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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hanoi and Tsuru restaurant, Davao

Two Different cuisines in one. Let me introduce you to one of the best jap-viet restos I found.

Name: Hanoi and Tsuru Restaurants
Main: J. Camus street, Davao City
Branch: Damosa Gateway, Lanang, Davao City
Contact details: Main: (+6382) 225 4501; Branch: (+6382) 235 0501
Cuisine: Hanoi is Vietnamese, Tsuru is Japanese
Yes, you’ve got two countries in one roof. Two different kitchens for one door. One is Vietnamese, the other Japanese. When you get past the main door, you’ll find yourself choosing between the left and the right hall. They’re not exactly mixed in one place. They still maintain the dining set up each culture would demand.

On your right, you’ve got wooden table and chairs. A sticks of wood tied together for a place mat. And your signature chopsticks for the Japanese Tsuru restaurant.

On your left, you have dark cushioned chairs. Your usual table setting with ceramic wares. An aquarium of crabs and Vietnamese costume worn staff.

Food rate: I’d say 8.5 out of 10, which is good. Though you’re seated on different sides (either Hanoi or the Tsuru side), you can still actually order from the other restaurant in your own table.
Ambiance: 7 out of 10. well, its cozy enough and they actually give justice to the culture they want to impart with their table setting. If you want a place where you can chat with friends, this is the place. Its brightly lit and not meant for a cozy date, but the food actually is enjoyable.
Service: The disadvantage of having two restaurants working together is that the other restaurant’s waiters cannot serve the ones on the other side, even if they ordered some dishes from the one on the other side of the wall. This might delay some orders.

There are days that they would have a small number of waiters, so you better know how to wait for your turn. And as most restaurants in Davao (and those down south), they close at 2pm and re-open at 5pm.
Cost: Japanese will range from 150 – 300. As well as the Vietnamese one. The prices are cheap compared to Manila. Reasonable prices for more than reasonable serving.

Some Recommendations: I would suggest you try all sorts from Jap to Viet. But I would suggest some dates to actually try them all.

Every 8th of the month, the Vietnamese side will have their buffet. This will include the crabs.

Every 15th and 30th, the Japanese one will have its turn.

On each of these dates, a variety of dishes will be served for you all to taste. So do remember these dates.

Overall Assessment: A must try restaurant in Davao.

6 mga umutot:

Mugen said...

Haha. Lumilitaw ang gastronomic passion mo. Woot-woot!! Naaliw ako sa mga post mo poi. :D

RONeiluke, RN said...

wow.. ang daming pagkain. hindi ako maxado nakain ng jap at viet na pagkain pero mukhang masarap...

thanks for posting! ginutom mo talaga ako! ahahaha!

Roland said...

sarap ng mga foods... except the crab... i dunno but never me nahilig kumain nyan.

ako rin hindi masyadong nakakakain ng jap at viet foods... but i heard masarap rin daw ang vietnamese food, mahilig din daw sila sa maanghang na pagkain?

nice to see you back on blogging.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@kuya joms: thanks! hehe. This is the reason why i need to go to the gym. I love to eat. hehe.

@ronieluke: ako din. not much of a jap/ viet fanatic, but I still do eat 'em. Masarap actually. hehe.

@roland: ayaw ko din ng crab pero dahil ayaw ko magbalat. If someonelse would do it for me, then I can eat much really. Plus I'd like the chili crab rather that any usual way of cooking it.

tagabukid said...

yum-yum...foodtrip na ito!!! me vetsin dila ko kaya kahit ano pwede. mejo matibay din tyan ko minsan kahit mejo papanis oks pa rin :D kaya di ako talagang pumapayat e.

Anonymous said...

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