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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Family duties and a day with bespren

Family duties are sometimes more urgent than being always “on call” at work. They suck at times (specially reunions). I never liked the “Kamusta trabaho,” they have this subtle way of calculating your earnings or the “Kamusta, mag aasawa ka na? (How are you, getting married?),” they usually start with a litany of how hard it is to get married and what religion we should get married having two priests for uncles, we are but a conservative bunch. But someone has to do it, face them all, and more often, that someone is me. My dad’s representative, they often say.

Though at times, family parties are like fresh air to my toxic routine at work, but as sleep has slowly become a luxury, I’d really rather sleep. Sleep. On my saliva smelling bed with my huggable sometimes sweat-soaked pillow.

But last Sunday, I had to go to a party in Batangas, a two hour drive from Manila, to act as one of the “Seven Toys.” I thought those happen only in debut parties, apparently not. I was not just tasked to give a gift, but find an explanation to it as well.

Seeing that I still lack sleep, I had to drag with me my likewise sleep deprived best bud. His task, to keep me awake during the drive.

Driving through Star Toll Way to Bauan, Batangas, with my speed dial pointing to 120, my best bud dozing off right beside me, my eyes slowly closed owing to the smooth ride and the relaxing music.

I’m not sure how long I was driving with my eyes closed but good thing, my best bud woke up and violently tapped my shoulder (more like hitting me like he was killing a fly) bidding me to wake up.

Knowing my best bud’s propensity to a dramatic panic, I just told him that the sun’s glare has hurt my eyes, and I was just resting it. He bought the reason for a short while but resorted to a litany of how we could've died a few minutes after.

Oh, well, that, I told him was why I brought him with me. To keep me (or at that time, both of us) alive *evil snicker hehe*.

Thanks bset. O diba, buhay pa tayong dalawa. Next time, he said, we’ll have to bring along one emo kid and one Baguio comedian along. Hehe Game?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

* Beyonce singing: Remember those walls I built, well, baby, they’re tumbling down, and they didn’t even put up a fight. They didn’t even put up a fight…

Me: We’ve probably heard “Hero” ten times already.

Bespren: “Hero” what?

* Beyonce singing: You’re everything I need and more, It’s written al over your face, Baby I can feel your halo, pray it won’t fade away…

Me: You know, this song…

* Beyonce: I can feel your halo… I can feel your halo… I can feel your halo…halo, halo, halo

Bespren: Putek bset, anong Hero! HALO bset, HALO! Repeat after me, H-A-L-O.

Me: Sorry naman, puyat eh. Lol.

7 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...

hahaha. hindi ko siya maimagine na ganun. hahaha!!!

siguro nga out of boredom buti na lang hindi innate! nyahahaha

Toilet Thoughts said...

Haha! Kakabalik palang nya sa leyte eh. Kayo namang dalawa asa Manila lang... tsk tsk tsk... no life. kaawa. joke!

Joaqui said...

Natawa ako dun sa hero/halo. hehehe

Be safe.

jamie da vinci! said...

wala bang space for an oso from binondo? (wow... rhyme yun a!)marami akong alam na driving games!!! (actually, wala akong alam, pero pwede akong mag-research!!!!)

jamie da vinci! said...

wala bang space for an oso from binondo? (wow... rhyme yun a!)marami akong alam na driving games!!! (actually, wala akong alam, pero pwede akong mag-research!!!!)

miss guided said...

puyat ka nga...
halo yun..HALO!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Joaqi: hehe. thanks.

@Jamie: sige, me space for an oso from binondo. pero magdala ka dapat ng hakaw for all. hehe.

@miss guided: naku... wag namang to death! baka magka Halo ka din! Itulog natin ito. haha!


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