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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Politics your ass!

I cringe at the “sound” of politics. Though I can probably give you my 2 cents worth of opinion, or maybe not, since I don’t read the news anymore, and haven’t really been in front of the tube for the past few freaking uhhhm… can’t even remember, I’m contented already with my DVDs.

Probably because I had too much of it during college… over as a member of the student council, activist groups, socio-political organizations, and even those pa-sosyal organizations. You can’t really escape them, even when you start working.

Not that I don’t care… I really do. I just got tired of debating the unsolvable. Plus such a topic is like lullaby to my ears. I get Lethargic. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not entirely apathetic. With government politics, I do get to do my obligations.

My piece of shit to those who complain much about the government? If they are already at the right age, I ask, “Did you vote at the last election?”

If you say no, I tell you, don’t complain in front of me. You’ve got no freaking right.

If you did vote, by all means, complain. Be my guest. You did your part. Now you may start blabbering!

Kinda like if you’re always complaining about how slow the road constructions are taking, I ask, “Are you paying your taxes?”

Stop whining if you don’t. You leech! And don’t even give me that crap about the government being corrupt. You still have to give Ceasar his salad if the salad is for Ceasar, give to Ceasar what is due to Ceasar kung baga (ano daw? Putek ang corny ko, pataying nyo nako!!!). Then let God’s wrath strike Ceasar when he doesn’t give to his people what is due for his people. That and the Ombudsman (if you deem them effective).


So now, to all those kids out there who are now eligible to vote, do register. Then let’s discuss freaking politics you assholes!

Visit www.comelec.com.ph or email ftv.project@gmail.com for more details.

*Disclaimer: To all my friends who are weirded out with my use of “shit”, “freaking” and other words that you don’t really hear me use, please forgive me. I’m still at the last phase of my topak (crazy) moments. I’ll get back to my old self soon. I’m just posting this one unedited. Lazy lazy fucking me. (sorry sorry!!!!!!!!!!, di kaya ako ma MTRCB nito, apologies to my sponsors, weh! As if meron! Putek bset! Adik nanaman!).

*Thank you to my blockmate Carmi for the above picture from her multiply account.

4 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...

init sa bansa niyo!

odin hood said...

i dont usually complain... so is it ok to not register and not vote then? hehe

kcatwoman said...

yes i agree the youth should vote and take a stand. i think that we are more than able to see beyond politicking. pero dapat agahan nila pumila sa comelec offices kasi grabe dati 8 hours ako pumila bago makaregister

lucas said...

a agree in everything you said. it's hard to debate on something we have lost our faith into...

i don't watch he news anymore. they're almost always say the same thing. no good results...

kelangan ko na palang magparegister! hehe!

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