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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Nineteen years.
Can't wait to see you again.

Happy mother's day!

I bought a dozen mother's day cards, since I grew up with practically a dozen women hovering over my crayola filled childhood. I'll be giving them today, and be sending one to my mom via mail.
Couldn't really blog. But I took exemption on this one. This week will be my last days in the company. Next month I might venture on a homebased job. Wish me luck!
No, I haven't forgotten to greet your mom. I have something for her. I'm just not a texter. Ok?

2 mga umutot:

odin hood said...


lucas said...

nako sobrang late nako...but anyway belated mother's day! :)

ang cute nung bata. sino yun? haha! :P


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