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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Today I turn 25 (Bday week post)

Today I turn 25. Each year has been different, but this year seems to be overflowing with all the love the world can offer. I woke up this morning with all the greetings on my phone, even from my singaporean boss.

But i'd thank them all in another post. This post is dedicated to my Crime buddy. She left Cebu yesterday, but never failed still to surprise me on my birthday. Ok, I guess i already expected something from her as she is one sweet thoughtful girl, but I never expected so much effort and sweetness. To say that I am overwhelemed is an understatement. i almost cried (seryoso).

I woke up this morning (albeit unwillingly), to the endless blinking of my phone. I forgot it was in silent mode. And the endless knock on my door.

"Room Service!!!," the girl outside my door said.

"Later!" I shouted in return and went back cuddling with my pillow.

"Room service!" this time it was a guy, "Later!" i repeated the same reply.

They say the third time was the charm, "Room service," again I shouted "later!!!!!"

Then the phone rang. It was Ritchie, the girl from the executive lounge. "Sir happy birthday! Can you open the door, the service crew is waiting at the door to give you something." So that's why all the kakulitan happened.

I opened the door, bewildered by the big Blue Magic bag the cake, and the book thingy that I cannot describe. (Bewildered also because i realised I was in front of Ritchie and two other crew while i was still in my towel, no clothes on, but as I said before, I am a semi-exhibitionist hehe). Like an excited kid, i immediately got hold of the goodies and slumped back in bed ready to open them all. And these are what I found:

1. Marriot cake. classic. sweet. chocolate.
2. A big huggble teddy bear. The fur was just right for hugging. hhmmmmmmmm!
3. A marie digby CD. hehe knowing Crime partner, she hated Marie with all of her life.
4. And a Scrapbook with my pictures in'em. All the effort. That was why Crime partner;s hand were stricken with allergies. Elmer's glue was the culprit.

So now, I thank you crime partner. Though you're now back in Manila, the distance didn't stop you from surprising me. thanks sooooooo much. I'll be flying back later on to Manila. And i will give you one big huggggg!!!!!

Thank you. You've made my birthday so special. with cherry on top.
shameless plug:
See how sweet my crime buddy is????? Is there any taker out there? Stable, tall dark and handsome? You wouldn't regret having her as your girl. Each day will be a moment to remember. promise! For those interested, text me: 09189796300. hehehe.

21 mga umutot:

Anonymous said...


blessed is this day that GOD sent you in this world and to be part of my life...

gibo said...


odin hood said...

happy birthday!

mwah! at hug na mahigpit for you!!!

sobrang thoughtful naman niya..

gillboard said...

heypi bertdey....

Mugen said...

Swerte mo sa crime partner mo ah. Hehe. Sayang wala akong kilalang single straight bachelor ngayon eh.

pogingpayatot said...

ah ganun ba? merry christmas!

sige na nga... happy birthday na rin ;)

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

happy birthday poy god bless you

wanderingcommuter said...

huhuhu... reading this post made me felt how pathetic my birthday was... nonetheless, as promised...HAMPEY BEWTDEY, sir!!!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Anonymous: Salamat!!!!
hehe kamusta ka namn!!!!???

@Gibo: Thanks thanks!

@Odin: hmm sarap. hehe. salamat!!!!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@gilboard: Salamat ng madami!

@mugen: hehe thanks sa greeting at text.

@pogingpayatot: ang kulettt!!! nakakainis. hehe joke. salamat ng madami!!!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Dyilan: thanks po and God bles din.

@wandering commuter: Ano ba???!!! hehe. yaan mo pag nagkita tayo me gift ako sau. :)

Kit said...

just stumbled onto your blog. great writing. and what wonderful gifts. have a great birthday week.

Nahtalyah said...

I thought your'e not goin' to like my surprise..!Anyway, thanks for appreciating it...abah ilang days ko din yan pinagpuyatan...at lintik na elmer's glue na yan!Teka...nag-AD kananaman!anu ba yan...!*sigh*

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Kit: Thanks for the visit and the nice comment. :)

@Nats aka Crime partner: Hey, I'm always thankful for all the sweetness.. hehe. At about the Ad, malay mo me kumagat. hehe.

Sleepless Insomniac said...

Tsk!Tsk!Tsk! Mukhang pinamimigay mo na ata ako ah *sigh*. Wait lang....you owe me a BIG HUG di bah...(Excerpt:"So now, I thank you crime partner. Though you're now back in Manila, the distance didn't stop you from surprising me. thanks sooooooo much. I'll be flying back later on to Manila. And i will give you one big huggggg!!!!!")

ika said...


Diablo said...

how could i have missed! omg.

belated happy birthday, poi! mwah! hehe.

jonathan said...

I was out for four weeks so it is just now that I am reading all the older posts. Happy belated birthday. My, life is just starting. God bless!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@crimepartner: *hugs*


@carl: miss na kita!

@jonathan: your life is just starting? how come? thanks dude!

jonathan said...

My, life is just starting.

My (as an expression, not as a pronoun), you are very young so life is just starting for you.

Have a nice day!

Toilet Thoughts said...

Thanks Jonathan!


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