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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Daddy Moment

(Its not yet my bday, sa thursday pa po, July 10)
Its my birthday month, I tell you. And its not helping much on my diet. darn. Last night my dad texted me telling me, bidding me not to stay out late. Reminded me that i have a flight to Cebu. I deliberately ignored the reminder thinking that my flight is not yet till in the afternoon. so, it didn't really matter if i stay up too late. Thus, the pasaway me heeded not my father's advise and stayed out late with friends.

Apparently, my dad still loves to surprise me. When I woke up this morning, my first destination was the fridge. And lo! What did i find? A birthday cake from one specialty bakeshop that my dad likes. He was supposed to surprise me last night. hmmmmmm.... bad kid...

hehe. But this morning was equally special. My dad had my stepmom cook me spaghetti (which i ate heartily with the cake). My sumptuous brunch before my 1pm flight. hmmm yummmm!

But of course, my dad woldn't fail to ruin my day. After finishing my meal, while standing somewhere overlooking the nice (I'm being sarcastic) view of our askal dog, I felt my dad go behind me and hold my waist... then as if on cue, muttered... "Ang taba taba na!" With that, I looked and digged deep for all the love i had for my dad, deep down in the recesses of my heart... but all was gone. Taba ha! Taba ha! Sino kaya mas mataba satin?

Then flashback... (twighlight zone sound nuni nuni nuni nuni nuni)... I remembered the crispy pata I ate at Abe's. The Pocher/ bulalao + lechon kawali in Cebu. The all you can eat rice. The cake. All the pastries and chocolates. The fried suman chocolate fondue.

And I now remember why I hate my birthday. I'm bound to really get all plumped up for market sale per kilo. Technically, Its my birthday month. All the inflow of good food just wouldn't stop. And now, i'm in Cebu. I can now feel all the future calories packing in my tummy.

Oh well, that's life. And i take that back. I love my dad. Though I'm thinking hard how will I get back at him for revenge. bwahahaha!

Pahabol moment:
As usual with all my flights, I get to make another scene. I sorta slept at the mabuhay lounge and forgot the time. Suddenly as if God took over the speakers... he said, "Announcing the last call for passenger Jeffrey Gonzales, please board at gate S1. This is your last call."


17 mga umutot:

Mugen said...

Advanced happy birthday Poi.

James said...

Wow! sarap naman ng chocolate cake! I like spaghetti... wait for my tuna carbonara... hehehe

nweis, advance happy birthday jepoy!

jmi said...

advance hapi bday :) ingat blow out!:p

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

im excited about your birthday! :) mwahhuugggs to you!

odin hood said...

happy birthmonth!!! parehas tayo! ako sa 18 :)

gusto ko rin ng choco cake!

basta enjoy the food!

Marcus: Bading Down Under said...

Advanced happy birthday, mate! :-)

Anonymous said...

hahahah!this is the most funniest blog you ever created so far...advance HAPPY NATAL DAY to you

i miss MY kiwi

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Mugen: Thanks!!!

@James n Jmi: hehe. thanks ya both.

@Dyilan: hehe. excited na rin ako.

@Odin: yehey!!! Unga. Happy birthday din sayo!!!

@Marcus: Thanks mate!

@Anonymous: hehe. thank you!

bunso said...

api bday!

swit aman daddy u!

ann said...

jep! hanggang airport ba naman, natutulog ka pa din? 25 ka na! haha!

kailangan na ba kitang i-greet? sige na nga!!! happy happy birthday! :)

wanderingcommuter said...

you have one cool dad, dude...

surprisingly, my dad also calls me jeff eventhough most people call me by my second name, erik...

thanks for the greeting... ill just return back the favor once it hits your day...okay?!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Bunso: Thanks bunso!!!!!

@Ann: Uyyyy. hehe. Some things never change. hirap as in. hehe. Thanks thanks!!!

@Ewik: hehe. Belated Happy birthday ulit!!!! Grabe ang mga cute na taga July nag bibirthdayan na. hehe.

dabo said...

the cake is so sweet.. sobra.. cheers!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Dabo: Literal... sweet talaga. Ang tamis. pero sabi ng daddy ko tama lang daw. Tubig ako ng tubig.

odin hood said...

i so agree! dami cute nagbebertday bwahahahaha

Toilet Thoughts said...

@odin: at isa ka sa mga un. hehe

jhedz14 said...

HHaaaaiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz! i took me a year befor ei could read all your blogs and comment on it.now its your birthmonth again...birthday pala!happy bday dude!miss yah much! i wish my dad was more expressive with his love for us...i just know that he loves his brothers and sisters so much kahit na sobrang pasaway xa...ehehehe


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