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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Flat tires and Fathers

I’m back! I apologize for the lack of posts… as they say, absence means I’ve been busy, being busy means more posts. So the following posts are a series of events that transpired from last week, plus some debts that I owe some bloggers, tags that I haven’t answered etc.
I’ve been driving (without supervision) for more than a year now. But my knowledge stopped with just that… driving. Not once have I been concerned with maintenance and all that crap (though later I’d realise that I need all these things I called crap).

A couple of weeks ago, I went to St. Lukes early in the morning to get things started early. Midday, I had to return to the parking floor to get some stuff before lunch. And like those comic movies, when they would zoom in to the highlighted scene, once they come to the punch line, my vision suddenly zoomed in to my tires… 10 meters away from me (talk about superman zoom in features, talo pa ang inaasam asam kong dSLR).

I got one flat tire. Right one. The one near the driver’s.

Good thing about tubeless tires, they won’t go flat on the road, they’d have all the air out of them one you go immobile, parked.

With my usual calm state, first thing that came to my mind, like in all cases of emergency… ask dad.

Ok ok. I’ve eternally established in gargantuan proportions how much of a daddy’s boy I am. So stop the smirking and the endless condemnation already.

“Daddy, where’s that thingy that can lift the car up, I’m going to change tires,” I texted.

“The jack (oh that’s what it’s called!) is in that compartment at the back,” my dad replied.

“So where exactly shall I place it on the car?” I asked again.

“There’s that slot near the tire where you could fit the Jack in,” my dad patiently replied.

“Ok. But would the tire need a different knob? Are they the same?”

“Yes. It has a concave edge so it would fit the spare one,” my dad with all patience.

Then I looked at all my props for all these shenanigans. Then realised, the spare tire is flat as well.

“Dad, the spare is kinnnndddaaa flat too,” wishing some miracle would happen…

Then poof!

“Haaaay. Wait I’ll be there in a couple of hours.” Tadan! Miracles do happen. My dad will make an appearing act!

“Ok. Love you dad!” --- me with a big big grin.

I can almost hear his exasperated sigh. But oh well, I’m such a spoiled kid.

He went to change the tire as I watched, I mean helped. Helped, so as for me, of course, to learn the art of changing tires so that I may do it by myself once the need would arise.

But as I'd always say… I maybe spoiled, but I’m never a brat. Ayt?

Oh, did I say I love my dad so much? Hehe. I can’t imagine life without him. But yes, yes, I do have to learn how to do some stuff by myself. Learn the art of doing all sort of crap, like changing tires, taking the car sheets off the seats, checking the oil, and well... crap.

Don’t get me wrong… I may lack the knowledge on such simple tasks, but I still do know a lot. Like the pathophysiology and treatment of diabetes, the usual oncology treatments and the new treatments that are not out yet in the market, wash dishes, new porn sites… ooops… erase that last bit. Point is, I compensate on some things.
Other than that....

hehehe… I so love my dad.

5 mga umutot:

Mugen said...

Good for you. Will post another entry about my dad sometime this month.

jonathan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jonathan said...

Super dad to the rescue! What if your dad didn't come to help, will you be upset?

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Mugen: hehe. yup, you've mentioned about your dad from our last conversation. i think he's pretty interesting. is there some similarities with the mugen Sr. to the jr.?

@jonathan: nope. i wouldn't be upset. Believe me, i'm used to such things heppening which would entail me to stretch some muscles. haha. i call them fortunate misadventures. so no biggie. just so happened i'm quite blessed with my dad. hehe. :)

adette said...

couz you're always making me cry with these dad stories.. buti na lang alam nito na ang tinutukoy mo ay jack!bwaharharhar!!!

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