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Friday, April 10, 2009

Random Incoherencies

Excuses excuses. Sorry for not updating. April, technically, is my last month in the company to finish pending tasks. May, will be filled with handovers. Next is still quite a blur. Either I’ll be stupid enough to make unwise decisions and find myself in a hell of work that I don’t like, or be more stupid as to be unemployed. Hopefully, another choice can be made available.

Toxic days. Toxic days. They can be such bummers. Everyone can easily be irked and you’d find friends disliking each other for the other’s incapacities, more often mine. But I do hope friendships can still withstand one month of hell as against 23 months of crimes.

Toys toys toys. Watching Aliens vs. Monsters with a couple of monsters bid me to collect them. El Vilma guru gave me insectezoid already, and am now asking all those good souls to buy a Happy meal and send me new toys. I already have B.O.B. I’m left with the rest. This is just my weird therapy from all the craziness. Please bear with my momentary childishness. Oh, and Shell Ferrari cars are acceptable too. Weeee! Donations donations. Joy. Sadness. Melancholy. Excitement. Joy. Don’t worry I’m ok. Thanks for caring. Thanks. I’m no longer sad. Not that much. Coping. Caring. Loving. Thinking. Walking. Mooning. Reminiscing. Hoping. Accepting. Smiling. Thanking… Contentment.

End results. My brothers' report cards came already, and yes, I'm a proud kuya. They originally came from a public school and when I was finally able to bring them to private school, they had a hard time coping. But with the last quarter closing, I find my brothers' grades rising up from the range of 75-85 last year and now to purely 90's. Now, I'm afraid I'd have to really work hard for that PC/ laptop I promised last year... if they were able to get straight nine's. Note to self: be careful of your promises, you don't know what your bros are capable of. hehe. But I am proud. I am proud.
I’ve placed some posts on “autopost mode” for the next few days. Don’t worry, I still be able to read your blogs. "Nilalangaw na blog mo," a blogger friend quips. So eto, onti onti. Konting suporta lang hehe.


Tara. Food trip ulet! :P

4 mga umutot:

E said...

wow supportive bro :-)

Toilet Thoughts said...

@E: hehe. thanks.

Mugen said...

Okay lang no, just blog when you have time. Andito lang kami. Thanks nga pala nung Tuesday. :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

@kuya Joms: Hehe thanks! Sa uulitin! Naku... pasyal tayo minsan !!!

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