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Monday, April 13, 2009

Going Greek in Tagaytay

With the full moon and the humble white stone tavern, I was subtly reminded of a scene in Mama Mia with all those simple white houses almost stair-stacked on a mountain.

Manos Greek Taverna had this cosy atmosphere with its simple greek design, white with windows and tables arranged as if you’ve got a greek mother designing your house. I then listed Greece as one vacation spot I have to go to. I’m giving the place an 8.5 for ambiance, and at a cold night in tagaytay, it was a perfect place to drink and chat with friends.

The place at that time was filled with greek patrons drinking outside the Hellenic Tavern, with Manos and his wife attending to guests.

I first sampled their red wine to go along with my lamb for the main course. I think wine drinkers will find delight the strength of this greek red wine with a tinge of sweetness. Non alcoholics will find themselves a bit tipsy after half a wineglass, or maybe I was just overly dramatic.

With most Greek dishes, you’ll find Greek Virgin Olive oil a common ingredient.

Appetizers are priced from 90 to 230 Php. I tried the pita bread with tzatziki, made from home made yogurt, garlic and olive oil. But I’d recommend the saganaki which is a combination of baked shrimps, fta cheese, fresh tomato sauce, olive oil and bread cubes.

Main course ranges from 130 to 450 Php. I tried the Mousaka which had olive oil, eggplant, potato, zucchini, onions, minced meat, white wine, b├ęchamel sauce, topped with parmesan cheese. Mousaka resembles your usual lasagna with a twist. This by far is my favorite in Manos. Remember the movie Ratatouille where the best food served was a home evoking dish? That was how I felt with Mousaka. The eggplant taste blended well with the minced meat, almost like spaghetti but better.

We also sampled the Grilled Lamb Shoulder which I liked because it was perfectly cooked, tender with the right amount of salt seasoned with herbs and spices. It’s however one of the most expensive in the main selections, but not necessarily the best in the list, but still worth tasting.

I haven’t really tried all of their special dishes, so for now, I'm giving them 7 out of 10 for taste. Definitely not bad, but still haven’t reached heaven. I still reserve being blown away on my next visit. Hopefully I get to try more.

Manos Greek Taverna
Authentic Greek Cuisine
Manos Sapountzakis
Calamba road, Olivarez, San Jose, Tagaytay City
Contact nos: 09164298358, 09173484935

4 mga umutot:

tagabukid said...

been to the place too. what i found quite 'unique' was their toilet with a generous opening for a window and all draped with a thick, deep blue curtain that dabbles as an exhaust. the activities at the service area just behind the opening can intruded with your toilet musings in a somewhat unsettling way. or maybe it's just me. hehe.

the grilled lamb shoulder cooked medium done is a hit for me. the place is indeed worth another visit.

pag kelangan mo ng kasama, palibre naman next time na pumunta ka hehe.

Chyng said...

parang CYMA ang food? Greek greek-an?

Toilet Thoughts said...

@tagabukid: hehe. sige ba. :P

@chyng: mas sosyal sa cyma. mas homey ang dating dito. kung baga sa Filipino restaurants, me Filipino fine dining, me Filipino homecooked-diner. Eto ung parang mas relaxed greek-greek-an. haha!

Eric King said...

I wanna try it here. Looks like a very must-see place for me and its not far from the city. Thanks for posting.


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