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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The taciturn shindig

Imagine a party, a swimming party at that. Lots of food. A videoke machine. 25++ people in one nice homey private place with a pool.

Riot? Maybe. Noisy? Lots of Laughing? Well… sort of.

Imagine all those with mostly deaf people. Riot? Yes. Niosy? In a hand gesture kinda way.
Lots of laughter? Yes, silent though. But it was fun.

Sunday, the 5th of April, the Deaf Ministry held their meeting/ outing in los banos, Laguna. It was by far the quietest outing I’ve been to.

But it was the most refreshing. Sometimes, it is in silence that we hear more.

6 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...

sabi ko na nga ba e. kaw yung napapanuod ko sa kapwa ko, mahal ko eh. yung sa lower left.


dak said...

this party include videoke?! panu yun? hehehe.

pero kudos to you! cos well, i just found out that you studied sign language for the Deaf Ministry. dba?

yung otap ko hah.

lucas said...

interesting. most people see the only the disabilities that they tend to forget that such people could still have fun...inspiring in a way.

mukhang nagenjoy nga sila eh! :D

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Ewik: Oo. At sabi ko na nga ba eh. g isa sa mga adik at baliw na pinagmamasdan ung nasa baba, di naman naiintindihan. ahahaha!

@dak: oo weird nu? me nagtangkang mag videoke, at since di nmn naririnig nung deaf, sumayaw nlng sila sa harap ng videoke machine.
Yup, I learned for the ministry.

@@Lucas: ang seryoso. ang lamim. *sniff* hehe. thanks. :P

The Green Man said...

I was reading through your blogs and came across this one.

I know signed language... I had a hearing impaired BF and it's really a humbling experience. Back then I was the only hearing guy member of our deaf barkada group :-D

I even pretended to be deaf for three days in Boracay... kasi nakakinis yung mga waiter, they go to me to get everyone's order. So sign language ako for three days.

It's cool and sign language works for me when conversing within a distance.


Toilet Thoughts said...

@Greenman: cool! we should've communicated in sign language during the Philips event. ASL ako ha, not FSL.

Peace out! :P


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