets to La Boheme. And I'm willing to give blogger friends to watch the play for free. But it might be bit lonely for one person, so I suggested a date with another blogger.

So gets?

Who wants it? c'mon!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@roneiluke: dude, go forth and multiply. sayang ang lahi.

@BK: yang ganda mong yan? pang valentines? ooowwwssss????

Again. Tickets. La Boheme. Remember Rent? sus!

dabo said...

pero ang mahirap kasi sa blogger love story.. both of you write..
pag di nagkatuluyan.. one or both blogs would sufferred.. one or both love for writing/telling stories would also suffer.. i think a blogger is first in love with his writing before anything else..

that's sets blogging from other social networks

as an unwritten code don't cross the line with a fellow blogger..i tried once or twice or thrice..hay buti na lang di nagmaterialize..

dabo said...

and now.. i can certainly say i have outgrown that blogging phase..

Toilet Thoughts said...

@dabo: nyek. un lang.

hehe joke.

bakit? anong nangyari? (hehe chismoso talaga ako pasensya)

benedict1150 said...



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