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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Toilet Thoughts on Kindness

A little kindness and a little understanding.
A slight nod and a shy smile
To drenched hearts that are suffering
Would have the sun shining for a mile

A little kindness. That’s what I usually mutter under my breath every time I encounter strangers (especially those with so much attitude that you’d closely loose your wits). I’d say, they must be going through a lot. I know I am.

I love to sit in coffee shops and watch people go by. That’s when I get to feel the emotions of those around me. One look at their face and you’d suddenly get a glimpse of their souls. I’d sometimes feel bits of loneliness, of happiness, of excitement and sometimes, facial expressions would tell of indigestion and loose bowels.

Sometimes I smile on how funny some people can be by merely looking at them, but sometimes I cringe when I feel someone with a heavy heart.

The only thing that I can offer at times is a smile (though be careful ‘coz some people might think you’re coming on to them and you’d end up together in bed, hehe kidding).

One time, while driving with friends, a 7 series BMW stopped moving in front of us. The driver was apparently texting. On impulse, I impatiently let out a series of honking bidding him to at least move a bit for me to drive a long. I didn’t expect that that man in that effin BMW would take the honking against me. He let out a screaming finger towards us. And as expected, my friends let out their own just to spite the man. The BMW ended up driving beside us cursing and seemingly challenging a fight.

Thank God for window locks. I stopped my friends from exchanging trite remarks with that man. I pleaded them not to.

“Wala pala kayo eh! Mga duwag! p@# i@! kayo! (You’re all nothing! Cowards! @#$!@!#!!)

After letting the BMW pass us by, I can see all of my friends helpless. They didn’t like not being able to fight back.

All I can say was, “He was a lonely heart,” and suddenly added, “Just forgive him.”

And with stubborn friends, I had to let one whole litany of lectures.

“For the life of me, he could’ve had a gun. And we wouldn’t be able to fight back with that. Your mere words won’t be enough to stop bullets would it?” And with blank stares all stopped with that realization.

“You can’t always fight fire with fire. You fight them with water.” “The fire will soon be extinguished afterwards.” (Ans as one pastor told me, you don’t fight mr. anger with another mr. anger, but with ms. love. And mr. anger will suddenly no longer know how to react but be no longer mr. anger. Its kinda like the law of action and reaction).

That instant, I prayed for that hot headed man.

But mind you I’m no saint. I asked my friends if they remembered the plate number. And they did.

I’ve always told them about the art of war. You have to know when to strike back. I told them that if they see that BMW car, I would NOT stop them from inflicting damages (hehe I’m so sorry! I think I learned this from my fraternity days). A coin scratch on that beautiful BMW would be demonic pleasure. Opo para akong tusong matsing. Pasensya, tao lang.

But then again. Kindness pare. Kindess.

Easy to say, but quite hard to do. Bubble burst often in unlikely times. Its human nature. But we were given a smart discerning mind to control ‘em temper.

I’d say be kind. Be kind. ‘Coz everyone is fighting their own battles. Be kind.

9 mga umutot:

tagabukid said...

the place to improve the world is first in one's own heart and head and hands.

robert m. pirsig
author of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance

kindness should start from within and never from others...

wanderingcommuter said...

aaawwww... this is true. sometimes kailangan natin talagang maging diplomatic and needs to keep everything open befoire we throwing something against another person.

pareho tayo about the coffee shop thing. its like watching a real life drama infront of you.

Bulaang Katotohanan said...

leche! ang tanging kopi shop dito sa cavite e yung dunkin donuts. pano kami magpipipol watching kung ang kaharap mo ay ding-ding at donut? weird kasi layout nila - pahaba.

Gawain ko ang pipol watching pag nasa bus.

RONeiluke, RN said...

pacifist ka pala...

ako din. it's not cowardice... it's just smart :) buti na lang nandun ka to influence your friends to do the right thing.

i was never in a physical fight before. i was just brought up to having 'peace talks' first instead of 'fist' first.

ability of controlling one self in such situation means that you're an educated one..

peace out!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@tagabukid: Yup! Kindness should start from within. But sometimes for that kindness to grow IN you, someone must plant a little seed of love for that kindness to be realised.

nga pala. bakit parang di ako makapaglagay ng comment sa blog mo?

@Ewik: hehe oo. Pero minsan medyo self serving ung sa coffee shop. Naghahanap lang ng eye candy. hehe.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@BK: talaga? walang kopi shop sa cavite? Kahit starbucks? ows?

Sa bus? hehe. kasi pag sa bus, tulog ako parati kaya lagi ako lumalagpas. hehe.

@roneiluke: yup! likewise, my folks told me not to get into fights.

Other than that, I'm just scared of getting killed.

Remember that incident in paranaque during all souls day when one was shot dead just because of a stupid dispute on right of way and parking space? Well, I just don't want that to happen to me. hehe.

.::. Vanny .:. said...

may gusto akong icomment. kaso biglang nawala sa isip ko. kc natawa ako pagclik ko ng comment link mo..

so meaning, pang 7 ako sa mga umutot d2 sa post mo. lolx. =)

kuleeet! =)

bloghopping, anyway..

Toilet Thoughts said...

@vanny: salamat sa pag utot! :)

Lady Undercover said...

I'm ill-tempered..
Now I wanna be kind


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