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Monday, June 15, 2009

My job in a pic

Just one pic to describe why my job is sooo "toxic."

For friends who do not know what "toxic" means...

Toxic: adj; an expression pertaining to a state of being when one is usually bombarded with numerous tedious tasks, or even a single task with an off the charts level of complexity. It usually also pertains to a complicated scenario, event or predicament.
In cases that a person is described as toxic, it may or may not follow that the person looks like a raped drag queen or Hermeonie gone totally witchly wrong. Parang paellang adobo na kare kare lang ni... joke.

Hay toxic.

7 mga umutot:

Herbs D. said...

this would be a good publicity. carry on :p

The Green Man said...

Toxic...I remember using this word first time, that was back in Med school. toxic pag daming pinagaaralan, reading 20 chapters for a 10 item quiz, over loaded with stuff to do and finish. etc.

Toxic... that's what I was feeling last week putting up the show you visited last Friday.

You'll manage. And the EMO blogs... bring it on!!!

Visit my page soon and leave a comment.

wanderingcommuter said...

weeeh... akala niya tinamaan ako sa paella, hindi naman kaya... weweng weweng! behlat!

pero tinamaan ako sa work mo. i miss it!

THE GRIPEN said...

Ahaha Kare Kareng adobo ni wiwik lol

Waaah ako ren toxic na sa work,puro mga Indian at British na nakaka nosebleed kasama ko hahaha..

jonathan said...

The word toxic may also mean harmful and poisonous to people. If jobs are toxic to our health and mental being, then it time to re-assess, to find ways to lessen the hazards in our lives.

The pic reminds me of my summer class right now, a combined class of children ages 2 to 6. Even with six assistants, delegating jobs mean I have to make sure things are smooth and being done well, both the students and the assistants.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Herbs: hmmmm... thanks. I think. Peace :P

@Green Man: Wow! You were in med school??!!! Cool! Pero ang layo ha. hehe.

Oh, toxicity aside, the event was poshly done. Really nice. We would love to come back for more. hehe.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Ewik: asus! ayun lang kasi...

@Gripen: Nabuhay ka! haha! Toxic ka din, ang galeng! Well, well, try to relax din from time to time. TC!

@Jonathan: Harmful and poisonous... I refer to them as "challenges" which most great endeavors would have. I say bring em on! I'm never the one to back out of a good challenge. hehe.

Wow! kids age 2-6! That's like being in the middle of a war! haha. kidding.

Take care Phi Jon!


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